Lead Electrical Discipline Engineer (Project and Maintenance)

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Age Range
55 to 64

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Chinese, English


I have worked more than 30 years with multinational companies covering complete cycle of electrical engineering work in electrical maintenance (4 years in Sarawak Shell, 7 years in Malaysia LNG and 13 years in Huntsman Tioxide and 1.5 years in Murphy Sarawak Oil)), testing and operations, design, projects both in Brown and Green Field in Shell (8 years), attaining the status of HV Competent Engineer awarded by Malaysia’s Energy Commission, Sarawak Electrical Inspectorate Unit, Shell Technical Authority TA3 and ROK Blue Book Electrical Level 5. Wide electrical maintenance, testing and operation experience, startup electrical work experience in Di Island, Shell Kazakhstan and project electrical engineering in Shell Gabon and Sarawak Shell and the corresponding lesson-learnt have enabled me to undertake a more practical and value-adding in any electrical engineering work.


Sarawak Electrical Inspectorate Unit
33KV Competent Electrical Engineer

   Nov 2016
— Mar 2031

For Sarawak only

Republic of Kazakhstan (Rok)
Electrical Blue Book Level 5

   Dec 2012
— Dec 2013

Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia
132KV competent Electrical Engineer

   Dec 2003
— Mar 2031

Only West Malaysia and Sabah

Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia
11KV Electrical Service Engineer

   Jul 1994
— Mar 2031

Only for West Malaysia and Sabah

Engineering Council U.K.
Chartered Electrical Engineer

   Sep 1992
— Mar 2056

Corporate member Chartered Electrical Engineer

   Mar 1992
— Mar 2056

IEM Malaysia
Corporate member

   Mar 1991
— Mar 2056

BEM Malaysia
Professional Electrcial Engineer

   Jun 1990
— Mar 2056

Reading University
BSc (Hons) Electrical Engineering

   Sep 1976
— Jul 1979


Murphy Sarawak Oil Co. Ltd
Competent Electrical Engineer

   Jan 2016
— Current

Coordinate and lead maintenance crews to provide full technical services to ensure continued hydrocarbon production in the SK209/311 blocks and onshore facilities in a safe and efficient manner; and
Responsible as a resident competent electrical engineer with EIU for Murphy onshore 33KV facilities

Offshore Industries Sdn Bhd
Senior Application Engineer

   May 2015
— Jan 2016

Responsible mainly for pioneering the electrical engineering for the manufacturing of medium voltage switchboards and other advisory roles to the low voltage switchboards such as best packages to be proposed during tendering.

Shell Gabon
Lead Electrical Engineer

   Oct 2013
— Mar 2015

Head of Electrical
Responsible for delivering Electrical Engineering projects through the Identify, Access and Select phases of the opportunity realisation process and supporting to project engineers as electrical projects progress through the Define and Execute phases in a Brown Field
Manage a team of 4 engineers. (2 Gabonese Graduate Engineers and 2 expatriate electrical contractors)
Responsible as Electrical TA 3 for Gabon Local Projects.

Mentored 2 Gabonese Graduate Electrical Engineers under Shell Graduate Program

Shell Offshore Personnel Services B.V.with seconded to AgipKCO, Kazakhstan
Offshore Start Up Electrical Engineer

   Sep 2011
— Sep 2013

Act as offshore focal point for all Electrical Start-Up activities, delivery of SUVCs as per program and handover of all subsystems as per commissioning plan

Aker Engineering Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Lead Electrical Engineer

   Apr 2011
— Sep 2011

Responsible for optimizing the pre-conceptual Electrical Design done by a Consultant firm and providing Front End Engineering Design Services; and
Optimised the power system configuration for platform considering all relevant criterias such as start-up and shut-down cases,partial shut-down etc. Recommended the most optimum power generation/transmission method for Central Processing Platform, Well-head Platform and Injector Platforms in Bokor Complex

Sarawak Shell Berhad
Lead Electrical Engineer

   May 2007
— May 2011

Project Lead Electrical Engineer
• Saint Joseph Redevelopment- Combined Central Water Injection Facilities/Living Quarters/ upgrade from 415V Power Generation to 6.6KV Power Generation System on SJQ-A, an oil platform. (Conceptual & Detailed Design).
Project Full Time Electrical Engineer
• Sabah Gas Conservation Project (Execution only);
• SF-SJ 20 inch Pipeline Replacement Project (Execution only);
• SF LLP Compression Project (Design to Execution);
• Barton Water Injection Project (Front End Engineering); and
• SF Leased Compressor Project (Conceptual & Detailed Design).

Mentored 1 Malaysian Graduate Electrical Engineer under Shell Graduate Program

Sarawak Shell Berhad
Maintenance Electrical Engineer

   May 2003
— May 2005

To provide maintenance support on electrical discipline to all operating fields in Sabah Operations ( namely : Barton, South Furious and Saint Joseph offshore platforms) mainly by managing contractors and site operation technicians but not limited to the following items:
• Provide second tier troubleshooting support on electrical system/equipment on the facilities as above;
• Investigate /analyse to identify root cause of problem(abnormality/trip/shutdown) and follow-up with implementation of remedial actions;
• Identify, propose and implement improvement (PCR) to the electrical system;
• Coordinate 1,2 and 4 yearly Periodic Maintenance (Battery discharge test & relay testing (4Y),Low voltage board maintenance (2 Y) and Thermography (1Y);
• Action/execute to close out action items generated from Audit/Inspection findings (LCP changeout); and
• Participate commissioning activities as required ( recommissioning of the ST Joseph 2 generators from the suitability of the area classification and IP protection aspect and electrical portion of the Barton Water Injection Project November 2005 to March 2006).

Tioxide (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Senior Electrical Engineer

   Apr 1990
— May 2003

13 years in Electrical & Instrumentation section in various capacities in Tioxide (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd., the last position as Senior Electrical Engineer cum Project Manager-Electrical i.e.

I have coached a team up to 17 staffs including 2 engineers, 1 electrical and instrument coordinator and 14 electrical and instrument technicians according the ICI/Tioxide career advancement programs in this 13 years period.

Overseas Training (28 April 1990 to 31 December 1990)
* 11 weeks familiarization of Tioxide sulphate process and products by Tioxide , U.K.;
* 8 weeks work scheduling on Electrical & Instrumentation by Tioxide , U.K.; and
• 4 weeks Distributed Control System (DCS) course by Rosemount , Singapore.

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer (1 January 1991 to 31 December 1992)
Main responsibilities before plant operation were as follows:
* Recruitment and training of 20 electrical & instrument technicians;
* Establishing the electrical safety and isolation procedures;
* Establishing the instrument QA control and calibration procedure (ISO9002) of testing and measuring equipment;
* Factory acceptance test of Distributed Control System;
* Ordering electrical spares & establishing stock items to meet the commissioning date-line;
* Assisting the project team in precommissioning the electrical & instrument equipment; and
* Commissioning the electrical & instrument equipment.

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer cum Supervising Electrical Engineer ( 1 January 1993 to 31 March 995)
i) Total maintenance responsibility of electrical & instrumentation (3000 instrument loops) of the Ore Processing Section; and
ii) Registered with JBE as Competent Electrical Engineer from 11.12.92 to 30.04.03.

Electrical Supervising Engineer (1 April 1995 to 30 September 1996)
i) Total responsibility of the company electrical system up to 11KV including two emergency diesel generators and 800 drives; and
ii) Manage 1 electrical engineer and 8 chargemen.

Senior Electrical /Instrument Engineer (1 October 1996 to 31 December 1998)
i) Total responsibility of the company electrical & instrument ( except DCS which is under IT ) section up to 11KV and 7000 instrument loops;
ii) Manage 17 people consisting of 1 electrical engineer, 1 instrument engineer , 1 electrical / instrument coordinator and 14 electrical / instrument technicians; and
iii) Partnership with Commercial Services Manager to excellerate the initiatives in the procurement activities of freight forwarding and to realise actual cost of saving rm300,000.00 from 1.11.96 to 30.04.97.

Senior Electrical Engineer (1 January 1999 to 30 November 2001)
i) Total responsibility of the company electrical section (maintenance & project) up to 8.2.2000; and
ii) From 9.2.2000 dedicated responsibility for electrical incoming supply upgrade to 132KV system & electrical aspects of the 50K rate upgrade projects and electrical safety.
a) At 4.30pm 12nd December 2000 I personally signed on behalf of Tioxide the mutually agreed letter of Intent between Tioxide and TNB on 132KV loop in loop out having consumer substation to be implemented using GIS system at connection charge of RM 2 million from TNB offering of RM 10.1 million; and
b) At 1pm 29th November 2001 I signed a new letter of Intent personally on behalf of the company declared as final and conclusive between Tioxide and TNB bringing the project cost down by another RM2.535 million i.e
Connection charge from RM 2 million to RM212K;
Maximum demand to 75% of the declared demand worth RM237K;
Power factor from 0.90 (standard) to 0.85 worth RM300K;and
Meeting CT to Tioxide manufacturing standard worth RM210K.

Project Manager – Electrical cum Senior Electrical Engineer (1 December 2001 to 4 May 2003)
i) From 1.12.2001 until 132KV project completion, the title is designated as Project Manager – Electrical and whereas the title Senior Electrical Engineer is still maintained for only the Site electrical safety role;
ii) From 4.2.2002 to 31.08.2002 I was attached to TNB Transmission to prepare himself for 132KV competency examination with the experience of operation and maintenance of TNB 132KV system for 121 training days. A training report of 22 September 2002 was signed by the Regional Manager of Pengurus Wilayah, Pengurusan Rangkaian ( Tengah 1 – K.L.);
iii) From 4.2.2002 to 31.08.2002 there was still a day a week to manage the establishment of Power Supply Agreement (PSA) with TNB and to ensure the stability and continuity of the selected 3 EPC Contractors over the validity periods. (Project delayed for 1 year );
iv) On 26 November 2002, the PSA was signed by Site Director and witnessed by myself after 47 months of work from conceptual and 30 months with TNB with yet another cost saving for without penalty on maximum demand present worth ranging from of RM1.72 million to RM2.548 million. Hence this project was finally approved by Peter Huntsman, the owner of the company, on 19 December 2002;
v) The award for EPC Contractor was accepted by SFG on 21 April 2003 after 4 extensions from the tender date of 13 May 2001; and
vi) The centre point marking ceremony of this project was launched on 27 April 2003 just before my departure.

Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd
Electrical Engineer

   Sep 1983
— May 1990

6 years and 8 months experience as a power electrical engineer in generation , distribution , protection and the use of electrical energy in
Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd., i.e.

I have coached a team of supervisors , electricians and technicians in Malaysia LNG to the career advancement program

Testing Engineer (14 September 1993 to 30 March 1987)
Head of testing section with an independent power generating capacity of 128MVA. Responsible for electrical protection and cathodic protection systems of the whole plant.

Workshop Engineer (31 March 1986 to 31 October 1987)
Responsibility for:
* repairing of all electrical equipment in the workshop;
* maintenance of 3 x 250 tons air-conditioning units to serve all the office buildings as well as the main control room including split units in 23 sub-stations;
* maintenance of PABX telephone exchanger serving with 300 extensions; and
* providing electrical consultancy service to Kidurong Club , Sports Complex with swimming pool.

Maintenance Engineer (1 November 1997 to 13 May 1990)
Responsible for maintenance of all the plant electrical equipment including 128 MVA generation, sub-stations with switchgear ranging from 415 V to 33 KV , transformers up to 25 MVA , motors up to 2.7 MW and inverters up to 7.5 KVA.
Acting Senior Electrical Engineer in 1989/

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