23 years as manager in the Construction industry and materials factory Outside Europe

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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, French


30 years of expertise whole 27 outside Europe:
- 6 years in the sale, including team management.
- 23 years in the construction industry (see the attached document.)

- Multicural and multidisciplinary team. (until 1 200 collaborators whole 25 managers European, Asian, African, M.E)
- Turnover until $ 80 million and $ 17 Million of the site works.

Skills general:
- Strategy, sale team management, marketing.
- Determining the organization, the production and/or works methodology.
- The means to implement. Planning, budget, (creating, supervising, managing, following).
- Supervising construction site, production, support department.
- The maintenance team of equipment and the buildings.
- Q.H.S.E
- Reporting sales, production, financial, yield, equipment (repair and maintenance, oil).
- Purchase, stock, logistics management.

Works site managing :
- Earthwork
- Road and Highway
- Wastewater, Stormwater, drinking water, low and high voltage, telecommunication
- Civil Engineering.
- The residential, commercial, industrial sector.
- Landscaping.

Materials building manufactory or production managing:
• Precast concrete (Reinforced and blocks).
• Batching plants (Asphalt and ready-mix concrete).
• Quarries (Drilling, blasting, crushing). and excavation for mining pit.

Today I would like to put my experience, with the same strength for improving your results, developing and optimizing your business and P&L, in keeping in my mind, the respect of H.S.E, Quality, and your process.

Short or long assignment in freelance or long in salary.

Location preferred outside Europe.

Site and office man or which combine both.

Adapting myself to the company and site construction size.


EPC Formation (www.epc-groupe.com)
Certificate of Blasting and Drilling (Youth Training : NVQ level 1.2) French level CAP

   Jun 2011
— Jun 2011

Diploma Past in "Dompierre les Eglises"

The topic of training.
-Knowledge of the explosives, firing, detonators (kind and for their use) and their packaging.
-The respect of Safety and our responsibility and the determination of the area of blasting
-The different types firings and their use.
-Implementation of firing sequences of boot sequences
-The calculation of quantities to use, and delay detonators.
-Terminology slaughter.
-The preparation of loading shooting.
-Adaptation loading shooting
-The procedures of explosive shooting and of their incident.
-Storage of explosive products

E.A.T.P Group / CFC Egletons (cfcegletons.com)
Foreman / Constructions site Manager (Level BET C National)

   Feb 1996
— Jul 1996

Construction Industry - option Earthwork -Road - Utility Networks

The school having more 100 years old in the training in the construction industry for the Manager and executive.

Their customer: Bouygues Group, Eiffage group, Vinci group.

Topic of training

Areas: Roads and Highways, Earthworks, Drinking water, Wastewater, Storm Water, High and Low Electricity, telecom, concrete, Civil Engineering, residential, commercial industrial building sectors, blasting.

The managing, the realising and the follow up of the construction site
- The study of any contract documents
- The Technics method, the organisation, and production, means implementing
- The planning.
- The topography.
- The study of calculation of costs and yields.
- The Administrative part.
- The equipment and the maintenance managing.
- The management of personnel. and of customer and study offices and of controls.
- The use of lab and the test and analyses (earth, concrete, materials).

A.F.P.A Guyane
T.B.I.G (Technician office software and hardware, accounting, production and sale)

   Sep 1988
— Jul 1989

Adult continuous training agree with France state
Courses in:
-Hardware and software.
-Accounting, cost, budget, planning production managing,
-Production method management.
-Sale Technic

Equivalent to level A, Diplomed


RHM Constructions (Wood Modular System)
National Agency Mananger (France)

   Mar 2019
— Current

Training in Lean MAnagement

Applying learned methods.

Managing :
- Production and organization day to day and weeks, month.
- Administrative, financial, planning, (forecast, follow).
- Purchase (daily and projected need), negotiation.
- Involving on the assembly of the modules
- improving process
- Logistics.
- Recruitment

Nantes Project : 400 m² (Nursery for children)
Rennes Projects : 11 individual houses
Cannes Project : 35 appartments (21 Modules)

Reactive Executive (Transition Management Company)
Civil Engineer (Assignment In Poitier to "Forsee Power" company / France)

   May 2018
— Nov 2018

Monitoring work for transforming and refurbished of a manufactory of Lithium batteries for buss, trucks, electric cars, scooters, bicycles.

1° assignment before works: Missing: Controlling design, methodology, planning, budget, quality and HSE, to the council to the customer.

2° assignment During execution: control works, organisation, budget, planning, quality and HSE.

MTC.sa Mauritania
Site construction director / Chief officer Operations (Assignment)

   Nov 2017
— Feb 2018

Company Profile: Road, civil engineering, earthworks, 2 quarries - Turnover: € 60 M, 650 employees and 250 construction machinery.

Responsibilities and achievements: 5 roads project (17 to € 6.5 M), 450 peoples, 5 Project Managers, and 150 building equipment.

• Technical (Managing, controlling): Work methodology, means implement, planning, budget, Quality and HSE, sub-contractors.

• Financial (Creating, verifying, analysing): the financial report and the KPI's, supplier bill, cash register of sites, summary report.

• Administrative (Controlling): Work quantity, production report, the bill, the purchase, stock, delivery, bill purchaser, and the consumptions of fuel, oil, tire, summary report, subcontractor, and contract.

• To bring my support to the General Manager, the executive teams of the construction sites and the maintenance; to find some new suppliers (on import), mechanical chiefs and executives expatriate.

M.C.T.P (Island Mayottes - Indian Ocean)
Site Foreman (Assignment)

   Jul 2017
— Oct 2017

Company Profile: Drinking water and Sewage system network, housing estate, landscaping - € 12 M of turnover, 120 employees.

Responsibilities and achievements: Preparation and management site constructions day to day and by week.

• Technic: Determination of the work methodology, the means to implement, their organization. Supervising and controlling work, topography, quality and the safety. Transmitting the needs weekly, organising the purchase logistic and realising works report.

TTM Guinea
Branch Manager / Project Manager (Assignment)

   Jun 2016
— Nov 2016

Company profile: Sector: Earthwork, building, works concrete, logistic, mining. 70 collaborators, 50 earth-moving equipment.

Responsibilities and achievements: Management of the construction site “Return Water Dam” (15 Ha / 300 000 M3 / $ 7 M), for the S.A.G - Anglo-Gold-Ashanti Group as a contractor and the responsibility of the agency. Work language, English and French

• Technic: The management of the earthworks, including the works methodology, the means to implement, the planning, the budget, the distribution of the works and equipment, logistics, topography, laboratory, responsible for the Quality and H.S.E (Mining norms).

• Administrative and financial: Purchase (the needs, invoices), cost follow-up, their analyzes, site reporting, of the monthly works statements and the invoicing customer relationship, human resources, EPC Contract.

• Implementing the process maintenance and repair, controlling the spare parts order and their work.

SAFRICAS KATANGA (Democratic Republic Congo)
Deputy General Manager / Chief Officer Operations (assignment)

   Dec 2014
— Jul 2015

Company profile: Turnover between $ 60 M and 80, 1,200 employees among whom 20 managers (more 8 nationalities).

Sector: construction industry, quarry, batching plants & Asphalt, precast concrete.

Customers main: The Katanga province and municipality, Government of D.R.C, mining, the World Bank under Urban Plan Development, real estate company, bank, factory project.

Responsibilities and achievements: Managing, following and involving, by bringing my support in defective services, in the sites construction and the manufacturing building materials.

400 building equipment
The work languages were the English and the French.

• Administrative and Financial: Accounting, the establishment of the budgets with each head department. Calculate and follow the costs, the quantities detailed account, the invoicing and spend monthly for the site works, the manufacturing and suppliers, doing and controlling payment, the consumptions, the technic and financial audit, the summary report, the human resources.

• The purchases (local and import), stocks, implement an intern software (on Excel) for the following orders of the spare parts.

• Technic: The control on the land, the works method, the means implementing, the planning, the budget, the logistic, of the maintenance and repair workshops ($ 10 M of budget), controlling the stock management and the departments coordination.

• Commercial: Study the public and private tender, a proposition for a new strategy.

• 10 works sites up to 16 M $, four quarries (20 K Tons Month by unit), 3 batching plant (3 300 M3/M/A/U), Precast (800 M3/M/A).

Ingera. sa (France)
Trainer for state teachers in Democratic Republic of Congo (Assignment)

   Jun 2014
— Sep 2014

Company profile: Engineering and training.
Responsibilities & achievements: needs definition, preparation some courses, then do them, for state teachers.
Topic : the organization and realization some construction sites, precast concrete, topography exercise, introduction to the new techniques, quality and security.

GPC.sa/ SOCOFRAN.CDE - Congo - (www.gpcsa.com / ww.socofran.com)
Business Unit Manager Materials Building (Assignment)

   Jul 2011
— Mar 2012

Company Profile: Two agencies (Brazzaville and Pointe Noire), a turnover around of € 110 M and 2 600 employees

Sectors: construction industry, batching plants & asphalt, precast concrete reinforced and blocks, quarries, logistics.

Customers main: Government of Congo, municipality, Oil and Gas companies (Total, ENI), Real Estate Company, factory, international group.

Responsibilities and achievements: The management of 110 employees, a turnover of € 10 M, all departments (without financial part)
- 4 batching plants (production activities and product logistic)
- 1 in asphalt
- 4 units of precast concrete (reinforced / block) and include:

• Administrative (Following, improving): Calculate the costs for each production, the creating the budgets (for each department), of the purchases and stocks, the studies of the needs, the Human Resourses, the realising of the reports and of the invoicing monthly.

• Technic (Following, control): of all the productions, the planning, the stock flow, the quality and HSE, the maintenance and repair of the equipment. Growing the production (+ 10%) by a better organization of the unit and resources optimization. And sales (+10 %)

• Creating the quality department, of these norms and its implementing of these, and of the stock for maintenance.

Society of Blasting and Aggregates of Guinea
Quarry & General Manager (Assignment)

   Jul 2010
— Apr 2011

Company profile: Manufacturing aggregates and sands, 45 employees, 2 teams of guards (30), turnover: € 1.5 M, remote site.
Responsibilities and achievements: The management and the involving of the department, including the basecamp. The research for the parties to be improved, and the control of:

• In drilling, blasting, and crusher: To optimize the resources, to increase the time product (without hiring), by reducing the breakdowns (by a best maintenance) and keeping the track between pit and primary crusher in good condition, by improving their motivation and their involving. The result: + 30 %. The planning (production and delivery), the HSE and quality part, and the security .

• Maintenance: Created the procedures for the equipment quarry and heavy machine. This permitted lower costs of 15%.

• Administrative and financial: Accounting, treasuries, the costs, the KPI's, the investment and the budget, the payments, the purchases (local and import), the stocks (spare parts, gravels, explosive), the consumptions (of the fuel, oil, etc.), the reports and their analyses.

• Commercial: Creating and developing a dealer network, negotiation of the customer order. Increased the customer portfolio and our market shares, for the big companies + 10 % (state & private markets and construction industry) – Dealer - Craftsman and concrete precast company (+ 20 %).

• Improved procedures for the security of the site and peoples

• Implemented some tests laboratory for improving the quality of products

DAYACO - Real estate civil (family company) - French Guiana & France
Minority Shareholder (Part time)

   Jan 2002
— Current

Responsibilities and achievements: Sale, purchase, rent, budget, supervising & coordination of the maintenance, and new building

PREFACO (French Guiana - South America)
Chief officer operations (Technical and Sale)

   Jun 1998
— Aug 2008

Company profile: Turnover: € 1 M between 10 and 40 employees with 3 Managers

Sectors: Earthworks, Road and utility public, Civil engineering, concrete works, residential, commercial, industrial sector, landscaping.

Customer main: Government, municipality, real estate company, private customer, small and middle company, sub-contractor for some international group (their subsidiaries) “Bouygues”, “Eiffage Group”, “Vinci”, “Dumez GTM”, “Sogéa-Satom”, promoter, mining.

Responsibilities and achievement, Management all the part sales & technic, of the production and the works:

• Commercial: The answer of the private and public invitation tender, the customer relationship, the design or checking agency

• Technic: The management & the supervising of the works, the preparation of these, the contract control, the means to implement, the plannings, budgets, the coordination of the means, the cost calculation or control, the maintenance and repair equipment management

• Administrative and financial: The monthly works statements, the invoicing, the verify, the following of the paying customers and suppliers payment, Négociation of the purchases, the stock and delivery management. My involvement in the company management.

• For the precast concrete units: The same thing that for the works sites, responsible for the batching plant and the formulation.

PREFACO (French Guiana - South America)
Site Construction Manager

   Jun 1997
— Jun 1998

Site Construction Manager (1 year): The management of construction site and sub-contractors, the supply and purchase part, the team site and manufactory coordination, the means implemented the planning, the cost calculation, the budget, equipment maintenance and repair with the team mechanical, the relationship customer, and the reports.

• I was responsible for the production of all elements precast.

PREFACO (French Guiana - South America)
Foreman Road and Utility

   Jun 1996
— Jun 1997

The supervising of execution on le land from the beginning to the end of the works, and the works reports.
• I was responsible for the production of all elements precast

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