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35 to 44

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English, Filipino


With ten years of experience working in different field of engineering mainly in the field of piping pre-commissioning, I have extensive years of experience as engineer, supervisor and technician doing air blowing, water flushing, oil flushing, pigging, drying, gross leak testing, nitrogen purging, chemical cleaning, froth flushing, steam blowing, start up and other related pre-commissioning activities. Holding a BOSIET with CA-EBS and OGUK medical certificate, I am seeking for a pre-commissioning job both in onshore and offshore projects that will utilize my skills in the application of the engineering knowledge which will facilitate professional and personal growth that could give immediate value to the company.


Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd
Pre-Commissioning Engineer

   Sep 2015
— Oct 2016

- Prepares procedure & flow diagram (Distillate Fuel Oil, Dirty & Clean Oil, Chilled Water & Closed Circuit Cooling Water System) which will be used for air blowing, oil flushing and water flushing activities.
- Manpower, equipment and material planning for temporary piping, cleaning, pneumatic testing, drying, gross leak testing, water flushing and chemical cleaning.
- Prepares ISO drawing and Material Take-off for temporary line.
- Preparation / Review of Procedures for air blowing, drying, gross leak testing, water flushing, oil flushing and chemical cleaning.
- Execution and supervision of air blowing, gross leak testing, water flushing and oil flushing.
- Controls all pre-commissioning materials.
- Line-check, valve line-up, supervise installation of all temporary spools and actual supervision for all pre-commissioning activities (Air blowing of Distillate Oil, Chemical Cleaning of Feedwater & Condensate, Water Flushing of Closed Circuit Cooling Water & Chilled Water & Oil Flushing of Dirty & Clean Oil System ).
- Supervise installation of temporary spools and reinstatement for steam blowing activities.
- Conduct system walkthrough with the client before starting the activity.
- Coordinate with QC and HSE team for quality and HSE measures.
- Prepares Request For Inspection (RFI) for client to witness the pre-commissioning works.
- Operates borescope during inspection.
- Prepare reports and other documents for client submission.
- Coordinate directly to Client representative, various vendors and suppliers.
- Coordinate with Work permit Controller and apply for a Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) permit for the respective system/equipment to work on.
- Provide the Work Permit Controller with all pertinent information regarding the work activities to be accomplished under the LOTO.
- Fully understanding the work to be done and identifying the exact plant or apparatus to work on.
- Review the system/equipment isolation and the placement of locks and tags based on the respective LOTO Work Permit Clearance Form.
- Lead and supervise a group of pre-commissioning workers (e.g. supervisor, foreman, welders, pipe fitters, helpers).

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