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Last Updated: 6th June 2017 (over 5 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


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Age Range
25 to 34

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Arabic, English


Looking for an opportunity to work in a reputable academic institution to enhance its role in the society and help it out in meeting its short and long-term goals, while attaining personal professional development, interesting experiences and growth. My major is International Affairs and the concentration is on culture, society, and heritage. Media analysis and research courses were substantive part of the program, and this qualifies me to be a knowledgeable research executive with a well-rounded understanding of the region’s academic institutions, culture, society, and needs. I conducted several successful presentations and research papers on the region and won the first prize for the best research poster at Qatar University in my Undergraduate years.
Upon completing my BA degree in International Affairs from Qatar University, I chose to expand my horizons and work in different fields to acquire the knowledge and expertise to be able to work in External Relations office. As a research assistant I was assigned to work with a high number of participants via multiple media channels such as, but not limited to phone, e-mails, personal interviews, online social networks, meetings, events, and surveying tools. This has advanced my communication skills and presented me as a spokesperson and an enabler. In an another research project which I worked on simultaneously, I was responsible for massive legal research, paper work, surveying newspaper articles, and writing reports on a regular basis.


Qatar University
International Relations

   Sep 2011
— Jun 2014


Qatar University
Research Assistant

   Apr 2016
— Jul 2016

- Surveying databases, analyzing monthly and annual reports on piracy incidents from 20042015
- Designing a spreadsheet for most prosecution cases
- Analyzing newspaper articles and verifying information authenticity
- Collecting legal and technical information on the procedures of prosecution
- Analyzing the different situations of the prosecutions of Somali suspected pirates, understanding the setbacks of the current system, and outlining recommendations for dealing with future incidents
- Working collaboratively with the chief researcher on a policy paper with regards to the situation of Somali suspected pirates prosecutions

Qatar University
Research Assistant

   Nov 2015
— Jul 2016

- Collecting research sample, organizing them into groups and maintaining communication throughout the research period to enhance better data collection
- Making interviews, designing interview questions in both English and Arabic
- Learning video interviewing skills that facilitated impulsive responses and lessened artificiality
- Organizing and planning social events for 30+ participants from more than 15 countries, in a controlled environment designed specifically for the research purposes
- Analyzing nonverbal behaviors in video recorded interviews/gatherings
- Studying various credited methods for analyzing nonverbal communication behavior, and designing a specific scheme for this research
- Learning photography and video recording skills
- Taking 800+ photos of the participants, organizing and categorizing them in folders
- Working collaboratively with the chief researcher on writing and publishing an illustrative mini-guide to nonverbal communication of female Arabs (249 pages)
- Working collaboratively with the chief researcher on an academic paper on nonverbal communication (mainly head and eye movements, and body posture) of female Arabs while they introduce themselves in a social event

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