33 years experience on complex Railways electrical engineering projects

Last Updated: 20th July 2017 (over 5 years ago)



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55 to 64

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English, Hindi, Urdu


With 33 years experience on complex Railways electrical engineering projects, I have the ability to deliver high-level projects on time and within budget. I thrive on a job well done and would love to join the team.

I have excellent organizational and coordinating skills and enjoy juggling all aspects of a project.

In my Last tenure worked as Chief Electrical Distribution Engineer (Head of Department) in Indian Railways.Retired on 01-01-2016.
Technical/Managerial experience in brief:

a. Design, planning, Execution, Testing-commissioning, Performance evolution, Railway networking infrastructure and Metro Rail/Rake workshop/Maintenance shops/Stabling lines, quality assurance, Technical project specification, Codes of practice, Constructional field and regulatory activities of electrical power equipment’s, Switch gears, Power supply network, Instrumentation, Protection system and fault diagnostic system for the rolling stock, OHE, Metro rail rakes, Power supply system (EHV, HV, LV etc. including 132KV H.T. Transmission lines), Railway Electrification design/management/layout/modelling & mass transit/ Rolling stock. Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical & Mechanical Systems (E&M) inclusive of Electrical Panels & DBs, Cables/ Wires, Lighting, Earthling, DG Sets, UPS, Fire fighting, Plumbing, Building Management System, TVS SCADA, Mimic panels ,Ventilation & Air Conditioning Works; Power Supply (PSI), Overhead Electrification Rail (OHE), Rigid OHE (ROCS) & OHE SCADA Systems, Utility diversion works (UD), Substations and HV/LV Lines, etc
b. OHE 25 kV, AC,1500volts D.C.OVER HEAD and third rail systems- Design , construction and maintenance: - Layout/drawing/design, Power supply installation, Traction sub-stations, Protection Scheme, Remote Control SCADA system, overhead contact system (OCS) and overhead line equipment’s (OLE) over Railway network including Sub-urban system. Submission of project appraisal report for Railway Electrification Contract Management & Execution.
c. Administrative/Executive in charge for Operation and Maintenance of train operation, Integrated professional & technical services, Budget/Financial Management, Development-Management and interface, Testing & Commissioning management, quality-Assurance management, Human resource and training management, Contract-management, O&M management, Environment/Safety & Security management and their development, System interface management, Legal & Commercial Management Assets-Maintenance-Analysis, Electrical energy audit and management, store management, Rail safety mission-Management and implementing the measures for continuous improvement in the field of Rail Transport of Coaching/Goods/Rolling stock/OHE assets/Power supply/Signaling supply etc.
d. Maintenance & Operation of Metro Rail System including rakes maintenance and operation. Industrial Management, Work flow and O&M Management. Planning for maintenance and stabling of metro rakes for augmented and extended metro routes
e. Manufacturing of Electric Locomotives, Infrastructure and O&M Management. Project handling for construction of high horse power electric locomotive production ancillary unit for Dedicated Freight Corridor of western corridor.
f. Manufacturing Diesel Electric Locomotives/Rolling Stock and Maintenance of Electric Locomotives, O&M management.
g. Quality Function deployment(QFD) to identify and prioritize the process requirement, Reliability task, maintainability and safety (RAMS) plan/task, Failure analysis, reliability testing reports generation systems, sub systems, Hazards analysis during Production and running and draw reliability test and action plan as corrective/ remedial action-FRACAS(Failure reporting and corrective action system) and develop organizational RAMS manuals, references and reviews at periodical intervals for Metro Rakes and Electric Locomotives.