Operational director brings a higher professional level

Last Updated: 23rd April 2019 (over 3 years ago)

Johor, Malaysia



Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

Dutch, English, German


Operations Manager/Director with extensive Operational and Strategic experience in the high and low technology manufacturing and process industry both in the Netherlands and Asia. Creating the conditions that the employees can perform. Leading by example. My engineering and business administration background combined with my management skills brings, with eye for the corporate field, the operation, if needed unorthodox, to a higher professional level.



   Aug 1968
— Jun 1980

1982-1984 Post Higher Technical education, Business Administration
1982-1984 Organization for Organization and labour skills level 3 (VOA-3)
1976-1980 Higher Mechanical Engineering school (HTS) - Bachelor
1972-1976 Middle Mechanical Engineering school (MTS)
1968-1972 Lower Technical Engineering school (LTS)

Finance Budget, Costing, Investments.
Quality SPC, ISO-TS, PDCA, 5S.
Logistic Supply chain, ERP, Triton Baan, SAP, Negotiation skills.
Production Manufacturing excellence, Kaizen, OEE, lean, safety Du Pont
Human resource Teambuilding, conflict handling, Appraisal.


Plant / Operations Director

   Jan 1980
— Jan 2015

2018 – 04/2019 Site manager, Silicon-line, Hasselt Belgium.
Silicon Line is a leading global provider of innovative ultra-low power optical link technology for mobile and consumer electronics markets. Silicon Line products enable the power-efficient optical transportation of video, images, voice and data at the multi-gigabit speeds demanded by both today and tomorrows digital consumer lifestyles. Focus on ramp-up the production, leading the team. Achievements: Output 10x increase, Yield 60 to 95%, Implementation SPC-system.

2017 Interim Sr Project manager, Blue Lynx, Chengdu China and Corinth Greece.Review the 2 supplier for the manufacturing of “Smart meters” in relation to the reliability, quality control and assurance. Review the development planning of next generation. Achievements; Improvements in the Quality-system, AQL, implementing distinction in faults and units. Daily feedback loop PDCA. Operator training schedule. Risk reduction. Project on site 3 +2 mth.

2015 – 2016 Head of production and engineering, Terberg (TMA) Johor, Malaysia
The Plant is a joint venture with Sime Darby Industry. The plant is manufacturing special customized vehicles which are used in ports, distribution centers, heavy industry, railway shunting yards, tunneling sites and airports. Responsible, reporting to the board of Directors, for the development and executing of an improvement plan which will bring the organization to a higher professional level.

2012 – 2015 Managing Director, Brabant Alucast Jinan co. Ltd, China

Manufacturing of High pressure casting (500-4000 ton) of aluminum and magnesium alloy structural
parts for the automotive. End responsible for the build up (Greenfield-investment € 15 mill) and start
up and further development of the factory, company (WFOE) and support the market in China. Fully
responsible for P&L. Responsible for pre-design, design, permits negotiate with government and
contractor, construction of building, set up organization, equipment of the new company.
Project management, Sourcing materials, Supply chain management.
Executing the board resolution of liquidation/share transfer of the company. Successful negotiation
with buyer, authorities, financial organizations. Customers: Automotive.
Reason for a new challenge; Company withdraw, due to the group financial situation-not related to
China- , from China.

2005 – 2012 Plant & Group Project manager, CRH - Struyk Verwo Infra, Tiel

Manufacturing of paving products Turnover € 25 mil. , Batch production on order 85% stock 15%.
Order quantities; 1 till 100000 pieces. Customers: Contractors, City authorities.
Responsibilities; Budget plant Tiel. 60-100 employees.Restructuring the organization,
production, maintenance, lab, quality, logistic and office. Projects; SAP implementation, water-
treatment plant (0,5mil), new production line (2mil), and increasing plant safety. Group wide projects
9 plants; Reduction of cement (8%), implementation of OEE, SMED, new products.
Achievements; Integration of the site in Struyk Verwo infra structure. Set (change) the organization
structure (flexible 3 shifts) follow the sales curve, KPI, preventive maintenance. Focus on improve-
ment; culture-lean, costing (-7%/y) and safety (> 4 years without accidents). Projects within budget
and timing. Reason for leaving; Reorganization, no appropriate position left.

2002 -2005 General Production manager, Sekisui Alveo, Roermond.

Manufacturing of polyolefin foam, micro level. High tech making industry. Turnover $ 50 mil.
Order orientated. Batch production, extrusion, cross-linking, foaming. Special and bulk production.
4 plants on site, 270 employees. Reporting to director. Customers: Automotive-Medical-Construction.
Responsibilities; Managing a team of 4 plant managers, indirectly 170 employees. Next to the day
to day operation of the production, maintenance and engineering focus on the further development of
the organization by policy deployment, PDCA, 5S, Lean.
Achievements; Improvement of the FC with 12%, improvement of the productivity with 15% (2002-
2005), claim ratio 0,35%, upgrading of production managers and shift leaders. Implementing:
maintenance en spare-part system SAP, set-up internal training school for operators. Implementing
ISO TS 16949
Reason for leaving; All aspects came together in the new job, broad responsibility, integration,
upgrading organization, improving performance and group-wide projects

Jan 2001-Nov 2001 Operations manager, Ramaer bv, Helmond

High tech manufacturing of printed circuit board. Turnover $20 mil. Order orientated, galvanization
technology, process chemistry and clean room. Reporting to Director. Customers: Electronic industry
Responsibilities; Leading, 2 plants (prototype, mass production.Due to the economic
situation end 2001 the company went bankrupt.
Achievements; Implementing KPI, Improvement of yield from 8090%, delivery liability from 40 to
95%, daily output from 1200 to 2000 units, reduction of stock and inventory control.
Reason for leaving; To learn in this Japanese process industry company Kaizen and lean
manufacturing and lead the professionalization of the production organization.

1998 -2001 Supply-group manager, Philips Lighting Europe

Responsibilities; Development and implementation of manufacturing policy (short and long term) of
6 plants in Europe. Worked at strategic level.
Achievements; Re-allocated of the portfolio, closure of 2 plants within budget.
Reason for leaving; Operational processes in a high technology environment and less travel due to
personal circumstances

1995-1998 Plant manager, Philips Lighting Shanghai, China (joint venture)

Responsibilities; The manufacturing of lamps en components in the 4 plants,Turnover $45 mil.
1000 employees. Integration into the company structure, investment program $25 mil. Operational
Achievements; Integration of the site, increase plant productivity, investment program, cost
reduction 65%.World quality award winner 1998 and ISO 9001-14001.
Reason for leaving; The opportunity to gain, on corporate level, strategic and tactical insight.

1991-1995 Factory manager, Bolsius, Boxmeer

Responsibilities; Manufacturing of candles and plastic container. 150 employees. Turnover $20 mil
Achievements; Implementation of ERP-system Triton-baan, a high building warehouse. Productivity
improvement by mechanization and cost reduction..

Reason for leaving; Once in a lifetime offer to build an organization in all its facets.

1987-1991 Factory manager, Philips Lighting, Chandigarh, India (joint venture)

Responsibilities; The operational budget (manufacturing of lamps) of the site, 300 employees.
Achievements; Restore profitability.

Reason for leaving; After an extended period abroad a new opportunity with end responsibility in the
process industry, client contacts and firm projects.

1984 -1987 Production assistant, Philips Lighting Weert

200 employees. Project leader. Production on high mechanized machines.

Reason for leaving; Offer for final operational responsibility for a plant and the challenge to learn
about people in another culture.

1980 -1984 Technical assistant, Philips Lighting Oss

Technical projects, After my graduation project in this company the offer to start in an operational

Reason for leaving; From manual production to high mechanized production, broadening knowledge
of the production, logistic and control. Also management career opportunity.


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