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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Farsi, Hindi


Indian National and a British qualified Post Graduate Mechanical Engineer with a MBA in International Business Management and HRD. Globally experienced executive with Corporate management, Project and Construction management skills with over 25 years of experience in Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical field gained from the Asia Pacific, MENA, European and USA regions serving Major Oil and Gas Operators and EPC Contractors both on and offshore.

Successfully executed International Lump Sum Turnkey Projects of contract value in excess of 9 Billion USD holding responsibility for the Project Execution, Project Handover and Contract closure ensuring all the contractual obligations in the Projects and delivering the profitability expected. Led multidisciplinary and multicultural teams composed of management, engineering, commercial, legal and financial professionals.


Newcastle Unversity

   Sep 1989
— Sep 1990

MBA in International Business Management and HRD.
First Class

Newcastle University

   Sep 1988
— Sep 1989

M.Sc in Advanced Mechanical and Environmental Engineering.
First Class

Nottingham University
B.Sc Mechanical Engineering

   Sep 1984
— Sep 1988

B.Sc Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering
First Class


Joint Venture Consortium of Libya.
Executive Director Projects and Construction

   May 2013
— Current

Joint Venture Consortium of Libya.
Public and Private Joint Venture Consortium comprising of the Libyan Investment Authority (40%), National Oil Corporation (25%), Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (20%) and Kotban Oil and Gas Limited (15%) to Build, Own and Operate the Petrochemical and Energy Industries damaged or destroyed during the civil war 2009/2010

Reporting to the Director General and responsible for the management of the consortium and leading and guiding a team of Directors, Managers, Engineers, Contract Administrators and Financial professionals. Participate at the executive level meetings and providing the senior management with forthright, objective and strategic insight in a constructive manner and demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills, credibility with clients and staff, ethical standards and lead-by-example attitude.

Chairing meetings and liaising with clients, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors ensuring all snagging and defects are minimised. Define roles and responsibilities to the professional teams, discuss issues, resolve problems and direct activities to remove roadblocks and achieve milestones and other key objectives of the company. Monitor and control all cost aspects, forecasting costs, avoid cost overruns and manage cash flow through cost control system and personnel including P/L accountability with the following PMC activities of the Consortium:

(a) Refineries and Tank Farms: Reconstruction of the damaged Ras Lanuf Oil Refinery including expansion and modernization, construction of downstream refineries for the production of Olefins and Aromatics and make it ready for commercial operation. Construction of Tank farms with fixed and floating roofs to accommodate the crude oil and the refined petro products.

(b) Exploration and Production: Wafa fields (Onshore) and Bahr Essalam Fields (Offshore) for Drilling, Exploration and Construction activities for the production of 350000 Barrels of crude oil per day (FPSO) and 7 Million Cubic meters of Coal Bed Methane Gas per day and the transport of CBM Gas from the site to the Gas gathering station carrying 6 Million cubic meters per day for the commercial distribution at Benghazi through pipelines. The operation involves Oil recovery, Flowline testing, Reg servicing, Testing variety of Drilling fluids during drilling operations etc.

(c) Pipeline and Infrastructure: Construction of a 48 Inch pipeline running for 286 Km crossing High way roads, major and minor civil structures for water crossings etc. connecting the Oil and Gas fields to the Ras Lanuf refinery of the National Oil Corporation. The responsibilities involves providing engineering management covering the entire spectrum of services, ranging from basic and detailed engineering to construction supervision and project commissioning including the following:
 Pipeline route selection and surveying
 Engineering, construction management and inspection
 Start-up and commissioning
 Operations support and maintenance
 Corrosion control and leak detection
 Compressor and pumping stations control

(d) Thermal Power Plants: Offering advisory services for the Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plants with process improvement in power generation and transmission, analyzing processes and procedures, making recommendation for their improvement and implementing changes. Provide cost effective engineering services with project management, design, construction, and inspection expertise.
Construction, Installation, testing, Commissioning and Management of the New Combined Cycle Gas Thermal Power Plant at Tripoli of capacity 750 MW and the distribution of electricity to Tripoli and Bengasi through a High Voltage transmission line covering a distance of 147 Km with 11 Sub stations for the power supply and distribution.

Increased the profit margin of the Consortium on an average of 2.7% for the years March 2014 to March 2017, established new Downstream Projects to a value exceeding 520 Million Dollars to the Consortium. Laid solid foundation in business economics by making significant financial decisions for the organization on a daily basis from approving purchase orders to vendor selection. Directed and controlled the operations and gave strategic guidance and direction to the Board to ensure that the Consortium achieved its mission and objectives.

Chiyoda Corporation. Malaysia
Senior Project Director

   Apr 2008
— Mar 2013

Reporting to the Managing Director and responsible for the Construction and modernization of the Oil Refinery to accommodate 240000 Barrels of oil per day, Construction and Management of a Petrochemical Park using downstream feed stocks from the refinery for the production of propane, Polyethylene, Propylene, Polypropylene and other high value petrochemicals, LPG, LNG and the Aromatic Plant for the production of Benzene, toluene, para-xylene, ortho-xylene, and ethylbenzene, Construction and Fabrications of Storage Tanks and tank farms for Crude Oil, Refined Petro Products, Lay of long distance pipelines etc.

Managing a wide range of Petronas Construction Projects both on and offshore related to E&P, Sulphur Recovery etc. Construction and Maintenance of a 48 Inch pipeline running for 512 Km connect the Refinery and the Petrochemical Complex and the Tank Farms including exploration, production, drilling oil wells, cementing, flow line testing, rig servicing, Testing of verity of Drilling fluids during the drilling operations etc.

Direct all day-to-day construction activities, contract and sub-contract negotiations, scheduling and payroll. Coordinate all construction from concept through completion. Create and maintain accurate budget projections. Analyze blueprints and project spec sheets. Direct field operations throughout strategy of projects, personnel, materials, equipment, quality control, and safety procedures. Ensure satisfaction by maintaining client relations, project integrity, and accurate costs. Administer annual budget including payroll.

Successfully negotiated Lump Sum Turnkey Projects of contract value in excess of 4 Billion USD holding responsibility for the Project Execution, Project Handover and Contract closure ensuring all the contractual obligations in the Projects and delivering the profitability expected. Led multidisciplinary and multicultural teams composed of management, engineering, commercial, legal and financial professionals.

Pacific Oil and Gas Limited. Indonesia
Project and Construction Director

   Mar 2004
— Feb 2008

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and responsible for the project management of the company focusing to invest, develop, build, own and operate the exploration and production process on the acquired Jambi Merang Block in the island of Sumatra in Indonesia and developing midstream and downstream operations including the development of LNG receiving terminals and large-scale combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plants.

The Project is for the Early Production Facility (EPF) for the production of 120 BBTUD of gas, approximately 10,000 barrels of petro liquids and 4 Million Cubic meters of Coal Bed Methane Gas per day. The Project also includes Design, Supply, Procurement, Construction, and Installation, Testing, Mechanical completion and Commissioning of the FPSO to make it ready for operation. (Project Owners Joint Venture Consortium of Pertamina 50%, Talisman 25% and Pacific O&G Ltd 25% costing 1.2 Billion USD)

Addition to the above Represented Pacific O&G Limited as client’s representative for the oil and gas construction projects in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

National Iranian Oil Company. Iran
Construction Director

   Feb 2001
— Jan 2004

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer and responsible for the construction of an integrated hydrocarbon plant for the production of aromatics and the downstream petrochemicals and its by-products. Construction related to the expansion and revamping of the Abadan Refinery for the production of additional 120000 barrels of refined oil per day and the construction and commissioning of a co generation power plant of capacity 80KV by gas turbine and steam generators, laying of additional crude oil pipelines 85 Km from the shore to the refinery at Abadan.

Fabrication, Installation and commissioning of 9 Tank Farms at Ahwaz (Floating Roof) and 16 Fixed Roof Tank Farms at Abadan and Bandar Abbas for the storage of Crude Oil, Refined Oil and the Aromatic Products. Construction of Pipelines connecting the Tank Farms with the Exploration and Production Site and the Refineries. Construction and Fabrication aspects of offshore facilities, Construction of Tank farms for the storage of Petrol, Diesel and other Hydro Carbon throughout the Country and maintenance work at the Refinery on a regular basis. Supervise the Design, Fabrication and supply of LNG/LPG Tanks, Oily Waste Water Tanks and construction of two loading arms terminals at Abadan Refinery by the contractors.

Davy Group (Now Known as Jacobs) Nigeria
Director Engineering

   Jan 1999
— Dec 2000

Reporting to the Managing Director and responsible for the annual planning, dealing with day to day project management operations related to the construction of a Petrochemical Complex for the production of 2.5 million tons of methanol, 400000 tons of polypropylene and 400000 tons of high density polyethylene per year using around 220 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.

The project also included construction of Tank Farms, Gas gathering stations with LPG storage facilities and a 1200 MW thermal power plant etc. and housing the projects on a 2000 Hectares of land at Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria.

Moody International M.E. Limited. Iraq
Project Manager

   Nov 1995
— Oct 1998

Reporting to the Project Director and responsible for the Expansion and modernization of the Hydro Carbon Refinery belonging to the National Oil Corporation of Iraq. Construction and commissioning of tank farms for the storage of petrol, diesel and other hydro carbon products throughout the country and maintenance work at the refinery on a regular basis and construction of a mini downstream refinery for the production of Jet Fuel, LPG, LNG and Lubricants

Design, fabrication and supply of LPG tanks, crude and refined oil storage tanks, oily waste water tanks and construction of two loading arms terminals at Basra Refinery. Lay of 282 Km of crude oil pipe line from the project site to the refinery at Basra.

Enron Corporation. United Kingdom
Project Maager

   Mar 1993
— Feb 1995

Reporting to the Senior Project Manager and responsible for the offshore operations on detailed engineering, construction, fabrication, assembly and procurement for the FPSO and FSO topside modules including installation of control equipments like heat exchangers, coolers, pumps, separators, control valves, electrical equipments and control panels etc and make it ready to process, store and offload hydrocarbons in an offshore environment.

Handled customers in GCC region, Europe and USA and led Prequalification process, generating enquiries, quotation follow up and conversion of quotes into orders, after sales follow up and maintain customer relations and market development

Enron Corporation. United States of America
Project Engineer

   Feb 1991
— Jan 1993

Reporting to the Project Manager and associated with the installation of Heat Exchangers, Pressure vessels, Rotating equipments, Distillation towers, Columns, Chambers, Separation Technology equipments, Air compressors, Refrigeration units, Cooling towers, Gen sets, etc., for various FESO and FSO Topside Modules in the offshore oil & gas projects.
Assisted the Design, Fabrication and Installation of Equipments and Maintenance of equipments, construction, commissioning, start-up, and estimation and budgeting for oil, gas FPSO projects. Supervise, project coordination, project planning and management and control the activities for the FSO Facilities and Projects

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