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Iam working for almost 16 years as a Laboratory Chemist,10 years in a Mining company( Copper Refinery and Tungsten Mining ) and 6 years in a water desalination and power plant plant locally and abroad.I graduated with a degree of BS Chemical Engineer . I know how to operate and troubleshoot some high-tech laboratory equipment like Induced Couple Plasma Spectrometer ( ICPS),Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS),Ultra- Violet Visual Spectrometer (UV-VIS), Auto-Titrator, Ion Chromatogram (IC),High Performance Liquid Chromatogram (HPLC),Gas Chromatogram (GC),Ion Chromatogram , Pocket Colorimeter, Turbidity Meter and Oil analyzer which are used for metal, water and oil analysis.


Mapua Institute of Technology
BS Chemical Engineer

   Jun 1993
— Apr 1998


Sadara - Marafiq

   Aug 2015
— Jul 2017

• Perform, conduct tests and inspection of chemicals and solutions used in the production of cooling water, utility water and Ro second pass water ( demin feed water) like sodium meta bisulfite, anti scale, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, ferric chloride, DBNPA and lime powder.

• Perform analysis on cooling water, utility water, demin feed water to check the pH, conductivity, turbidity, chlorine, alkalinity and hardness.

• Monitors chemical preparations in the line Supervise operators in the make-up and/ or replenishments/adjustments to ensure correct preparation and mixing of chemicals.

• Troubleshoot and operate some laboratory equipment like AAS, IC , Hydrocarbon Analyzer and Spectrophotometer.

• Troubleshoot and calibrate some analyzer on process like Chlorine 17 analyzer, Hach pH and conductivity meter, Hach turbidity meter, and alkalinity analyzer.

• Perform an inventory on all chemicals used in the production and in the laboratory.

• Supervise operators in the make-up and/ or replenishments/adjustments to ensure correct preparation and mixing of chemicals.

Rwanda Allied Partners
Senior Chemist

   Feb 2009
— Jul 2012

• Perform an assay test for all the production to check the percent amount of tantalum,
tungsten and tin content in the ore using ICPS ,AAS and UV-VIS.

• Conduct an assay test for every stage of process (grinding, magnetism and shieving ) to check the percent recovery of tantalum and tungsten.

• Perform an inventory for all the chemicals used in the laboratory.

• Calibrate all the laboratory equipment used in the laboratory.

Nikko Materials Philippines
Senior Chemist

   Feb 2001
— Mar 2007

• Perform and conduct tests and or/inspections of chemicals and solutions used in copper foil making like copper, zinc cyanide, sodium cyanide, copper cyanide , chrome, sulfuric acid, silica, sodium sulfate, phosphorous , sodium hydroxide, pH, chlorine, fluoride , sulfate, arsenic, oil using AAS, ICPS, Automatic Titrator, UV-VIS, HPLC, pH meter, conductivity meter, I on meter and oil meter.

• Ensure compliance to produce in sample and solution standard preparation.

• Ensure proper use and handling of laboratory equipment and dangerous chemicals by knowing how to operate, calibrate and troubleshoot AAS, ICPS, HPLC, Automatic Titrator, pH meter, conductivity meter, ion meter, and oil meter. There was a separate storage for an acid and cyanide reagent.

• Ensure clarity and completeness of analysis and test results by having an. accurate analysis. If the analysis was out of specs, we can retest it and have a resample if necessary.

• Perform calibration and standardization of laboratory equipment and instrument following required frequency.

• Comply with company policy rules and regulations standard operating procedures and quality system procedures per ISO requirements.

• Log and review results accurately.

• Prepare reports on test and inspection results.

• Supervise operators in the make-up and/ or replenishments/adjustments to ensure correct preparation and mixing of chemicals.

• Check and clean machines equipment and instruments prior to operation like cleaning the spray chamber of AAS, checking the pressure and content of acetylene gas, checking the nebulizer of the ICPS if there was a clogging and checking also the content and pressure of argon gas

• Perform and conduct test of wastewater, monthly monitoring of impurities of solutions, and incoming raw materials like the treated and untreated water, pure water, well water and cooling water of waste water in order to determine the content of calcium, magnesium, aluminum, lead, zinc, iron, silica, total dissolved solid, suspended solid, potassium using AAS,ICPS and UV-VIS.I also analyze our incoming raw materials like sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide in order to determine its purity, copper wire using oil meter in order to determine the oil content.

• Practice 5s in area of responsibility by cleaning the working area before going home. And
make a proper endorsement if there was unfinished work.

• Practice safe storage and handling of chemicals and reagents.

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