HVAC_MEP Specialist

Last Updated: 18th January 2021 (about 1 year ago)

Ploiesti, Romania


Phone Number


Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

English, French, Italian, Russian


More than 25 years in Oil&Gas Market HVAC_MEP, EPCCM project management experience (Design,FEED, Engineering, Construction, QA-QC, Commissioning, Preservation, Start-up, Maintenance, Training, Assessing on-shore/off-shore, including FSO.FPSO,Shipyard,Wind Farm,Pharma), alongside control systems/system interfaces (Electrical,Fire&Gas, Fire Detection, Fire Fighting, Instrumentation, T-comm... etc)with world top companies and excellent communications skills-English, Russian, French, Italian.


● H2S Awareness Safety Course/Certificate 2013(level 1&2) Atyrau Kazakhstan ●Eni/Agip KCO Blue Book Course-2013 Atyrau
●ISSOW Work Permits Course –D Island Agip KCO Kazakhstan

   Jan 2013
— Jan 2013

●Electrical Competence Assessor Training Course-Petrofac Training Institute Singapore.

   Mar 2011
— Mar 2011

● Pazflor FPSO Electrical Field Operations Training- 2010 T0TAL E&P Lack, France Training Centre. ●GEROM – Pazflor TOT

   Jan 2010
— Jan 2010

●Gas Testing Auth.Person–Course Certif.BP Angola-2009 Greater Plutonio FPSO. ●HYDROSUN Safety Management –Course Certif.

   Jun 2009
— May 2010

●RTN Course-Electrical Russian Regulations (Supervisor-level 5 )- 2008 OPF Sakhalin Island ●Electronic ISSOW WP –PETROTE

   Feb 2008
— May 2008

Polytechnic Institute Bucharest (Electrotechnics Section)

   Oct 1986
— Jun 1989

Baccalaureate High School Ploiesti (Mechanical Section )

   Sep 1982
— Jun 1986

First Degree Electrical Course (power station electrician)

   Sep 1977
— Aug 1978

Energetic High School Ploiesti (Electrotechnics section)

   Sep 1974
— Jun 1976


ENGIE GmbH_Germany,Ulm Genesis Biotech Pharma Project
HVAC Construction Specialist

   Jul 2020
— Sep 2020

Daily work permits issuing/signing-off according to area priorities and planification,supervision and coordination of subcontractors for the correct and timely installation of AHU's,control panels,fire dampers,air supply duct, air supply thermodinamic treatment duct,recirculation air duct,smoke evacuation air duct,extraction air duct,extraction air special material duct, HVAC duct components and accessories, chillers, chilled water piping,for the new TEVA factory including bioreactors area,claning rooms,production lines,offices and utiliities,in accordance with the planning, drawings,data sheet equipment,
standards,technical specifications and HSE.
Calculation and planning of man powers for each operation must be performed in accordance with HSE and work safe practices, drawings, technical details, data sheet equipment, standards and customer indications.Drawing verification,duct segments,and work planning for the new HVAC duct lines to be installed,
checking, coordinating, ordering pipeline segments, components and accessories in accordance with the progress of works and planning.Checking the list of existing materials, which will arrive, their location and storage in the warehouse or in the place where they will be mounted in accordance with the progress of the works and needs of the site.Checking the list of existing materials or which will arrive, their location and storage in the warehouses or in the place where they will be mounted in accordance with the progress of the works and needs of the site. Distribution of people and moving of work teams for duct insulation, duct installation, duct components and accessories in accordance with 2 weeks ahead planning Verification, control and resolution of all clashes with other disciplines, in particular, electric, chilled water piping, fire fighting, smoke detection, water network, false ceiling systems.Preparation of HVAC duct lines for air leak test, verification and presence during tests, signing of QC forms related to the performed tests; in case of test failure, the HVAC duct lines checked, disassembled,restored and tested again.
Red mark-up drawings followed by their sending to the Engie Stuttgart engineering office for AS BUILT updating drawings Due to the advanced progress of the works already made, Engie decided to make budget and staff cuts, so I was put on the list of mobilizations; having an undetermined period work contract,at the customer's disposal, I was demobilized with the agreement of both parties.

Saipem Kuwait
HVAC Constr/Coom. Engineer

   Feb 2020
— May 2020

Key role and interface between Saipem HQ Italy,IMESA (vendor and module supplier) and KIPIC regarding clarifications, signing and closing of all PL for HVAC systems from the point of view Engineering, Construction, Installation, Commissioning,Start-up and Hand-over .
Responsible for clarification, completion and signing of all HVAC and system interfaces Punch List 4 substations and 6 field auxiliary buildngs. Due to COVID 19 and the Kuwaiti government's decision to ban Italian citizens to enter the
territory of Kuwait, the Italian vendor IMESA could not return to the project, under these circumstances, with the approval of Italy Saipem Fano Management and Site Management I personally checked / verified everything and prepared the HVAC and T-comm systems for energization and start-up, in addition, at the request of Saipem Kuwait we also checked the Fire & Gas / Fire Fighting systems.
Verification/modification of control system (Siemens HMI),PI&D,Cause &Effects Diagram for HVAC System and System Interfaces.After all the final checks and tests, I energized the HVAC control panels and started the HVAC systems for 6 substations (4 were left with some problems) in manual and automatic mode,were tested in the cooling / heating cycles according to the project requirements and technical specifications and handed over to the KIPIC client
Verification of the HVAC Engineering documents and contracts of the vendor, contract compliance related to the performed and future activity.’’AS BUILT drawings updating and complete/detilaed reports to Saipem Italy regarding the changes that need to be made, the disciplines involved, the impact and the number of men hours for the HVAC system.
Inspections Completion Systems and ITR signing -off for all the mentioned SS / LER.
Walk down with the client for HVAC systems,PL clarifications,signing-off;verification / issuance of certificates of conformity of HVAC systems. Due to the multiplication of COVID-19 cases, the continuation of the project was stopped by the decision of the government, Kuwait entering in total quarantine;my self and other few Romanian colleagues, with the approval of the Saipem management,returned with a special flight organized by the Romanian Embassy in Kuwait

SITIE Italy_Siemens Dubai_JAMEX Project
Commissioning Manager_Power and Water Desalination Plant

   Jul 2019
— Sep 2019

Brought on board for a short term contract(the former commissioning manager left urgent due to family problems)to spead-up the commissioning activities and in charge for all the OTP and FTP power plant buildings(70UMA Steam Turbine Building,70UMA Steam Turbine Building for PGB Cooling System,71UMB - 72UMB Gas Turbine Building,70USX Chiller Plant Building,70UBA01 Switchgear Building,70UBA02 Switchgear Building Steam Turbine,70UBN Emergency Diesel Generator Building70UEN03 Fuel Gas Compressor Building,71UBA11 Power control
Centre (HRSG),72UBA11 Power Control Centre(HRSG),70UYB Operator Facility Building and systems issuing/submitting to Siemens,Mott MacDonald.DEWA (including chiller plant,chilled water system )and interface systems in the same time with handover/ signed-off papers to DEWA Client .Weekly meeting with Siemens concerning commissioning activities and then Project Management Meeting with Siemens,Mott MacDonald and DEWA Client .
Participated in all the functionality tests of the HVAC Systems Control Panels and Chillers Plant,Chilled Water on site,together with Commissioning Engineer, and Siemens, Mott MacDonald, DEWA representatives.
Due to the financial blockage of SITIE,Siemens decided to to take over the commissioning phase with their people,work resident visa and UAE ID card were canceled. this employment contract could not be extended as SITIE’s intention/offer.

TOTAL E&P Algeria _GTIM Group
HVAC_MEP Head Department

   Mar 2017
— Jan 2019

Responsible for rewiew and approval all necessary Engineering Phase Client side (later on for Timimoun site all the phases till Start-Up ) for the entire New Camp Life (18 buildings/600 persons +) buildings and mech.packages including great Mosque and indoor Swimming Pool-HVAC Systems, Firefighting Systems ( Inergen System, Kitchen Hood Fire System,Transformers Sprinkler System…..etc),Fire Detection Systems,Hot and Cold Water Network Systems , Wastewater System/
Drainage/Sewerage ,Irrigation Systems,Water Treatment Plant/Package, Sewage Treatment Plant/Package,Booster Pumps/ Packages , Waste Macerator/Compactor Package, Waste Incinerator Package,according to Design,TOTAL GS’s Data Sheet Equipment ,Project Specifications, Technical Details,Standards and HSE .Iintervened,
accepted, rejected or modified as appropriate for all HVAC systems and Mechanical packages;intervened, accepted,rejected or modified the calculation note documents along with the selection of mechanical and HVAC equipmentReturned in Algeria Timimoun site where Engineering phase continues in the same time with
erection of buildings and installation of equipment. Due to not very much experience,I intervened in Contractor side responsabilities,in all the enngineering aspects.later on, all the purchasing orders for HVAC /Mechanical Equipment and Packages were verified,accepted or rejected by case,I led the PO System to comply with Total's GS and Techinical Specifications,I controled everything to avoid any mistakes and deviations of standards and_or non compliances,taking in consideration all the aspects for the future stages (Installation,Commissioning,Start-up si Maintenance ).Responsible for QA-QC sistem approval,rejection,modification form,inspections related to HVAC systems and Mechanical Packages,present in all the inspection and sign-off the QA-QC Forms;coordonate solutions for disciplines clashes later on,the drawings were modified and I approved ''AS BUILT ''
Sent in missions,responsible,coordonating and present as FAT witness from Total side,for all the above mentioned packags in different countries,including a number of 41 AHU’s fabricated by Daikin in Italy .I have began preparing the commissioning plan and identified all mechanical/HVAC systems and sub-systems;I prepared all test sheets according to theirs technical data sheet,along with testing procedures and OTP for all the above mentioned HVAC equipment and mechanical packages .

KNOT/Total Norway
HVAC Commissioning Superintendent

   Mar 2016
— Dec 2016

Poland ,Gdansk Shipyard Martin Linge FSO_conversion project .
Checking/reviewing/updating HVAC Engineering Design Drawings(D&ID,Block Diagram,Air flow Diagram. Mark-up Drawings….etc), all the HVAC Engineering drawings updating including Marine F&G System, Fire Fighting System,Monitor and Control System under normal and emergency situations according to existing systems/equipment,system modification or refurbished,site conditions and new sytems/project requirements . FSO HVAC OTP for all the systems/sub-systems preparing/issuing under IDC status and after comments/acceptance new status/codes issued according to OPERCOM .System and sub- system identifications/limits;Preservation Check Lists creating/issuing for existing HVAC systems/equipment. HVAC tagging equipment for existing and new equipment, ICAPS Data Base populating ;FSO HVAC Pre and Commissioning procedures issuing for all the systems,dosiers preparing . On Total’s request involved in HVAC Engineering drawings checks/ comments for HVAC Novenco (sub-contractor)Engineering documentation ,solutions and
aprovals.Atended to meetings/video conferences between ICE Design Company/KNOT/
Remontowa/Novenco (Denmark sub-contractor)with regrds to FSO HVAC existing/
modifications and new systems .
Pre-Commissioniing Dossiers issuing and Completion documents ;Vendor supervising/
Coordonating activity,Work safe practices controling ,Work Permits issuing for existing system
modification or newequipment installing;Non Conformity Reports for installed
equipment,Walk-downs ,Punch List issuing/Clarifications/Signing off;FAT/SAT Witness for test
equipment,work paperscompleting/signing .Commissioninig Dossiers completing, system by
system according to OPERCOM methodology .

Technip France -Abu Dhabi
HVAC QC Engineer

   Jan 2015
— Aug 2015

On-shore and off-shore Refurbishment Project in Khafji Field (totally shut-down)for LQP
(Living Quarter Platform)and OCP (Off-shpre Control Platform)Platforms.Involved in
Engineering Design/Demolition/Construction/Modifications and QC as well. Checking/review
Engineering documents issued by Design Company related with KJO Project
Requirements/Standards and Technical Specifications.Missions in Technip main Office Abu-
Dhabi with Petra project design company and separated with Chalmers Sub- contractor
meetings (MOM’s)direct drawing updating/solutions/professional discussions.
Off-shore platformvisits/surveillance with Chalmers Sub-contractor and at place
discussion,planning future steps and stages,changing recomandations;new issued drawings
updating by my self according to site issues and discipline interconnectiions.
FMR’s issuing according to project requirements and standards ,follow-up FMR’s,interfaces with
Procurement Departement,bid’s,costs.Bill of Quantities /Delivery List,Shipping Materials List
Checking/reviewing for oredered equipment/materials .Visits/meetings in Jubail/Al Khobar
Manufacturers for HVAC equipment equipment ordered checkingupdating,corrective actions
by case and reporting to Managers and Project Director.Internal QC Forms /inspections issuing
for the delivered equiment and material available and pending in Logiscs Yard;KJO RFI issuing
acceptance and and signing off for the inspected/accepted equipment and materials,QC
dossiers issuing and records.
OFF/SHORE:Supervising/coordonating demolition works,then,RFI’s issuing QC internal
inspections /signing off forms,client inspections and signing off prior to new installations.
Temporary HVAC units installing ,temporary generators, supervising/ccordinating duct site
fabrications according to standdards and project requirements.
Discipline/system interfaces, solutions ,clashes,mark-up,modifications,’’As Built ‘’drawings,
QC Inspections/RFI’s and signing off for al new installed equipment.Installing of new HVAC
Equipment according to project rquirements and standards,discipline interfaces.Preservation
activities for Piping,Mechanical Electrical,HVAC,Instrument systems.Mechanical Completion,
and Ccommissioning activityies .Vendors activity coordonation,daily staff meeting and weekly
Safety Meeting attended, daily work reports sent to OIM,Project Manager and Project Director.

Imtech Marine Netherlands
HVAC Commissioning Engineer

   Dec 2014
— Jan 2015

Helwin Beta HVDC Station Wind Farm Germany

Lavaion/Total E&P Moscow Russia Kharyaga Phase III Upgrading
Electrical Commissioning Superintendent

   Apr 2014
— Jul 2014

: Engaged by SNC Lavalin France for Electrical Pre-commissioning/Commissioning Engineering
Kharyaga Project Phase III in Moscow TOTAL’s offices .
Technical documentation and specifications reviews,new power generation
and substations SLD’s Mark-Up, electrical sub-system creating, Electrical OTP’s
issuing and procedures,P&ID checks/review,FAT/SAT documents and records reviews,
Data Sheetsequipment,checks OPERCOM Database for Electrical/ equipment stage,
vendor documents tests,records,compliance with project request and TOTAl’s standards.
Electrical TQ’s issuing in case of missing documents or non-conformity with project
request,standards,HSE and Total specifications.Electrical commissioning dossiers
preparing/populating in ICAPS according to OPERCOM Methodology, TOTAL’s Procedures
and Standards. Daily meeting/discussions/workshops and work progress reports
sent to Lavalin/TOTAL Commissioning Manager Representative. .Since August 2014 due to
delicate matters between Russia and Ukraine ,the project has been officially postponed for
1,2 years on Total’s decision.

Shell /NCPOC Kazakhstan OPF Eskene West/D Island Kashagan Field
Electrical &HVAC Comm/Start Up Engineer

   Dec 2012
— Dec 2013

: Engaged by Shell/ NCPOC to assure that the Electrical and HVAC equipment has
been correct installed/commissioned or in course to be commissioned according to Project
request/standards,compliance with Shell standards/specifications and HSE being ready
for start-up. Review Electrical /HVAC engineering documentation,as built drawings,tests,
records,procedures .Preparing the Electrical/HVAC folders downloading them from IMIS/ACS
Systems then walkdowns and inspectionsto into all the OPF areas and Commissioning Units
including substations, instrument and HVAC rooms.
PL items issuing with regards to commissioning units, non-conformity equipments and registered
on ACS System. Walk downs, verifications with OPF Commissioning Teams for the PL items
issued, clarifications and signing-of. Also in charge and responsible for Electrical and HVAC
Commissioning Dossiers review divided by systems and subsystems;verifications for
the missed documents, comments, acceptance/rejections by case then signing-off and ready
for hand over .Involved as Client’s side, as witness/ support/ coordinate commissioning
Electrical/HVAC equipment being un-commissioned yet.
Work location changed on D Island, Off-shore on Shell’s request for helping-out the Start-
up & Operate Team;2/3 Party Walk downs. signing off for acceptance or rejections, PL’s
clarification and Commissioning Dossier Reviews for Elctrical/HVAC equipment . Weekly
Safety meetings/Daily Meetings in the both locations with Start-Up& Operate Team
Superintendent and Managers.
Returned on OPF Eskene West and role changed on Maintenance Department; Involved on
Process Start-up and after a while Shut-down activities; supervising/coordinating day/night
shift subcontractor Repairs/Maintenance works during process shut-down period, with
regards to the different Electrical/HVAC/Mechanical appeared problems on process units
train 1 and 2. Involved in supervising/coordinating, guidance and technical direction to
subcontractors(ISKER and ICAT commissioning team,generally, Russian teams) for
rebuilding/repairs of heat tracing and cathodic protection system failed on testing. Also,
preservation/winterization activities for Piping,Electrical,HVAC systems.
Work progress and reports daily sent to OPF Eskene West Maintenance Manager

Eni Saipem Algeria GNL3Z Arzew ,Oran Area
HVAC Coordinator

   Jan 2011
— Jan 2012

Engaged by Eni-Saipem Algeria to verify and running test HVAC/Instrument/Mechanical
equipments and Interface Systems already installed or in course to be install by Subcontractors, for the
present/in the short run buildings and substations according to GNL 3Z project request,Standards,
Drawings,Technical Specifications and HSE. Supervising, coordinating whole the subcontractors
activity,especially installing and modifications,if required, for new arrived equipment. Monitor the
construction activities and provide assistance to the subcontractor Supervisors to resolve problems.
Daily carry-out inspections into HVAC Package Units,Roof Top Units, AHU Units F&G System ,Fire Fighting
System, investigations and records with regard to each device installed, preserved and corrective actions
if requested.Witness and recommendations on chilled water piping flushing/pressure/leak tests,
Chillers/HVAC system running tests for each building or electrical substation performed by vendors and
sub-contractors to ensure compliance with standards. Monitoring of HVAC equipment installing for new
constructed buildings, workforce productivities/progress relative to schedule; Interfaces with Sub-
contractorQA/QC personnel and Engineering to address quality issues/progress and ensures
compliance with specifications, procedures, and plans. Responsible of properly commissioning
/Electrical/Instrument works performed with regards to HVAC system and access for
maintenance. Check completed work packs prior to handover, raise punch lists if appropriate,
punch list acceptance/rejections by case,QC Non-Conformance and TQ’s issuing for the mentioned
equipments/systems and also drawings, procedures updating. Issuing of spare parts equipment for each
building/area and consumables for HVAC system .
Preservation activities for Pipng.Mechanical,Electrical,HVAC systems.
Weekly subcontractors man power and works progress recording/updating in Construction
Management Database and daily works progress and recommendations sent to Civil Buildings Manager.

Period: Jan. 2011 – Nov 2011

Tozzi/Agip KCO Kazakhstan -A Island Kashagan Field
E/I/T/HVAC Chief Engineer

   Jan 2011
— Nov 2011

Supervising/coordinating hook-up/modifications project works for A Island local
equipment rooms (LER) Electrical System, ESD System, Fire and Gas System, Fire Fighting
System, HVAC System, Telecoms System, ICSS interfaces, Installation of equipment, cables, control
and interfaces for the all the mentioned systems Mechanical Completion, Pre-commissioning of all
the items according to project specifications for each system and Eni/Agip KCO request and
indicatioons.Carried out daily planning of the works and QC inspections for all the equipments installed
Mechanical Completion,pre-commissioning,commissioning,preservation/winterization and start-up LER
Electrical and HVAC System by temporary power load (set generators) for HVAC Room Low
Distribution Switchboard.
Also responsible for ITR's completing, solving out punch list items according to drawings,
procedures and safety requirement. Responsible for daily leading of risk assessments and
Toolbox talks in English, Italian, Russian and Romanian, and supervise/coordinate all the
works performed by a couple of multicultural teams day and night shift according to Agip Safety
Rules and HSE. Attended weekly or daily meetings with A Island Agip Construction Manager and
Agip’s departments regarding to works plan, work schedule materials and daily works progress.
Daily work reports sent to Agip Hook-up Construction Manager. The last rotation D Island QA-QC
Mechanical Completions/Pre-commissioning,ITR’s,RFI’s,Punch List activities for LER’s HVAC
system only.

BP Angola Greater Plutonio FPSO
HVAC MMO Specialist

   May 2009
— May 2010

Engaged on Greater Plutonio FPSO by BP Angola and responsible for whole FPSO
Maintenance and modifications HVAC systems in fully production activities.
Supervising/coordinating/performing FPSO preventive, corrective and breakdown
maintenance activity according to maintenance procedures, maintenance manufacturer
manuals, procedures technical specifications and HSE. Supervising/coordinating vendor
activity regarding to Pressure Balancing tests and corrections for Accommodation all the
levels AFT/FWD Machinery Spaces ,LER’S/Modules etc… Updating FPSO HVAC System
Accommodation Procedures; preparing all the requests regarding to spare parts, tools
and consumables. Training activities in French or English for the HVAC local technicians
Participated in the S.T.O.P and B.O.S.S Safety program and in the weekly Safety
Meetings.Daily meeting with Maintenance Superintendent, daily reports regarding to HVAC
maintenance activity HVAC Maintenance Planning by Work Orders, preventive, corrective and
breakdown maintenance solving and solutions.

Amec Spie/Total Angola
Electrical Engineer

   Apr 2007
— Sep 2007

: Responsible for all Electrical/Air Conditioning works –Design/Installing/Preservation/
QA-QC,Commissioning/Start-up to a new Life Camp and Cathodic Protection Pipeline works
located in Soyo town (onshore) Angola. Coordination, technical direction and support to
subcontractors with regards to pipeline cathodic protection electrical equipment installing/
commissioning according TOTAl’s Procedures,Standards,HSE,Technical Details and
Instructions. Coordinating and supervising electrical works for new camp life
Offices and Utilities (including set generators and substation electrical equipment
protection lighting and lightning systems)ensuring that the works comply with
TOTAL’Procedures,project specifications, standards and HSE;daily work progress
and meetings sent to Construction Manager.

Shell /Sakhalin Energy OPF Lunskoye Sakhalin Island Russia
Electrical Commissioning Engineer

   Apr 2007
— Apr 2008

Electrical commissioning and start-up activities for process, utilities and infrastructure
systems associated with the Gas Processing Plant. Commissioning systems/subsystems in
accordance with the Shell commissioning procedures and commissioning start-up schedule.
Coordination/supervision and guidance to subcontractors related to Electrical
commissioning activities divided by systems-sub systems. Involved in Vendor supervising/
coordonating activity for Booster Pump Motors, Synchronous Motors-Lube Oil system,DC/AC
Circuits,Variable Frequency Starting/Speed Control,Excitation Systems,Auxiliary Cicuits….etc.
On Shell’s request position changed – Preservation Commissioning Engineer-
Responsible for the execution, testing of constructed/commissioned Electrical/HVAC equipment,
systems and materials meet defined preservation standards. Supervising-coordinating preservation
Russian teams activities issuing ISSOW Work Permits and SAP Maintenance Work Order Forms for
preservation/winterization activities during commissioning activities till hands on to operations.
Daily, control and monitor for all the installed equipment for winterization and maintenance and
corrective action by case. Providing Electrical/HVAC Preservation Certificates and supporting
documents for all the subsystems to Completions File. Daily meetings and Reports sent to
Commissioning Manager regarding the Electrical/HVAC System Progress and Electrical /HVAC
Preservation/Winterization activities.

Takenaka Europe GmBh_Calsonic Kansei New Factory Ploiesti Romania
Electrical Engineer/Manager

   Apr 2006
— Mar 2007

: Responsible to review and approve electrical/instrument P&ID and drawings, installing of electrical
Instrument equipment preservation, testing and commissioning of electrical equipment
including power station to ensure that the subcontractor's works complies with the project
specifications,standards,updated contract drawings,technical details and terms of execution.
Providing engineering design guidance and designed drawings verification including: Single Line
Diagrams, Transformer Station Drawing 20Kv/0,4Kv, Power,Instrument and Control Layout
Drawings, Cablle Trays & Conduit Layout Drawings, Lighting &Grounding Layout Drawings, Cable &
Conduit Schedules, Control Schematics & Wiring Diagrams and Electrical /Instrument
Specifications.Carry out works in accordance with project and client engineering HSE,QA-QS and
report progress and problem areas related to the execution of the work. Daily meetings with
Japanese Staff and weekly HSE meetings.

SOGEC Gabon Afica
Site Gabon President Palace

   Apr 2005
— Sep 2005

Engagd and responsible for all project coordonation Construction, QA QC, Commissioning &
Start Up Electrical / HVAC system,Diesel Genarators, Air Condition System, TV System,
Telephone–Lan system, system interfaces,external-internal lighting system.lightning sustem
6Kv/0,4 Kv substation for Gabon President Palace in Oiem town at over 600 Km from
central office SOGEC Libreville.
Daily meeting with team leaders with regrads to planning/work progress,appeared
problems,modifications.solutions,drawings updating .Daily supervision/coordonation all the
works to assure that the project comply Project Design,Project Standards,Equipment,
Project Specifications,Planning ,Procedures,HSE and Work Safe Practices..
Review the project budget accorded,project steps execution,work schedule, manpower,
and prorities,daily/weekly work planning, tools,materials, cars fuel and maintenance costs
material suppliers and prices invoicies,receipts; in addition in charge with work
contracts and weekly salaries for locals personel,providing in advance accommodation
(rented houses,meals,transportation in-out site/town )for SOGEC personnel arrived
from main office Libreville;permanently and full time connected on project.
Daily/weekly work reports sent to SOGEC Libreville Project Director .

Luk-Oil Refinery Ploiesti City Romania
Lead Electrical Shift

   Oct 1978
— Jun 1999

Supervising/coordinating and responsible for all the maintenance works and H/L voltage
equipment repair activities in power stations 400Kv/110Kv and 6Kv/0,4Kv.Servicing,
repairing , intervention and maneuvers 6kv/0.4kv permanent electricity provided for
production plants.Shutdowns power plant periodically for planned maintenance activities.
Work place changed in the Main Power Plant 400kv/110kv; more than 10 years serviced
in LNG/Gas Plant/Sulphur Plant and over 20 years involved in the majority power plants
from Luk-Oil Refinery including the main work shop engines/motors repairs and H/L voltage
Power Stations electrical equipment repairs.

TIAB/OMW Refinery Ploiesti City Romania
Site Electrical Technician

   Oct 1977
— Sep 1978

Installing/testing of all the electrical and instrument equipment for a new Gas Plant Power Station; mounting of H/L voltage cells,step-up/down transformers,bus bars and duct bars, grounding, lighting and lightning system, UPS,bank batteries and connections,instrument and control cables, panels,protection system, fixtures,cable terminations, cable connections,machinery equipment,emergency diesel generators and accesories......etc ,according to Drawings,P&ID,Technical Specifications,
Data Sheet equipment, Manuals,Procedures,HSE and safe work practices.

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