Instrumentation and Control Engineer

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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, Hindi


Twenty-two years of professional experience in design engineering of Oil & Gas Offshore (Fixed Process & Well platforms, FPSO, FSO, TLP and Semi-sub drilling unit ) and Onshore, Refinery and Petrochemical projects with various engineering Consultants and Contractors.
Experience in PMC, Feasibility and Conceptual Study, FEED & Detail engineering, Brownfield Engineering, Project Planning, Procurement engineering, Pre-Bid engineering, Proposal preparation, Man-hour estimation, Cost estimation, Technical Bid preparation, Inspection, Site survey, Site supervision, Installation, Pre- commissioning and Commissioning.
Experience involves with Clients like KJO, QP, SHELL, CHEVRON, PTTEP, British Gas, Mubadala Petroleum, TOTAL, MAERSK OIL, NIOC, ONGC, IOCL, IPCL etc., and Contractors like NPCC, DODSAL, CPE, CUEL, TNS, CLOUGH, HHI, SHI, SADRA, L&T and IOEC.
Expertise in Adequacy report, Control System specifications, field Instrument/package instrument Specifications and datasheets, Sizing calculation, Design basis, Control narratives, Control and Shutdown philosophy, Fiscal Metering Philosophy, Gap Analysis, System Architecture diagram, Control/Equipment room layouts, Functional logic diagrams, ESD hierarchy, Cause & Effect chart, Technical Queries/Bid analysis etc.
Expertise in DCS/PLC/RTU engineering activities of Honeywell, Yokogawa, Emerson, Allen Bradley, Invensys system etc.
Expertise in prepare/review of construction and demolition drawings and documents such as Index, I/O list, location plan, Cable/JB Routing/Tray Layouts, Block diagrams, Cable Schedule, Inter-connection diagrams, Loop diagrams, Instrument Air distribution Schematics, Hook-ups/Installation drawings, MTO etc., Review of system vendor documents and procedures, Mechanical package/skid equipment related specifications/drawings & documents, Job cards and Work Packs.
Experience in FAT, IFAT and SAT and participation in HAZID, HAZOP, FIREPRAN, SIL study, PDMS Model review, Design review, Constructability review etc.
Experience in supervision & guidance of design team though technical presentation/training etc., Managed daily work assignments, Co-ordination with discipline teams/inter discipline teams and interaction with international clients/vendors. Review of departmental procedures / guidelines, proposal preparation and man-hour estimation.
Responsible to in-house project managers as discipline lead for large, multi-discipline design projects. Coordinated related work with other discipline leads. Tracked project budgets and schedules for completion of Instrumentation & Control portion of work.


National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India
Bachelor of Engineering in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation

   Jul 1990
— Jun 1994


Mott Macdonald
Lead Instrumentation and Control Engineer

   Aug 2014
— Dec 2016

Client : Dodsal Engineering and Construction, Dubai
Project: Pre-Bid Engineering for Hassi Messaoud Peripheral Fields Development Project (Lot 4)

Responsibilities (Lead Engineer)

• Review of FEED documents and drawings and preparation of FEED verification Report
• Preparation of pre-bid engineering deliverables with respect to Client technical clarifications and tender bulletin and scope of work
• Preparation of RFQ for Field Instruments, Control System and RTU etc.
• Vendor offer evaluation for Instrumentation and other mechanical packages , Preparation of TQ and TBE on vendor offers
• Review of MTO
• Co-ordination, vendor meeting and Client progress meeting

Client : Qatar Petroleum, Qatar
Project : FEED for Fiscal Metering Facilities for PS2/PS3 Crude Oil & Produced Water Disposal System at Halul Island
Responsibilities (Lead Engineer)
Front end engineering of Fiscal Metering facility for PS2/PS3 Crude Oil at Halul Island and installation of new adequately sized Produced Water Disposal system which involves with:
• Existing facilities site survey in Halul Island & Water Disposal Platform
• Review of Design Basis, Specifications for Control System, Field instruments and Analyzer, MOV Control System, Fiscal Metering System, Remote Telemetry System, Control shutdown philosophy
• Design and Engineering of Crude Oil Fiscal Metering System which involves following
- Sizing and selection of configuration of meter and preparation of configuration report
- Type of Meter selection for suitability of process conditions and standardization of Meter size
- Selection of Meter Prover & Auto Sampling system
- Assessment of overall uncertainty level of metering skid
- Design requirement of applicable codes and standards such as API MPMS, Shell DEP etc.
- Review of P&ID
- Review of skid dimension and weight for plot plan and EPC scope of work
- Fiscal Metering System Architecture diagram
- Discussion and Meeting with various metering skid vendors
• Review of Adequacy report of existing system such as Control System, MOV system, Telemetry system etc.
• Review of Modification scope of work and EPC scope of work
• Procurement engineering including datasheets, RFQ, vendor quotation review, TC etc.
• Participation in design review , constructability review, HAZOP and SIL review
• Review of engineering deliverables (construction and demolition)
• Review of Construction and Demolition package
• Co-ordination, vendor meeting and Client progress meeting

Client : Qatar Petroleum , Qatar
Project : Feasibility and Concept Optimization Study for Dukhan Production Facilities
Responsibilities (Lead Engineer)

Feasibility and concept optimization study for Dukhan production facilities upgrade to accommodate the augmentation of Enhanced Water Flood (EWF) facility and up-grade of Dukhan Production facilities to facilitate and promote sustained oil and gas production from Dukhan oil fields which involve with:
• Site survey of Degassing Stations , Pumping Stations , Lift Gas manifold stations & Oil manifold stations
• Preparation of Design Basis
• Adequacy check of existing inline instruments and Control valves
• Preparation of Adequacy report of Control System
• Review of obsolescence study of existing Control Systems
• Preparation of Concept Optimization Report
• Preparation of FEED Scope of Work
• Co-ordination, vendor meeting and Client progress meeting

Client : Al-Khafji Joint Operation (KJO), Saudi Arabia
Project : FEED for Construction of Desalination Plant MED units
Responsibilities (Lead Engineer)

Front end engineering of new multi effect desalination units and demolition of existing desalination units which involve with:
• Existing facilities site survey
• Design basis, specifications and control & shutdown philosophy
• Procurement engineering including datasheets, RFQ, vendor quotation review, TC, TBE, VDR and VDI
• Participation in design review (30 %, 60 % & 90 %) , HAZOP , HAZID and SIL review
• Review of engineering deliverables and other packages along with vendor drawings
• Review of Construction and Demolition package
• Preparation of EPC Scope of Work
• Co-ordination, vendor meeting and Client progress meeting

Client : China Petroleum Engineering , China
Project : FEED for Halfaya Phase 3 Gas Processing Plan
Responsibilities (Lead Engineer)

Front end engineering of a Gas Processing Plant to treat all the associated gas from Halfaya oil field located in Iraq by developing new plant consisting of various facility units called Halfya Project Surface Facility which involves with:
• Review of P&IDs of various field facilities
• Review of Client provided Design basis , Specifications and Philosophies in line with existing facilities
• Review of Field Instrument Specifications and Metering Package specifications
• Review of engineering deliverables
• Review of mechanical packages along with vendor drawings
• Co-ordination and progress meeting