Spanish and ESL Teacher

Last Updated: 9th December 2019 (over 3 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Spanish


Over 9 years of teaching experience of high levels of Spanish, One to One, small groups, online and Translations. I am applying for the Spanish Teacher position, since my career profile perfectly matches your requirements. With ELE Certificate to teach Spanish, GCE from my country, ESL Certificate, TEFL 120 hours and a BA in Finance, I am confident in my capability to become an important member of your teaching staff.
Per your job description, you need teachers that are passionate about the Spanish language and keenly interested in helping students become high achievers. I possess a fun-filled personality as well as effective teaching skills which motivate students towards learning. I also have a demonstrated ability to assess student potential accurately, tailor lessons to achieve desired goals, manage difficult learners, shift between languages and maintain written records of student assessments.
Furthermore, I am experienced at Teaching ESL, as you can see in my curriculum. Over and above, I can work well both independently and under supervision.
On that note, I would like the opportunity to be interviewed to discuss my qualifications in detail. I will be delighted to provide you with any additional information.


International School Caracas
Spanish Teacher

   Aug 2014
— Current

 Teach Spanish language and composition classes to a diverse array of students of varying ages and abilities
 Plan and organize hands-on activities that encourage active student participation, involvement, and team work
 Advisor for Spanish club, focus on fostering student leadership and organizing social events, conversation tables, and cultural events
 Maintain an orderly, peaceful, and positive learning environment
 Incorporating cultural and historical components into the curriculum to diversify and expand learning material

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