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Water and wastewater professional with more than 35 years of practical local and overseas experience of water and sewerage projects in the south-east Europe, Middle East (Jordan, Syria, United Arab Emirates), North Africa (Libya), south and south-east Asia (Pakistan and Singapore).

Significant knowledge of conventional, contemporary and commercially available water/wastewater treatment technologies and related process equipment, as well as wastewater treatment technologies intended for treated effluent reuse purposes. Profound knowledge of numerous manufacturers’ specialized in production of water/wastewater and sludge treatment/processing equipment commercially available at the world market. Significant experience in design of various activated sludge process configurations for conventional secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment (nutrients removal), as well as related sludge treatment (aerobic and anaerobic).

Performed various post-contract consulting services for water/wastewater engineering projects, i.e. checking and approving contractor’s detailed design and drawings, equipment procurement, construction expert supervision of installation, testing, trial run, commissioning, plant as-built documentation and operation and maintenance.


Civil Engineering Faculty of the University of Sarajevo
Master Degree in Civil Engineering

   Mar 2009
— Dec 2009

Master thesis: Application of nitrification and denitrification processes in urban wastewater treatment.

European Institute for Water, Strasbourg
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation Manager

   Oct 1989
— Oct 1989

Obtained the Certificate of Assiduity for the 2nd Intensive Course for Operations Managers of Wastewater Treatment Plants.

The Course was composed of three sessions:
Choice and conception of wastewater treatment plants,
Operation and controls of wastewater treatment plants,
Economic and environmental aspects
Management problems

Basically, the Course covered the following topics:
Pretreatment and primary treatment
Biological treatments
Tertiary treatment
Sewage sludge treatment and disposal
Instrumentation and controls
Energy consumption and control
Economical aspects
Environmental impacts
Dysfunctionning and management problems
Manager responsibilities and duties

International Institute for Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (IHE) Delft-Holland
Sanitary Engineer

   Oct 1981
— Sep 1982

Obtained the Diploma of the International Course in Sanitary Engineering for urban areas. Studied the following:

13 regular subjects, 7 facultative subjects, carried out laboratory work in general chemistry, microbiology, chemistry of water and wastewater and unit operations.

Submitted design reports on wastewater collection, water distribution, pumping stations, water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants.

Republic Secretariat for Urbanisms and Urban Infrastructure, Sarajevo
Expert in Urban Hydrotechnics

   Feb 1977
— Jun 1977

Following expert examination in urban hydro technics, I had received the expert examination certificate, and that document enabled me to be in charge for execution of different projects/designs in the field of urban water engineering.

Civil Engineering Faculty of the University of Sarajevo
Diploma in Civil Engineering

   Oct 1968
— Apr 1975

Studied various hydro technical subjects, including water and wastewater treatment, and prepared the diploma work related to the wastewater treatment plant for the city of Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Worked for a couple of years at the same faculty as assistant to professor Branko Kurpjel on the subject water conditioning.


Wastewater Treatment Expert

   Jun 2015
— Current

Technical Expert: Completed Review of the Study about the areas susceptible to eutrophication and sensitive to nitrates in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (1st and 2nd Draft).

Technical Expert: Feasibility Study for Sludge Treatment and Disposal for the Sarajevo Wastewater Treatment Plant related to reconstructed plant sludge production and quality, existing legislation and regulations in terms of further treatment and disposal, treatment alternatives incorporating solid waste, financial and economic analyses of alternatives, recommendations and public involvement. In charge for the reconstructed plant process description and specifically for the inputs/outputs along the sludge treatment train and the dewatered sludge quantity projections.

Lead Design Reviewer: Procurement of Reconstruction Works at Sarajevo Wastewater Treatment Plant at Butila, 600.000 P.E. and 350,000 m3/day hydraulic capacity). The reconstruction works are part of the World Bank Project ID P090675 -Sarajevo Waste Water Project Bid/Contract reference No.BA-SWWP-7842BA-S&I-12-14, financed through the IBRD loan of 51 million USD and grant funds ensured by pre-accession fund IPA. The WWTP is already reconstructed by UNIONINVEST, Sarajevo and PASSAVANT-ROEDIGER GmbH, and placed into operation in 2016. In charge for review, verification of the Detailed Design documentation and plant equipment procurement procedure in regard to the selected wastewater treatment and sludge treatment process technology. The procured equipment for the wastewater and sludge treatment train encompasses screw pumps, coarse and fine screens, grit chamber equipment, rotational circular scrapers for primary and secondary settling tanks, diffused aeration system and air blowers for conventional activated sludge process, recirculation and waste activated sludge pumps, coagulant dosing equipment, etc. The procured equipment for the anaerobic sludge treatment line is mostly from ROEDIGER GmbH and was related to mechanical sludge thickeners, anaerobic digester equipment for sludge treatment, biogas treatment, biogas storage and use in digesters and in co-generation plant, sludge dewatering centrifuges, various type of pumps, etc. The plant process control incorporates the complete process control instrumentation, PLC systems and SCADA system. Following the four month trial run period, the plant has been placed into regular operation in October 2016.

Lead Designer: Consultancy and preparation of the Detailed Design for the wastewater treatment plant in Banovici. Plant design capacity is 18,000 P.E.; treated effluent will be disposed into the sensitive water area/stream and therefore incorporates tertiary treatment, i.e. removal of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds using the SBR process configuration. The Detailed Design is completed in April 2017.

Lead Design Reviewer: Review of the basic engineering design for collection, treatment and disposal of industrial and sanitary wastewater (SBR technology), and storm water collection in the Arcelor Mittal industrial complex (iron and steel manufacturing) in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In charge for the investment report review, project summary report and preparation of the final, joint report.

Lead Designer: Prepared the Preliminary study, Conceptual Design (SBR process technology) and Tender Documentation for the wastewater treatment plant in Tomislavgrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 1st phase plant capacity 6,000 P.E. and 2nd phase 10,000 P.E. The project is part of the European Investment Bank program – Water and Sanitation (WATSAN). The project is presently in the tendering phase.

Meinhardt Pte Ltd, Singapore
Technical Director

   Aug 2014
— Jun 2015

Preparation of competitive technical and financial proposals and selection of appropriate partner(s) for the water/wastewater project proposals across Asia Pacific and MENA region, and assisted in establishing strategic direction for expansion and diversification of consulting services. Proposing an efficient set up for water/wastewater designs monitoring, delivery and implementation strategy including overseeing the technical performance, timely and profitable execution of project. Submitting financial, business development and management reports to the Division Director. Chaired team meetings and work closely with other Directors, Country Managers and liaison with other group offices. Building consulting services capability of the Water and Environment Division. Worked on numerous proposals in Singapore, i.e. Master Plans for the Water Supply, Wastewater & Storm Water Drainage of Lahore District, Changi Water Reclamation Plant Expansion-800,000 m3/; Kranji Water Reclamation Plant land-optimization project-720,000 m3/d; Woodleigh Water Treatment Plant Upgrade-175,000 m3/d), RO plant for water supply of the King Khalid International Airport-11,000 m3/d).
Team Leader for the preparation of the wastewater treatment component (Phase 3) for the River Ravi Waterfront Urban Development Project in Lahore, Pakistan - Feasibility Reports for seven WWTPs ranging in hydraulic capacity from 40,000 m3/day to 800,000 m3/d). Participated in preparation of the Lahore Infrastructure Master Plan.

Egis International, Montpellier, France
Team Leader

   Aug 2013
— Mar 2014

Team Leader in the Egis Eau office in Batumi responsible for design and assistance to tendering, contractor’s contract negotiation phase, support in procurement of materials, equipment and works for the implementation of the Project Rehabilitation of Municipal Water Supply and Wastewater Infrastructure in Batumi Phase III-Georgia. Documents produced: project implementation schedules and responsibility matrix, progress reports, comprehensive summary report, detailed design reports on water supply and wastewater collection networks and transient pipelines, monthly reports, quarterly reports, annual report, minutes of meetings, draft and final tender documents and tender evaluation report. Performed daily communication and correspondence with the client, Municipality of Batumi, and active participation at the meetings arranged by the Project Execution Agency (PEA). Preparation of tender documentation (FIDIC “Red Book”) and assistance in tendering process for contract packages and all related lots funded by the KfW development bank, National Investment Fund (NIF) and Batumi city budget.

Egis International, Montpellier, France
Process Engineer

   Mar 2011
— Jul 2012

Feasibility Study for the Lahore North Wastewater Treatment Plant. Plant design capacity: 300,000 m3/day and 1,500,000 P.E. Pre-contract services related to preparation of Feasibility Study Phase 1a: participation in data collection and WWTP location selection, preparation of WWTP design data, analysis of energy potential from biogas, analysis of treated wastewater reuse (irrigation) potential.

Prepared the Conceptual Design and Tender Documents for Phase 1b: preparation of WWTP design parameters for selected process technology and related technical specifications; participation in cost analysis and tender documentation preparation (wastewater/sludge treatment process sections).

Farrer Consulting Ltd - BIWATER, UK
Project Process Engineer

   Apr 2010
— Aug 2010

Initial data collection, numerous site visits to the relevant utility companies and wastewater plants, operation/performance review and preparation of reports and proposals related to wastewater treatment process technology improvement and/or capacity expansion, recommendations for the wastewater and sludge treatment process equipment selection and procurement.

Proposals/recommendations for the short-term, medium-term and long term strategy for the Regional Master Plan for the rehabilitation, repair and/or relocation of wastewater water treatment plants, process equipment selection and procurement within the seven urban areas in Libya (Tripoli, Benghazi, Albeyda, Misurata, Zliten, Sirt and Sabha. Preparation of tender documentation in accordance with the FIDIC Yellow Book.

Preparation of the recommendation reports to the Utility Ministry related to the treated wastewater effluent quality standards, ultimate disposal and potential reuse, and medium and long-term sludge disposal/use strategy.

Hidroconsult Ltd, Zagreb, Croatia
Manager - Water and Wastewater Treatment Division

   Jul 2009
— Apr 2010

In charge for running of the water and wastewater treatment division. Preparation of consultancy services proposals, works supervision proposals and participation in designing of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants (all stages of design). Involved in the consulting services and design of a winery wastewater treatment plant in Croatia, and performed an expert review of several designs related to municipal wastewater treatment plants and water treatment plants in Croatia.

Inland Waters Project – IBRD Loan HR/7453 and Project Jadran - IBRD Loan 7226/HR (Water Authority of Croatia). Expert review of the wastewater treatment plants and water treatment plants design and provision of the directive project management services for the following towns in Croatia:

Wastewater Treatment Plants:
Cerna (SBR technology, 6,000 P.E.), Dugo Selo (CAS technology, 15,000 P.E.), Ivankovo (SBR technology, 8,000 P.E.), Otok (SBR technology, 8,500 P.E.), Delnice (BNR technology, 5,000 P.E.), Nasice (CAS technology, 15,000 P.E.) Ilok (aerobic lagoons, 8,000 PE), Ogulin (BNR technology, 15,000 P.E.) and Hvar (preliminary treatment, 20.000 P.E.). Reviewed commercial proposals/bids, recommended the most appropriate treatment technologies, approved equipment selection and participated in procurement of the wastewater and sludge treatment equipment and instrumentation.

Water Treatment Plants:
Slatina - WTP Medinci (100 L/s), Beli Manastir WTP Prosine (30 L/s) and Knezevi Vinogradi - WTP Topolje (80 L/s). Review of the proposals/bids, consultancy services regarding the tendering and procurement procedure, review of commercial proposals/bids and recommendations for selection of contractor(s), and participation in contract proposal negotiations.

AECOM Group, U.S.A. (following merger with Cansult Maunsell LLC), Dubai, UAE
Team Leader and Principal Engineer

   Jan 2006
— Apr 2009

Managed the team of six (6) design engineers working on the infrastructure engineering projects for private and government sector (Dubai Municipality) in Dubai emirate. The development projects were related to water supply networks, wastewater collection and treatment for irrigation, irrigation networks and pumping stations, and storm water collection networks. In addition to the involvement on the master planning level of the entirely new developments (“greenfield” projects), the activities also include the various levels of design, project implementation management and project supervision activities. In the infrastructure department, responsible for all projects related to or incorporating water/wastewater treatment plants. Responsibilities related to preliminary studies, treatment process conceptual design, tender documentation preparation (FIDIC “Yellow Book” and/or “Red Book” or Dubai Municipality tender documents form), as well as type of the implementation contract (BOT, DBO, and DBOOT), tender evaluation reports, procurement of works, materials and equipment, construction supervision, plant commissioning and operation monitoring.

Since 2006, participated in preparation of the Dubai Industrial City Master Plan (Infrastructure part within 50 km2 site, and Wastewater treatment plant, 373,000 P.E., hydraulic load 88,000 m3/day, and effluent reuse for irrigation purposes. Permanently engaged with plant wastewater load analysis, studies and elaborates. Prepared technical documentation and worked on plant(s) equipment procurement for the temporary wastewater treatment plants (1,500 m3/day and 3,500 m3/day) built to serve the labour camps during implementation of the DIC Project. Conceptual and preliminary design of the sewerage system, wastewater treatment plant and irrigation network for the Sharjah Investment Centre (95,000 P.E.) and for various new developments in the Dubailand area - 558 Villas, Mudon, Dubai Studio City, The Villa, Global Village and Tijara Town.

Detailed design, equipment procurement and works supervision of the Dubai Municipality storm water pumping station with discharge flow capacity of 6 m3/s located in the Dubai Festival City (relocation and capacity upgrade due to extension of the Dubai airport).

Detailed design, equipment procurement and construction works supervision of the Potable water booster pumping station (22 L/s) in the Dubai Festival City.

Prepared Conceptual Design report for the Jumeirah Beach Residence Project (JB DC P-055) - Irrigation with District Cooling blow-down water.

In 2007 prepared the report for Bab Al Shams Project on Least Cost Operational Irrigation System, incorporating comparison of different wastewater treatment technologies.

In 2007 worked on the Dubai Municipality project DS-126, Irrigation mains from the Jebel Ali STP. Examination and review of all available data related to DS-149 (Dubai Irrigation MP) and DS-150 (Jebel Ali STP Project); establishment of design criteria and projections for irrigation demand and TSE production in the Project area and the design period; conducted final surveying of the proposed irrigation pipeline routes; design of the proposed pipelines and prepared cost estimates.

During 2007-2009 worked on the Global Village Project (”greenfield” project) – detailed design, water bodies equipment procurement, construction supervision and commissioning of the water supply network, wastewater collection network and storage, storm water network and water bodies within the new development, incorporating open water channels, artificial lakes and water filtration/recirculation plants. In 2008 worked on the Dubai Municipality project DS 185, Jebel Ali STP emergency TSE sea outfall. Performed analyses relative to the initial dilution, duck bill ports, buried conduits, required head and outfall sitting.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineer

   Jan 2003
— Jan 2006

In 2003-2004 prepared the numerous Design Review Reports for the Water Authority of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in regard to the urban water/wastewater plants (WTP and WWTP) and water/wastewater systems. In January 2005 appointed to the staff of the World Bank Office in Sarajevo as technical expert on implementation of the Urban Infrastructure and Service Delivery Project and Water Quality Protection Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The responsibilities included technical assistance to four water utilities and one cantonal government related to the preparation of urban and rural water infrastructure designs and subsequent tender documentation in order to achieve the project objectives approved by the World Bank (IDA) and financed from the medium-term loans. Provided the expertise to the utility management and technical personnel in the areas of utility management, finance, technical operations and procurement of goods, materials, equipment and works. Worked jointly with the water utilities technical sectors starting from data generation and assessment of cost-effective and appropriate technical choices.

Assistance on technical and financial cost of the technical alternatives, the estimated cost of the preferred technical solution, and the net gain to the water utility by following these technical solutions. Worked closely with the World Bank task team, various utilities involved in the program and sector specialists. Project management services for water facilities in the cities of Posusje-100 L/s, Lukavac-140 L/s, Cazin-60 L/s, Vares-25 L/s and Stolac-30 L/s. Monthly reports were prepared and submitted to the World Bank. The reports were related to the technical issues and financial performance of the local water utilities (borrowers)

Barents Group, LLC, a subsidiary of KPMG Peat Marwick, U.S.A., Sarajevo Office
Team Leader

   Oct 1996
— Dec 2002

Team Leader for Barents Group, LLC, a subsidiary of KPMG Peat Marwick, U.S.A., Credit Management Unit, Sarajevo. Barents Group was one of the leading providers of financial and economic advisory services in Bosnia-Herzegovina and had the role to provide reasonably priced medium term financing through lending facility staffed with U.S. bankers and professional local staff. Managing the lending team of seven (7) lending officers and responsible for maintaining the relationship between the Investors, USAID Business Finance and the local banks operating as BF agent banks on the commercial loans program.

Directly participated in the presentation seminars regularly organized for the potential borrowers throughout the country, and coordinated loan officers work related to the received loan applications and site visits to the applicants. That included screening of the loan applications, evaluation of business, management, financial performance and loan repayment capacity. Responsible for processing of loans recommendation, its completeness and compliance with the USAID Business Development Program criteria, and once a loan had received the USAID approval, supervised the loan disbursement process and project implementation (structures). Managed and directly involved in preparation of over 100 commercial loans which had been presented, recommended and ultimately approved by the USAID Credit Commitee (loans ranging from US$ 100,000 to US$ 3,000,000). The total amount of the disbursed commercial loans exceeded 100 million US$. In addition to loan financial structuring, all SME projects were designed to be environmentally sound and friendly.

The Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Protection Guidelines for each approved project were incorporated into the Loan Agreement. Due to the positive results, the BF program had been extended for two more terms than initially planned. In 2005, awarded for the significant contribution to the success of the USAID Business Finance Program by the USAID Mission Director (received Manager Award certificate).

International Management Group (IMG), Water, Sanitation and Waste Unit, Sarajevo Office
Team Leader

   Mar 1995
— Oct 1996

IMG was an inter-governmental organization established at the initiative and under the umbrella of the United States High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 1993, and mainly financed by government of the West European countries in order to support the reconstruction of the basic/priority infrastructure that had been heavily damaged, devastated or fully destroyed during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was supported and financed by the European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO), governments of Denmark and Norway and UNHCR. Responsible for analysis of various technical documents, proposals and selection of water/wastewater infrastructure projects in terms of priority, and their implementation by local and international engineering companies.
In that period, primarily involved in the project identification, design preparation and works supervision related to the Water Supply Reconstruction Projects and preparation activities for the World Bank’s Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste Urgent Works Project. Managed, coordinated and analyzed the technical documents and proposals for projects, selected and prioritized of those to be implemented by local and international engineering firms. Responsible for the negotiations with the contracting agents assigned for the implementation of these projects, and procurement of contracted works and equipment. Analyzed over thirty main water infrastructure projects proposals and prepared the recommendations for their implementation through the different reconstruction programs funded by the European donor-countries and the World Bank. In that period, provided project management services and directly involved in procurement of process equipment and construction supervision of the water treatment plant for the city of Zepce-40 L/s, Banovici-102 L/s, Sanski Most-250 L/s, and Gorazde-240 L/s, and rehabilitation of the water treatment plant for the city of Tesanj-30 L/s.

International Rescue Committee (IRC), New York, Sarajevo Office
Water Treatment Engineer

   Aug 1993
— Mar 1995

International Rescue Committee implemented the Emergency Water Supply Project for the Eastern part of Sarajevo, i.e. two pre-fabricated water treatment plants with 450 m3/h and 300 m3/h capacities. The plants were delivered from Texas, USA, to Sarajevo (flown by military plane C-130), delivered from the airport to the site, assembled in the road tunnel and placed into operation. Coordinated, managed and supervised the water treatment plants construction, assembling, trial operation, establishment of water treatment processes and product water quality control. Managed the procurement of water treatment chemicals and bio-monitoring equipment. Recorded essential health related water quality parameters were analyzed and proved to be below the values recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the emergency situations.

In the later stage of plant operation, in charge for procurement of bio-monitoring equipment used for the river water quality monitoring and regular potable water quality control at these two emergency water treatment plants. The water quality analyses were regularly performed in the local water utility company laboratory and occasionally in the respective laboratory in NATO air base in Germany. Participated in procurement of two MICROTOX bio-monitoring units from abroad that had been used at the site for determination of the filtered water quality. In charge for the professional evaluation referred to as “Scope and Estimated Effects of the Sarajevo Emergency Water Supply System”. Published two articles in the local newspaper related to the emergency water supply system implementation progress. In 1994, participated in the international workshop in York (UK) on Rebuilding Sarajevo, and presented the project and actual conditions of its implementation. Two package water treatment plants were in constant operation and have supplied potable water to the eastern part of Sarajevo till the end of the war. One of the plants was in operation for some ten years after the war, while the plant initially located in one lane of the road tunnel was dismantled, relocated and again placed into operation.

ENERGOINVEST – Energoengineering, Sarajevo
Senior Process Engineer

   Oct 1989
— Jul 1993

Basic responsibility was related to the Ain Zara Wastewater Treatment Plant (600,000 PE) process technology re-designs, new process equipment selection, procurement and construction supervision. Plant re-design proposal was related to the plant secondary treatment units and sludge treatment units. Worked on tender preparation and contract negotiation in the municipality of Tripoli, Libya (wastewater treatment plant construction and equipment assembling works). Responsible for technical coordination with Howard Humphreys & Sons consultant (UK) regarding processing equipment upgrade and technical cooperation with potential plant equipment suppliers PASSAVANT WERKE and ROEDIGER. Coordinated technical cooperation with Bonier Technology Group (BTG) with regard to plant process control and instrumentation procurement. In addition to value engineering, plant re-design was also related to the basic plant infrastructure, in-plant electrical equipment and substations. In 1991 worked in Syria on the technical and commercial proposals for the construction of a large wastewater treatment plant for the city of Damascus and the city of Homs. Directly participated in the tendering process, from technical and financial proposal presentation to the client, tender clarifications, review of the proposed changes of the initial tender documentation, submission re-submission of new proposals and opening of the bids. The activities were suspended due to the outbreak of war in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992.

Institute for Water Resources Development, Sarajevo
Chief Design Engineer

   Mar 1980
— Sep 1989

Managed the design team of eight multi-discipline engineers and in charge for the preparation, submission and review of the studies, conceptual, preliminary and detailed designs and construction supervision of urban and rural water supply systems and wastewater collection network and treatment plants for many towns in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Responsible for all aspects and design stages from the basic principles, concept, preliminary and detailed design, as well as for the technical and economic analysis, tender documentation preparation and contract management. Provision of liason with other departments within the Institute. In 1980, worked as principal engineer with UNIONINVEST-PASSAVANT WERKE-ROEDIGER on the basic design concept for the Sarajevo municipal wastewater treatment plant with the design capacity of 600.000 P.E. Worked on following projects:
• WWTP for city of Neum and Ston (Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia); Plant capacity 30,000 PE; Detailed Design and plant equipment procurement. Project Cost: US$ 3 million; Plant in operation.
• WWTP Padova III (Croatia - Island of Rab); Plant capacity 5,000 P.E., Detailed Design, plant equipment procurement, construction supervision. Project Cost: US$ 1 million; Plant in operation.
• WWTP for the city of Gorazde (Bosnia-Herzegovina); Plant capacity 35,000 P.E. Preliminary and Detailed Design. BNR technology. Effluent disposal to the artificial water storage reservoir.

In 1985-1987 worked in Amman, Jordan, as Chief Design Engineer for preparation of the Preliminary Study, Detailed Design and Tender Documentation for the wastewater treatment plant and effluent reuse project for the South Amman Area (Jordan) - Water Authority of Jordan 1985/86, Project No 56/85 - Waste stabilization ponds for the treatment capacity of 80,000 PE.

As Chief Design Engineer, in charge of leading and supervising a design team of professionals and technical engineering staff for the design, plant equipment procurement, construction, installation and trial-run of the Wastewater Treatment Plant for Oil Refinery Bosanski Brod (plant capacity 500 m3/h). Published professional articles on the design and operation of that plant. Worked on numerous projects related to industrial wastewater treatment plants (oil refinery, metal plating industry, leather manufacturing industry, fruits and meat processing industry, etc.), incorporating detailed designs, process equipment procurement and/or construction supervision.

VODOKANAL – Water Utility Company, Sombor
Chief Engineer

   Nov 1977
— Feb 1980

In charge for operation, maintenance and development of the sewerage system of the city. Responsible for pre-investment activities and all aspects related to construction of the new wastewater treatment plant with the design capacity of 100,000 P.E., i.e. procurement of all process equipment and construction works. The plant incorporates the activated sludge technology and anaerobic sludge treatment, and started to operate in 1984. In charge for coordination with the consulting company assigned to prepare the wastewater treatment plant pre-investment study (determination of total wastewater load and plant capacity), feasibility study, preliminary design and tendering procedure for the wastewater treatment plant serving residential and industrial areas in the city.

Liason with the existing industry related to wastewater pre-treatment of and their plans for expansion (edible oil production, slaughterhouses, different food industry, textile industry and metal plating industry). Procured the necessary materials and equipment and managed all the activities on the extension and reconstruction of the public sewerage network, and several sewerage pumping stations (numerous submerged pumps and one large screw pumping station-300 L/s lifting capacity). Responsible for procurement of materials and supervision of the works related to the construction of 600mm diameter wastewater pipeline intended to collect the wastewater flows from the eastern part of the city and adjacent industry complex. Supervised numerous works on repair and reconstruction and extension of the existing sewerage network, and on providing connections to that network.

UNIONINVEST – Hydro-technical equipment factory, Sarajevo
Design Engineer

   Jun 1974
— Oct 1977

Worked in the factory department in charge for design and manufacturing of water and wastewater treatment plant equipment. Responsible for detailed design, procurement of materials for equipment manufacturing and imported equipment, construction supervision of small and medium-size water and wastewater treatment plants (civil engineering works control, equipment assembling works and functional tests, plant trial-run and performance tests). Those plants were constructed in the remote urban areas located outside of the large infrastructure systems, and for remote hotels, motels and different industrial facilities. Designed, procured equipment and supervised civil enginering construction works and equipmernt installation works for over thirty small Wastewater Treatment Plants ranging in capacity from 300 P.E. to 1,500 P.E. (system PUTOX), and over five medium-size plants ranging in capacity from 2,000 P.E. to 20,000 P.E. (oxidation ditches, extended aeration plants, and trickling filters).

Plant processing equipment was manufactured as per the specific design and some components were partly imported-dosing system, pumps, instrumentation, etc. Plants were supplied, installed, commissioned, placed into trial-run (functional tests) and regular operation (performance tests), and plant personnel was trained for operation and maintenance. Participated in design, equipment procurement and construction supervision of the following domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants:
• WWTP for the city of Ruma (Serbia); Plant capacity 40,000 P.E. Project Cost: US$ 8 million. Plant in operation since 1977.
• WWTP and Effluent Reuse for the Paper industry UMKA-Belgrade (Serbia), Plant capacity 360 m3/h. Project Cost: US$ 2 million. Plant in operation since 1986.
• WWTP for the Fruit Processing Industry BOLEC-Belgrade (Serbia); Plant capacity 580 m3/h. Project Cost: US$ 1 million. Plant in operation since 1984.

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