Catering and Logistics Facilities Management

Last Updated: 6th February 2018 (over 4 years ago)

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45 to 54

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Other Post Graduate




Highly efficient, knowledgeable and diligent professional multi-site manager with over 25 years’ experience formulating an exemplary track record in catering and logistics, by food procurement, menu planning and development with cost deliberation for Her Majesty’s Forces at senior management level. Key abilities in human resource management, career and professional development, contract management, supplier relations, catering hospitality, account auditing, food safety, health & safety, risk identifying management and legislative requirements. Outstanding communication, leadership, decision making skills and specialising in problem solving.


Multi-Site Management, Key Performance Indicators, Risk Assessments, Customer Relations, Contract Monitoring, Quality Control, Training and Development, Human Resource Management, Inventory Management, COSHH & HACCP, Customer & Supplier Relationships, Catering Services & Management.


Navy Army Air Force Institute
Catering and Logistics Trading Manager

   Nov 2013
— Current

As a Catering and Logistics Trading Manager I ensure both military and civilian employees from varying Skill Base's and Cultures prepare and deliver meals to the quality, nutritional standard, specification and display standards agreed, whilst ensuring value for money and quality assurance with effective multi-site management. I also scrutinise Health & Safety pre-requisite policies within the business ensuring they are enforced and constantly reviewed and renewed. I administer and control the financial commercial E-profit Accounts on a daily/periodic trading basis. I also deliver staff training to the Catering Personal, Logisticians, Ration store person and Service Supervisors & Assistants.

Additional Key Responsibilities:

 Maintain Nutritional Standards
 Risk Identifying Management (Debt Control)
 Human Resource Management
 Career and Professional Development (Management and Individual Career Guidance)
 Contract Management/ working within a contract.
 Food Supply Management.(Managing the Supplier Relationship)
 Liaison with both Military and Civilian staff.
 Food Safety and Health & Safety (Modern Business Strategies)
 Sales and Marketing
 Catering Hospitality
 Commercial Account Auditing specific to current regulations and policy
 Ration and Consumable Stock Control.
 Uphold all Legislation.

HM Forces
Regional Catering Advisor/Deputy Supervising Officer (DSO)

   May 2007
— Current

2007 - 2013

As a Deputy Supervising Officer (DSO) I monitored the delivery of the Catering Retail & Leisure (CRL) elements of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) against Key Performance Indicators (KPI) across Multi-Site Stations. This covers all Catering Facilities, Retail Shops, Unit Clubs, Bars and Food Wagons that are provisioned by the supplier. i also managed the Unit Quality Assurance System and was the advisor to the Supervising Officer (SO) on all requirements, management and contract monitoring related activities in order to achieve value for money for Defence.

Manage the supplier relationships and key performance measures and review procedures ensuring they are being properly adhered to with a clear audit trail. Seek continuous improvement and value for Defence.

DSO liaises with the Supervising Officer and customers to review service delivery and improve, all parties understanding of the service providers’ obligations and methods of reporting against delivery.

Establish and maintain effective and relevant monitoring systems to measure, directly and indirectly, supplier performance and benchmark suppliers and feed the necessary details into the Garrison CMO.

Assist in the direction and control of all food services, including contracted services, ensuring effective and economic delivery of catering provision and supply on operations, during training and within peacetime locations.

HM Forces
Catering Facility Manager.

   May 2004
— May 2007

Operational Management at multi-site level ensuring specific areas operated within the contractual guidelines irrespective of location, using the following methods,

Budgeting, purchasing and control of food production for up to 500 people in Barracks or on Operations
Recipe and Menu Development.
Career and Professional Development within the workplace.
Planning special functional events for Royalty, High Ranking Officers, and Government Minister Visits.
Monitor and control of food safety standards.
Manage a team of 75 Personnel.
Maintain the monitoring of cleanliness and hygiene of kitchen equipment, fittings, furnishings and personal hygiene.
Maintain good maintenance standard for all my kitchens and equipment.