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United States


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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification



Seasoned leadership experience in Operations and Transportation management, large five hundred multicultural / multinational workforce, 500 plus pieces trucks, trailers and heavy equipment, dispatched daily, supply chain solutions, warehouse operations, enterprise systems and inter-modal transportation in time-sensitive military and commercial environments. Hands-on background in heavy equipment operation, global sourcing, multi-site operations, organizational development, cost controls, process improvements and business analysis.

 Proficient as a top team builder, process manager and change agent in all aspects of the business growth process, including needs analysis, resource allocation, requirements identification, outsourcing, sales support and customer relationship building.
 Innovative development and implementation of successful business plans and sourcing strategies with a confident approach; rapid delivery of operating efficiencies at multiple locations.
 Solid expertise in administrating complex contracts, agreements and business plans with top management, industry vendors and key decision-makers; fully familiar with budgeting and cost reductions.
 Effective hiring, training, supervision, deployment and development of top-notch talent at staff and field levels in multicultural settings.
 Self-motivated to achieve maximum performance, consolidate key operations, maintain peak quality service and meet aggressive business objectives.
 Multi-tasking talents in team building, organization, service consulting, executive reporting, process improvements and attention to detail in time-sensitive situations.
 C-suite networking and relationship building with industry leaders, drayage operators, dealerships and global service providers; knowledge of bulk fuel and LNG movement operations.
 Extensive exposure to cross-cultural practices and international business protocols; decorated military veteran with command responsibility. Permanent US Resident.



   Sep 1974
— Apr 1981

Completed O levels


Bridger Transportation LLC
Field Supervisor

   Jun 2015
— Jul 2018

Responsible of ensuring the smooth and safe operation of Bridger, Owner Operated crude hauling fleet in the Permian East, in conjunction with two other Supervisors and an AOM. My specific area had 78% utilization, very low driver turnover and a 90 % on time pick up of scheduled loads, by working with dispatch to ensure all dispatch’s were economical for the Owner Operators , this also lead to 4.5 loads per day average dispatch. I was never unavailable to my drivers and my customers, this enabled me to rectify issues before they became a real problem

Terminal Manager

   Mar 2012
— Jun 2015

Dispatch 50 systems to various upload sites to crude oil injection points. Oversee maintenance of fleet over main and two satellite sites. Ensure compliance with all state and federal safety and highway regulations.

Kellogg, Brown and Root
Transportation Manager

   Sep 2004
— Dec 2011

In charge of overseeing a critical Transportation group, encompassing up to 500 personnel and over 1,000 trucks, trailers and related equipment, for this world-class defense contractor. Gained hands-on expertise in sourcing, transporting and delivering a wide range of mission-critical supplies to support numerous US military units. Highly skilled in transportation mode management and transit time analysis. Generated and updated a full array of documentation and reports. Closely liaised with top executive, military commanders and local authorities.
 Spearheaded the consolidation of 3 transportation sites to 1 at Camp Liberty over 12 months, reducing travel time and enhancing operating efficiencies by 30%.
 Succeeded in transitioning this group and turning over 6,000 pieces of heavy equipment to the US Army with no loss of productivity or inventory.
 Achieved and maintained a positive record of on-time delivery, safety compliance and optimal staff morale.
 Trained and oriented foreign national drivers to replace expat workers and further decrease costs.
 Promoted to this position through multiple levels of increasing impact and influence after initial hiring as a Heavy Truck Driver for KBR in Kuwait.

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