Administration Manager

Last Updated: 11th September 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification

Arabic, English


Senior Experienced professional in administration management with more than 10 years of experience in general
administration, government relations, human resource management, and supply chain management.


College of Telecom and Information, Riyadh
Systems Networks Administration

   Jan 2005
— Aug 2007



Saeed Al Taleb Est. for food stuff & Snowfall Mini Markets.
Administration Manager

   Jan 2011
— Current

 Work very skillfully with the Food and Drug Authority SFDA system (electronic services for the control of
imported food IFCES) and registration of more than 500 items, get approvals electronically.
 Implement of all that would approve the issuance of (Baladiah license - civil defense license - health certificates
for employees - and all other legislative licenses).
 Work on a contract with one of the local banks to finance the establishment with one million and five hundred
thousand riyals as cash facilities and bank credits (2015-2018).
 Complete Authority in all government agencies, banks, companies and clients.
 Sales and stocks management: follow-up movement of all accounts, assets and customer statements.
 Manage local and international procurement and communicate with suppliers, select items, manage the
importing process, and store them to warehouses.
 Attend the international and local food exhibitions specially manufacturing and distribution companies of food
and sweets, select products, and make deals.
 Negotiate and set agreements with several companies and factories.
 Prepare lists of purchase orders after studying the salability and profitability of the products.
 Train several staff on using the system.
 Prepare all requirements for food import and re-export.
 Manage sales and distribution team, coordinate short and long term tasks, develop plans, strategies and write
monthly and annual reports.
 Conduct field visits to customers throughout the Kingdom and Kuwait, to see their comments and identify the
status of competitive products in the markets.
 Prepare budget reports in the movement of products between customer requests and import requests.
 Converted the system of work and records, inventory system and all costumers accounts from notebooks
system to electronic system and the add the computers for first time, and make connected network to connect
the computers and other devices, also work to train staff to use the accounting system and management of the
 Create and prepare soft-copy and hard-copy archival files for all clients, suppliers and employees in the
 Plan to build a refrigerated area for goods storage inside the warehouses.
 Make a monthly report of sales, purchases and expenses to show monthly profits.
 Work as Head of HR and manage all operations, as GOSI, renewal labor Iqama, medical insurance, labor license
and follow-up periodically.
 Prepare and review the monthly payroll of employees including commissions and incentives.
 Follow-up working hours and tasks of remote area salesmen.
 Conduct personal interviews with applicants and prepare employment offers and contracts.
 Manage traffic and transport operations and forklift rental.
 Manage the storage of goods for third parties.
 Conduct several feasibility studies for several projects belonging to the establishment, and the implementation
and operation of two of them.
 Management, registration and marketing of the company's Tried Mark ( Snowfall ) .
 Operate the mini-market chain project, development of all policies, make systems, follow-up rates of growth
and profits.
 Planned, designed and executed the Mini Market project.
 Monitor daily operations, bank account management, and agreements with suppliers of products and

Sanabis Communication Technology, Training and Development Co.
Call Center Agent

   Feb 2010
— Dec 2010

 Answer for customer’s calls using call center system.
 Send SMS to client’s customer by call center system.
 Handle the maintenance of computers and other devices.
 Work as Time Keeper and install the fingerprint device and manage all its processing .
 Act as Secretary for the Chairman and HR Manager.
 Work on follow-up and implementation of a training institute for the company.
 Manage and implement general procurement.
 Register the company in the Human Resources Development Fund (HADF), and manage all HRDF operations.
 Implement many designs and publications for the company.
 Coordinate between the male and female section and manage meeting schedules.

Ala’a Manufacturing Company (AFI)
Counter Sales

   Aug 2009
— Feb 2010

 Work on PAN System in sales and manufacturing section.
 Receive customers and senior customers.
 Check hydraulic equipment parts, diagnose faults and identify spare parts required.
 Request spare parts from the warehouse or request to manufacture them from the factory through the
same system.
 Work with a group of colleagues in the annual inventory of the company's warehouses.
 Provide quotations If requested from customers and send them by mail or fax.

Gulf Guide Co. ltd (GGC)
Information Systems Technician

   Mar 2008
— Jan 2009

Maintenance of computers and other devices, request spare parts and fix it.
 Training of some employees to use on the company system, and programs of Microsoft Office 2007.
 Converting the system of timekeeping from paper mood to electronic fingerprint connected to the network,
make reports monthly and adding fingerprints of staff.
 Manage incoming faxes on main fax number of the company and redirect the faxes to internal sections.
 Receiving calls on operator and transfer calls to people.
 Work as Secretary of GM.

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