Business Administration Manager/Consultant

Last Updated: 16th October 2019 (over 3 years ago)

United States


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Age Range
35 to 44

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English, Italian, Spanish


John Moseley is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He has an MS in Administration with a focus in quantitative analysis. He is experienced and educated in strategic business development, human resource development, and statistical hypothesis testing.
His skill sets include data mining, project management, and human capital management. His references contain an overwhelming affirmation of his ability to provide strategic and tactical advice to a diverse group of people in business, military and civilian organizations of varying degrees of growth and change.


California State University Bakersfield
Master of Science in Administration

   Sep 2017
— Dec 2018

The MSA program is an amalgam of the master of public administration (MPA) and master of business administration (MBA). The MSA combines courses from several disciplines, including psychology, economics, political science, statistics, leadership, computer science, and business administration to include technology and resource management.
The MSA has similarities to the MPA, as it focuses on organizational behavior, microeconomics, public finance, research methods/statistics, policy process and policy analysis, ethics, public management, leadership, planning and GIS, and program evaluation/performance measurement.
The similarities with the MBA include the focus on economics, organizational behavior, marketing, accounting, finance, strategy, operations management, international business, information technology management, supply chain management, project management, government policy, and ethics.


Eidetic International
Strategic Business Consultant

   Aug 2016
— Current

Acted as a business strategy consultant in key areas, to improve functionality, streamline processes, retain human capital, and increase revenue. Compiled data for clientele regarding sample populations or total populations in terms required under contract for mining, econometrics, and analysis. Created comprehensive visual representations, and written breakdowns for the audience or client regarding the variables which are under question. Including Gantt charts, flow charts, pivot tables, and general descriptive dashboarding.
Ran estimated regression functions for linear data functions; and then interpreted the data in report format in a way which can be read and discussed by those who may not understand the numerical breakdown of the analysis directly.
Streamlined project management portfolios. Including the creation and use of Gantt charts, project mapping through the phases of project life cycle, and project management process.
Creation of project charters and stakeholder databases, and the streamlining of project scope. Introduced new software and ideas into the work environment to streamline efficiency. Advanced skills in Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, and Salesforce, and Tableau.

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