Technical Project Manager

Last Updated: 3rd April 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Czech Republic


Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Czech, English


I am a project manager looking to relocate with my family to a different country. I have been working as project manager and prior to that as a development manager/project manager hybrid role for the last 5 years in marketing companies. Prior to that, I worked as a developer to get an understanding of the development process and the complexities of a project from the other perspective.
As a project manager, my roles are the following:
- Planning and defining the scope through talking to the client, identifying the needs. The result of this task is a project documentation
- Resource planning
- Time/Cost estimate
- Project planning
- Risk analysis and management
- Progress monitoring and reporting
- Organising internal and external stakeholders
- Securing new external suppliers when needed
- Quality control
- KPI tracking and reporting
- Cross selling other marketing activities we offer that are not connected with development
- Post project care and maintenance


University of Lancaster
Master of Science (MSc)

   Jan 2010
— Jan 2013

MSc in Critical Software Engineering.

University of Lancaster
Bachelor of Science (BSc)

   Jan 2007
— Jan 2010

BSc in Computer Science and International Relations.

The English College in Prague
High School

   Jan 2001
— Jan 2007


Swimming Pool
Technical Project Manager

   Jan 2016
— Current

I left Smart Media Agency in order to get experience at a larger company where I could face more challenging tasks. Swimming Pool Agency is part of the Y&R group, which is part of the WPP group. I was mostly working on internal projects for the group as well as some client work. The largest project I worked on was the Y&R rebrand, which consisted of building a common template for 98 countries, launching it across the world and providing ongoing support. My role in the project was to create a specification of the project, cost estimate, coordinate UX and design, come up with a technical solution to host the project, coordinate external developers, manage changes to the project, handover of the project and onboarding new markets to the platform.
My role consisted of providing technical insight into projects and making sure that they were delivered on time and within budget. It was my responsibility to find right external developers and other external roles as needed. For ongoing projects, I tracked and reported KPI’s form various data sources.

Smart Media Agency, s.r.o.
Development Director

   Jan 2014
— Jan 2016

After being a developer in the company for three years, it was time for me to move on and proceed with what I studied - becoming a project manager. Some of my responsibilities were to organize the workload of developers, design the database architecture and look for solutions to possible technical problems, which often involved learning and adapting a cloud based technology.
Even though the title says development director, the position coincided more with the work of a project manager. I was responsible for putting together a budget and coordinating everyone on the project including external suppliers, copywriters, designers, developers, and others as necessary. I was in charge of finding suppliers for the tasks when we didn’t have in-house staff. My main role was to make sure that projects run according to the set budget and are delivered in time.

Smart Media Agency, s.r.o.

   Jan 2011
— Jan 2014

My role as a developer in Smart Media Agency was to develop AD Hoc systems, company websites, and Facebook applications. I was responsible for providing the CE of development and then sticking to the CE during the development phase. In order to achieve this, I chose a technology most suitable for the task and wrote testable code that was connected to a Gitlab CI server. All of the my code was version controlled through GIT.

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