Construction & Commissioning Supervisor E&I QA/QC Engineer Inspector Completion Coordinator

Last Updated: 27th May 2017 (over 5 years ago)

Limay, Philippines


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45 to 54

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Arabic, English, Filipino, Kazakhstan


 Over 24 years in active Accomplished professional experience in providing excellent technical service engaged in senior management roles on large scale projects from construction and commissioning/start-up phases including Maintenance Production and Exploration / Construction & Commissioning Supervisor / E&I QA/QC Engineer / Inspector / Mechanical & Commissioning Completion Coordinator all Disciplines / Handover &Turnover Coordinator / Certification Engineer / Punch List Coordinator for Oil and Gas/ Petrochemical / Refineries / Pipelines/ Power & Generation Energy sectors and Building. These environmental have demanded high levels of productivity, critical path schedule monitoring, quality and the environmental impact in the following areas. Gas Plant / Power Plant / Petrochemical / Refineries/ New Construction Projects / Expansions / Revamp / Outages / Repair. Fast and adaptive learner with an aptitude to work in multi-discipline & multi-national team environmental, self-motivated with verbal & written communication skills. Adherence to all applicable site / project safety procedures / active participation in all company project safety initiatives Industry. The commendable or exemplary accomplishment each task is always brought to the extreme success of the project.
 Accomplished professional experience in providing excellent technical service in Electrical, Instrument, PAGA, F&G fire and safety, telecoms, supervision and engineering practices ranging Adept at providing technical equipment support and developing new processes through ongoing, fabrication supervision, inspection, and pre-commissioning/commissioning defect resolution and enhancement solutions with wide range of expertise in supervising of the project onshore and offshore with emphasis on oil and gas platform, living quarter and LNG plant, refineries, petrochemicals, combined cycle power plants, nuclear plant, pipelines and oil and gas terminal.
 Successful in combining communication, leadership and mentoring skills in training and Safety education programs As well determination and commitment to work and exemplary to company. Ability to work with different disciplines, culture and nationalities.. I’m a keen advocate of support safety performance and I actively champion the establishment of a strong and proactive site safety culture. Actively mentor and personally motivate others to perform and improve. I am a team player, integrating supervisors and contractors while maintaining a professional client interface. Skilled in the development of ensuring resources (money, time, people) are utilized to maximum benefit while balancing the functional areas of communications and overall result of quality. Effective communicator accomplished with process development, documentation & improvement. To active the roles in ensuring that all project HSE goals are achieved and where possible exceeded.
 Administrator of a Completion Management System, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, (BP) British Petroleum & Kom Munai Oil on large EPC projects in the Petrochemical, Refinery, LNG or Oil and Gas, Pipelines, Terminal sectors. Responsible for the development, set-up, monitoring and performance of the Completions Database for all Projects from their inception to final completions at Site. Make sure that tests related to Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start-up, and Performance Testing activities are witnessed and the required documents signed by appropriate EPC, Contractors, Regulatory Inspectors and Equipment Suppliers / Process Licensor representatives in accordance with the requirements of the QA/QC Plan. Systems Completions Database such as Co-console, WinPCS, Go-Completions, Complete-IT, Zenator, MC-Plus, Auto Cad 2D\3D, Standard MS Office software (i.e. MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and Visio). Completions/Turnover Platform development from Project Engineering > Construction > Turnover > Client Handover. Platform knowledge/Integration (Project Completion Systems) of; Zenator, Win-PCS, Go-Completions and Orbit. Tracking tools from Construction to Commissioning Management Systems, up loading / Capturing everything from; System function description, HS&E handover doc’s, System limit drawings, Comm. scope drawings, mech. certification requirements/completion status, E&I and Mechanical certification/comp. status, Vendor support info, Preservation & de-preservation, CLIENT PM DEVIATION’S (if any), Commissioning materials: spares, test equip, specialty tools, first fills, drawings & vendor supplied info, as-built-markups/redlines, Engineering queries & design doc’s, notes & correspondence, Vendor inspection release notes, Turnover Dossiers, Transfer of Care, Pre- Commissioning, Start-Up, System Turnover Management. Mechanical Completion is the term used to define that a Sub-system(s) has been installed in accordance with specifications, design drawings and requirements, with all “A” ITR Check sheets, acceptable ‘A’ Category Punch Items cleared and all MOC implemented and accepted by all parties involved. The process of Mechanical Completion is progressive and begins as equipment goes through the fabricate/build/install period and enters the final percentage in terms of work to be done in order to complete construction of a Sub-system(s).
 Responsible for reviewing and updating the database for input of turnover system numbers, interface in working with engineering and construction to populate the systems correctly and transition information between database where required. Involving coordinating the plant turnover and system completions team to compiling the documentation, developing reports and ensuring quality consistency of turnover packages to the operation / client. Responsible and coordinates the system completion team and turnover on site, to managing the flow of documents and data, developing required reports and identifying the focus areas for project work, to ensure timely turnover of systems per the project schedule. Manage to integrate into completions module any additional information required to be in the turnover packages such as vendor data from the electronic data management system (EDMS). Manage completions documents submittal, checking and compilation processes.
 Responsible the Mechanical Completion and Handover from Construction to Commissioning Project Sub–System Mechanical Completion (MC) will be supported and supplemented by a collection of other documents which will establish and control the core business of the Construction completions. These Documents will be consolidated in the form of MC Dossier which will then serve as proof of Construction Completion.
 Monitoring the EPC Contractor Turnover team shall be responsible for the control, assembly, verification, and timely compilation of the construction and completions records into MECHANICAL COMPLETION dossiers for each system and/or sub-system in compliance with this procedure and approved plans. EPC Contractor Turnover Team will be informed of the sequence that Sub-Systems/Systems are to be completed in accordance with the Commissioning Schedule.
 Provide a safe, systematic and structured approach to project Mechanical Completion of completing the work progressively by Sub-System. Assist in monitoring progress of Construction to EPC and Sub-Contractor by moving the work through functions of Mechanical Completion as efficiently, effectively and as early as possible Introduce a series of Construction ‘A’ checks that shall be progressively completed prior to the Completion stage to confirm, record and demonstrate safe installation of plant and equipment. Checking the Mechanical Completion The system or sub-system has been installed in accordance with specifications, design drawings and requirements, with all “A” ITR Check sheets and related ‘A’ Category Punch Items cleared. Monitoring this Commissioning Completion The system or sub-system has been inspected and required Static / Dynamic Test has been performed in accordance with specifications, design drawings and requirements, with all “B” ITR Check sheets and related Punch Items cleared.
 To monitor this Preservation - Means that equipment and systems are protected against potential external and internal deterioration. It includes both Initial Preservation and Preservation Maintenance. To implement this Static Commissioning is also referred to as Pre-commissioning or functional check-out is intended to ensure that the system has sufficient mechanical integrity for its field service and monitoring the System major subdivision of a facility that performs a major operational function of the plant. The division into systems generally corresponds to the various fluids or services of the facility. Monitoring the sub-system is a further division of a system that performs a given operational function with no or little interference from the other sub-systems.
 Project System Commissioning Completion (CC) will be supported and supplemented by a collection of other documents which will establish and control the core business of the Commissioning completions. This documents and records will be consolidated in the form of a (CC) Completion Certificate Dossier which will then serve as proof of Commissioning Completion related to EPC Contractor scope of work.
 Provide a safe, systematic and structured approach to project Commissioning Completion in completing the work progressively by System approach; Introduce a series of tests and inspections by progressively completing associated Commissioning ‘B’ check sheets and applicable Commissioning Test Procedures (CTP) required during Commissioning stage to confirm, record and demonstrate safe energization and functional testing of plant and equipment; Produce an auditable set of Commissioning Completion documents to secure the acceptance of systems by Client Commissioning Authority; Define the protocol forms necessary to communicate to/from Client the status of completeness of each System; facilitate the recording of any transfer of responsibility from EPC Contractor Responsible Commissioning Authority to Client Accepting Authority for the care, custody and control of the completed System.
 Vast experience in the field of E&I Equipment / HV/MV/LV Switchgear / Panel's/ Control Station for installations, alignments, Pre-comm & Commissioning, troubleshooting, maintenance support and related utilities. Extensive experience in vendor proposal and document review of pumps, compressors and other reciprocating plant support equipment. Preparation of data sheets / specifications / requisitions of rotating machines / inspection and repair of rotating equipment Compressors.
 Inspector for E/I & T, Hazardous Area (ATEX) Inspection in Oil/Gas Industry, onshore/offshore, Production & Export Pipe Line, Pre-Assemble Module, Vendor Package Inspection, Receiving Inspection, Instrument Calibration, Construction Monitoring/Supervision/Site Surveillance/Site Observation and Inspection, Execution of RFI-Request For Inspection / MC-ITR (Mechanical Completion and Inspection Test Record), Hook-Up Completion, Pre-Com,Start-up, Initial and Periodically Maintenance Inspections.

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