Engineer-Instrumentation/Analyzer Dept

Last Updated: 1st December 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Pala, India


Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Hindi


Ten years of professional experience in the field of Instrumentation/Control System.


Mangalam College of Engineering
B.Tech - Electronics & Communication

   Aug 2003
— Jun 2007


Gas Arabian Services
Engineer-Instrumentation/Analyzer dept

   Nov 2011
— Current

a)Study the ITB/scope of work document to prepare the project specification for LSTK projects.
b)Attending kick of meetings and site surveys with consultant/client.
c) Liaising with customer with regards to all technical issues.
d) Preparing the detail engineering packages(DEP) (which contains datasheets, specifications, GA drawings, sample handling system drawings, probe drawings, P& ID, utility consumption details,wiring and termination drawings, ILD,hookup drawings, JB schedule, marshaling details, isometric drawings, I/O list, BOM etc) for LSTK projects related Field instruments/Analyzers and site verification & coordination with client for DEP approval to proceed with procurement/manufacturing /site activities.
e)Project planning using MS project,to accurately forecast the completions of the projects and identify delays and track the projects.
f)Preparing method of statements and project execution plan for nature of the job to be performed.
g) Coordination with designing and engineering of Analyzer Pre-Conditioning System, Sample Conditioning System, Rack Layout, Cabinet Layout and Instrument Loop.
h)Consultation services and supervision for site installation of field instruments and Analyzer
i)Reviewing the project status along with the site manager to understand the status of the site on weekly basis.
j) Ensuring the work to be completed by subcontractor and sub vendor within stipulated time.
k) Installation, calibration, commissioning, maintenance and trouble shooting of GC,Gas (O2,CO,CO2,SOx,Nox analyzer etc ) & liquid analyzers (pH,Conductivity, DO,ORP analyzer etc )and their related sampling system.
l) Installation, calibration and loop checking of transmitters PT,FT, LT, TT & DPT.
m)Conducting the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) & SAT (Site Acceptance Test) for the supplied Analyzer system.
n) Start up, pre commissioning and commissioning of field instruments and Analyzer systems.
o) Attending daily/weekly progress meeting with client & preparing the daily/weekly/monthly
progress report of the projects.
p)Preparation of as-built drawings for the final submission to engineering consultant and client.

Few major projects are handled below,

1) Installation of online impurity analyzers(GC 8000,Servomex O2,GE-Moisture) at PE-1&2 plant of SABIC-SHARQ.
2)Replacement of hydrogen control panel and gas purging panel for GTG#1&2 at MARAFIQ,
3) Design,engineering,manufacturing,supply,installation and commissioning of 2 no’s CO2 & O2 analyzer at olefins-III plant at SABIC-PETROKEMYA.
4)Installation of online chloride analyzers(GC 8000) at EO reactor inlet stream at SABIC-YANSAB.
5) Revamp of 7 no’s oxygen analyzers at PE-1&2 plant of SABIC-SHARQ
6) Installation and commissioning of 20 no’s mass flow meters at SABIC-SHARQ
7)Design,engineering,installation & commissioning of 23 no’s YOKOGAWA liquid analyzers along with the SCS for Olefins-II plant at SABIC-PETROKEMYA.
8)Design,engineering,supply,installation and commissioning of YOKOGAWA GC 1000 Mark II at Olefins plant,SABIC-SAUDI KAYAN.
9)Upgrade of oxygen analyzer(TDLS 220) at SABIC-PETROKEMYA.
10) Installation and commissioning of 20 no’s pH,Condutivity & DO analyzers at ARAMCO.
11)Design,engineering,supply,installation and commissioning of 26 no’s liquid analyzer with the sample handling system from YOKOGAWA at SABIC-YANPET.
12) Design,engineering,supply,installation and commissioning of 16 no’s conductivity analyzers-YOKOGAWA at Olefins-III plant at SABIC-PETROKEMYA.

Nimbus Technologies
Instrumentation Engineer

   Aug 2010
— Jun 2011

a) Experienced in Calibration, Loop checking, Trouble shooting, Commissioning and testing of field instruments.
b) Development and Commissioning of SCADA for Analyzer.
c) Responsible for Preparation of Electrical and Communication wiring diagram.
d) To establish a communication between Analyzer and SCADA through Modbus.
e) Installation of transmitters according to the hookup drawings, location drawings and P&ID.
f) Coordinate with vendor/contractors for installation & interfacing of SCADA & Modbus.
g) Responsible for conducting meeting with main contractor to resolve the project issue.
h) Designing of SCADA screens as per the client requirements.
i) Reviewing and finalized all daily reports, work schedule, requirements need such as manpower and equipment on the job site and pre-commissioning activities.
j) Responsible for installing marshalling, system and installation of field instruments.
k) RTU installation, programming and commissioning.

Vaiktron Enterprises
Instrumentation Engineer

   Nov 2009
— Jul 2010

a) Programming of PLC’s (Allen Bradley & GE Fanuc) using RS Logix500 and Versapro.
b) Responsible for Troubleshooting the faults in electrical circuits, control panel and electronic faults.
c) Experienced in calibration, loop checking, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and installation of field instruments.
d) Monitoring of correct installation of field instrument &also finding the actual location and guiding proper termination with the help of drawing such as Piping & Instrument Diagram(P&ID), Instrument Loop Diagram (ILD), Hookup drawing etc.
e) Installation and Commissioning of HMI.
f) Responsible for preparation, Execution and compilation of protocol.
g) Installation of Hardware and panel testing.
h) Responsible for PLC validation and document preparation.
i) Preparation of electrical wiring diagram in AutoCAD.

Instrumentation Engineer

   Aug 2007
— Jul 2009

a) Calibration of all Pressure/Temperature controlling instruments.
b)Well experience in smart transmitter configuration and calibration like Rosemount, Foxboro and Honeywell.
c) Understanding Control valve and power cylinders characterstic, calibrations and overhauling.
d)Calibration of various Smart and non-Smart transmitters.
e) Calibration and Maintenance of flame detecting scanners used in furnace.
f) Experienced in Loop checking, trouble shooting of pressure, level, flow and temperature transmitters.
g) Monitoring of correct installation of field instrument and also finding the actual location and guiding proper termination with the help of drawing such as Piping & Instrument Diagram(P&ID), Instrument Loop Diagram (ILD), Hookup drawing etc.
h) Responsible for installing Marshalling, field instruments, system and installation of field instrument junction box.
i) Evaluation of plant technical problems related to instrumentation and control.
j) Reviewing and finalized all daily reports, work schedule, requirements need such as manpower and equipment on the job site and pre-commissioning activities.

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