Human Resources Manager and Professional

Last Updated: 15th July 2017 (over 5 years ago)

United States


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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, Spanish


I am an experienced human resources professional and leader with extensive experience in the retail, banking and finance, and real estate industries. I am seeking a position commensurate with my experience in an English or Spanish speaking country.


Florida International University Chapman Graduate School of Business
Master of Science

   Jan 2015
— Dec 2015

Human Resource Management

American Express Company, Inc.
Business Analyst

   May 1997
— Jan 1998

I was employed as a Business Analyst on the Image Project Team. In this role I was part of the team that implemented the conversion of all external paper correspondence from paper to electronic images. My duties included the supervision of the preparation of the documents, troubleshooting the equipment, and training of the document analysts and representatives.


John S. Cathcart & Associates Realty, Inc.
President, CEO, CHRO

   Feb 2005
— Current

As president and chief executive officer of the company, I am responsible for the day to day operations, marketing, and administration of the company. As the chief human resources officer, I oversee all aspects of the human resources department including staffing, training and development, compensation and benefits, strategy, and employee relations. I also actively sell and lease residential and commercial real estate.

American Express Company, Inc.
Senior Customer Service Representative

   Jan 2001
— Nov 2011

I was a senior customer service representative with responsibility to mentor newly hired representatives through the on the job training process. In this training and development role, I was required to review for quality and legal compliance, provide feedback, and counsel trainees for all work they completed and to insure that all work completed met American Express standards.

American Express Company, Inc.
Corporate Trainer

   Jan 1998
— Jan 2001

I was promoted to the position of corporate trainer. My responsibilities included the design and delivery of training programs to operations associates, including disputes, credit and telephone service representatives. In a normal 13 week training cycle, the trainer held all managerial responsibility for the trainees. During this time, I was frequently on assignment to American Express, Mexico City delivering training programs supporting an outsourcing initiative.

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