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Blessington, Ireland


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18 to 24

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A Plant and logistic professional who has worked at Project Management to Plant Director level in Construction, Mining ,Oil and Gas , Marine. Project Logistics and Plant /Transport Operations logistics in setting up complex workshops / maintenance and logistics systems to support various project requirements
.A wide range of experience gained both hands on and supervisory in the inspection, maintenance ,construction and installation on various types of heavy industrial plant and equipment . Experienced of effectively running a successful maintenance /plant logistic function in a high pressure construction environment. Responsible for a plant maintenance and logistic operation for the United Nations in providing excellent standards of service, efficiency and performance through outstanding people management skills.
Having worked in both the Plant Maintenance Logistic operations sectors for over 20 years, I am now an experienced Service and Operations Manager who has been responsible for the delivery of both Plant services and Logistic Services within a high pressured and demanding environment, I have extensive senior management experience in large organisations with operations around the globe. My strengths lie in strategy, business development, improving efficiency of logistic operations and relationship-building.


Athlone Regional technical College
Mechanical engineering Certificate

   Sep 1981
— Oct 1985


Mushrif Trading and contracting
OSSD Plant / Logistics Director Kuwait ,UAE, Qatar

   Nov 2015
— Aug 2017

Employed as the Operational Support Services Division ( OSSD ) Plant and Logistics Director providing Project delivery support to 18 Projects from Government contracts to major Oil and gas and construction projects covering Kuwait ,Qatar and the UAE.. Reporting directly to the COO . as part of the Management Team who were tasked with Implementing changes and a new company strategy , vision for the company along with new IMS , BSI and ISO standards and policies . As division Director my responsibility was to control all site logistic operations and utilise 1800 pieces of plant and 200 HGV vehicles more effectively from 30 % to present day utilisation of 88 % and improve the whole division as a whole to make it more efficient and accountable to the Board of Management
• Manage the daily logistic operations of a 3 central Logistic workshops and ware houses , 620 operators /drivers and workshop staff to support the daily requirements of 18 projects valued at 300 million KD (1 Billion Dollars)
• Set up and develop an equipment hire division to maximize the full utilization of the equipment fleet and operators and to gain maximum revenue returns through good contract leasing/hire controls .thus reducing external hire needs
• Logistically manage the daily activities of the road haulage fleet throughout the group operations
• Continually interact with new clients and develop our equipment hire client base through regular site visits
• Logistical Manage the daily operational requirements of the asphalt and the concrete batching plants to maximise full utilization
• Manage hire equipment vendor relations to ensure best hire rates are obtained for the projects
• Solely responsible for preparing the overall equipment renewal Capex Budget for 2016 valued at 5million KD
• Responsible for dealing with OEM equipment suppliers for the purchasing and financing of new equipment and tools for the fleet
• Prepare and manage the Division budget and regularly review against operation profit and loss records
• Coordinated the new strategic vision of the company by upskill all personnel in the division
• Regularly interact with all project planning depts on all logistic and operational requirements
• Constantly monitor and evaluate all traffic routing of materials by working outside traffic restriction zones
• Coordinate all logistics for sites through our asset management section and through regular interaction with project directors and managers on site through site operational meetings to maxamise full utilization of all company assets and equipment
• Constantly evaluate all projects logistic requirements against project histograms on equipment and material requirements to ensure targets are met
• Constantly assist projects is providing the best methodology on the use and utilization of equipment and site setups
• Regularly conduct site audits on all equipment and Materials to ensure it conforms to Oil and gas safety standards and to client expectations
• Regularly travel to OEM vendors overseas to procure the latest in heavy construction equipment and construction material against project histograms
• Lease with our tendering department with correct asset information and pricing structure for future tenders
• Present quarterly division operational presentation for the board of directors against KPI targets set out
• Regularly lease with ministry officials and clients on technical project issues and also on water treatment and sewerage treatment plants
• Regularly lease with our client on projects on equipment and project logistic issues to ensure constant targets are achieved
• Manager and enforce all health and safety policies and ensure they conform to ASSE GCC standards

Maxmass Ghana, Liberia , Mali
Engineering Logistics Manager

   Sep 2012
— Nov 2015

Employed as the Engineering Logistics Manager over providing Logistic and Operational Support on the Maintenance/Installation of Mine Process Equipment , Construction Equipment Batching Plants , Drill Riggs , Cat Mining Equipment ,Mobile Cranes 50 ton to 500 ton provided by Maxmass on Mining and Construction Maintenance Contacts to 4 major Gold Mines . Provide Logistic Support on Road development contracts and Road maintenance contracts throughout Ghana awarded to the company , Providing hands on logistical experience as well with administrative qualities to manage a Hire fleet of some 330 pieces of heavy mining equipment mainly Volvo Equipment , Hitachi ,Libherr and Cat. Equipment . Manage a road haulage fleet of 200 vehicles .Control and Monitor the daily Activities of mechanics , operators ,engineers, maintenance artisans and admin Staff . Overall value of all current assets is around 480 Million Dollars . Managing a $15 million maintenance and capex budget with a focus on ensuring availability of Hire plant and mobile equipment at all times Supervising the safe and efficient logistical chain of ore movement from mine to crusher and processing through logistical processes and maintenance
Efficiently and logistically manage an engineering team , construction/maintenance personnel ,,artisans drivers, vehicles. plant and operators 500 plus staff in total in the various mining and site operations
• Ensuring company compliance of all Mining policies, legislation and procedures
• Constantly travel to all operations to ensure all equipment is maximised and utilised fully both Maxmass operated and on Hire to clients
• Continual develop/maintain , Pump stations ,Generator power houses ,Water treatment Plants , Refrigeration Plants , Crushers , Batching Plants , Convoy Systems and Haul roads from crusher to the main processing plant 20 kms away
• Oversee the daily logistic operations of Maintenance crews on different construction projects throughout the mines and Ghana
• Manager all Equipment hire contracts and continually develop the Hire division
• Regularly travel to client to ensure that the hire equipment and logistic support meets the client needs and satisfaction
• Ensure the hire fleet is constantly updated and kept in good condition at all times
• Prepare separate capex budgets for the Mining division and the Equipment hire division
• Monitor maintenance progress against project targets set out by the mine project team
• Oversee the daily logistic operations of a large workshop maintenance facility and warehouse catering for all Maxmass Mining Equipment and Road Haulage fleet and 4 satellite workshops and site storage yards on other remote mining sites
• Monitor and evaluate all logistic requirements daily and ensure all requirements are achieved
• Manage vendor relations to ensure the cost-effective purchase of equipment , parts and supplies in the Middle East ,USA and Europe
• Develop and implement maintenance repair and construction budgets. Mobilising and demobilising of plant equipment on task completion
• Interact with the Volvo and Cat Dealership in Ghana and other OEM Suppliers as necessary
• Logistical Manage plant , road maintenance and mine process maintenance contacts assigned to Maxmass by the Ghanaian Mineral Commission
Constantly develop and maintain all haul roads and develop into regional roads once mining activities were completed this contract was valued at 60 million dollars over 3 years for 40 km road
• Develop and implement Logistic planned projections costs and procedures for all Mining equipment and project support
• Construct and Set up and manage the Central Workshop/,Transport, Maintenance depot and Stores. Monitor/ control all site engineering staff and transport logistics hire equipment to our clients through out Ghana and Liberia
• Ensure that the 24 hour operation is well supported and other relevant duties as may be necessary or reasonably requested by the Directors.
• Routinely travel throughout Ghana developing client relations and monitoring engineering and maintenance operations
• Manage and determines the strategic approach to ensure availability and reliability of the equipment is maintained and enhanced.
• Continually determine the planning /co-ordination of contractors, operations and Maintenance activities in all areas to fully support the overall objectives and is fully logistically supported at all times
• Reduced downtime and lost time by 18 per cent through good Logistic planning ,clarification of roles and accountability across the whole division .
• Increased productivity by realigning systems and focusing resources in the appropriate areas.
• Aligned business plans and linked key performance indicators to relevant milestones.
• Ensure all Health and Safety guidelines are Ahearn to and implemented to the Mine requirements

Alpha Logistics Kenya/Somalia
Project Manager ( Logistics )

   Mar 2011
— Aug 2012

Contracted to the United Nations (UNSOA) (AMISON) Enforcement mission in Mogadishu Somalia as a Project Manager over Logistics providing Plant and Construction maintenance support services for constructing MOSS Compliant Infrastructures, Bunkers, Water Desalination facilities ,Communication facilities Generator power houses , Roads , Runway, Maintenance, Mine Clearance and aid deliveries for UN personnel throughout the mission valued at 500 million USD over 2 years
Controlling the repair and maintenance of 200 pieces of plant 40 HGV trucks for Alpha logistics and operators ranging from batching Plants , Excavators , Graders , Dozers , Cranes , Rollers , Crushers . Fork lifts Marine Logistics, Heavy and light Haulage for the support of the construction project
Also control a separate Logistic contract for the UN providing operators to operate UN owned heavy plant equipment and vehicles 110 in total such as the plant operated by Alpha above on military contracts assigned by the UN on Road Maintenance , Mine clearing ,Runway repairs power plant installations , Water plant purification Installations container Logistics ,building repairs and Runway maintenance
Lease with the UN on all Tasks orders and works to be carried out throughout the mission
• Providing technical and logistic advice and support on all plant and project issues
• In charge of the day to day logistic operations of a Construction and a Plant department for all military construction projects
• Efficiently managing a team of Site engineers , maintenance artisans . drivers, vehicles. plant and operators
• Constantly evaluate the construction time line against the project dead lines to ensure all equipment sets and material was available at the required time
• Develop and maintain a road network throughout the UN Base through constant chemical stabilization in desert conditions
• Continual develop and repair the airport runway to facilitate UN an military activities throughout the mission
• Manage all container and transport logistics and dispatching of construction equipment and materials throughout the mission area
• Managing, monitoring and developing a team of drivers, operators, service staff and line managers.
• Involved in strategic development and strategy making.
• Being the first point of contact for all personnel , service staff and line managers
• Arranging for the induction and training off all new staff.
• Regularly liaising with the UN Logistics Delivery Manager on the construction project to ensure a smooth running of both departments.
• Maintaining accurate administrative and maintenance records for all project assigned to the company .
• Identifying operational issues, potential problems on the construction project and opportunities.
• Ensuring all site and construction and maintenance objectives are achieved.
• Logistical manage the daily activities of 70 HGV drivers 90 operators 400 construction staff and 25 mechanics both civilian and Military
• Oversee the daily operations of a large workshop facility catering for Alpha and UN plant Equipment Control the daily output of the Fabrication workshop and Machine Shop on the production of Control Gates and Container Bunkers for the Moss compliant Structures access points
• Manage vendor relations to ensure the cost-effective purchase of equipment parts construction materials from supplies in the Middle East and Europe
• Attend weekly project meeting with The United Nations for weekly security update summaries
• Arrange product training on construction plant equipment for Military and Civilian personnel from the manufactures of the equipment been installed in the Bunkers and water plants
• Monitor and evaluate all engineers artisans, operators and drivers performance across the project Mobilizing and demobilizing of plant equipment on task completion

Adold Engineering Nigeria
Plant Manager

   Oct 2009
— Jan 2011

• Responsible for a plant / heavy transport service department contracted to Globacom , MTN, Zain Etisalat in Nigeria and Ghana in constructing their 3G GSM network
• Controlling the daily plant and transport requirements for the rollout of up to 30 site per month from site acquisition site investigation , civil construction to live on air

A P S Access Hire Ireland
Technical Service Manager

   Jun 2003
— Aug 2009

Responsible for setting up and developing a service workshop and transport department to cater for the after sales and hire needs of the company hire fleet and its clients Access equipment. Mast climbers Telehandlers Forklifts Cranes ,Generators Truck Mounted Equipment ,Excavators Loaders, Heavy Plant and Material handling equipment throughout Ireland ,UK and Europe
• Set-up and implement health and safety Procedures for use throughout the company
• Controlling daily activities of 10 service personnel 9 HGV drivers and contractors to maintain a hi degree on customer satisfaction
• Maintain a high standard of Proficiency on all types of powered machines (EG DC , AC, Diesel Bio Powered and on advanced Hydraulics .
• Promote Sales of Access equipment , Mast Climbers Telehandlers Lifting equipment heavy Plant ,Cranes Safety Training , Product Training
• Dispatching complex and oversized goods to national and international destinations.
• In charge of the day to day operations of the Transport logistics and Plant department.
• Efficiently managing a team of drivers, vehicles. plant and operators
• Responsible for all of the dispatching, routing, and tracking of all equipment and loads to customers.
• Ensuring company compliance of all transport policies, legislation and procedures to do with tachograph and towing etc.
• Managing, monitoring and developing a team of drivers , operators and service staff
• Making sure that all transport fleet vehicles are properly maintained and serviced

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