Petroleum engineer

Last Updated: 23rd May 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, French


An enthusiastic self-motivated petroleum engineer with strong leadership and communication skills. Has proven academic and extracurricular achievements and possesses the right technical and soft skills required to contribute in propelling the organization and achieving its goals and objectives.
I aspire to work with a leading international organization which offers clear career advancement track to support young professionals expend their horizons and reach their potential.
I am also interested in relocating overseas to enhance my technical experience and to help me acquire competencies that will help in achieving my career aspirations
I can see many challenges ahead of me and I am certain that I will be able to tackle these challenges with dedication and enthusiasm. In 10 years, I see myself in a senior position, with more responsibilities, coaching other employees and managing people, a position through which I will continue to advance my knowledge and contribute scientifically to the organization.


University of Houston
Petroleum engineer

   Jan 2011
— Dec 2016

Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering with a minor in Mathematics


SDX Energy Morocco
Petroleum engineer

   Jan 2017
— Feb 2018

Drilling Engineer:
• Preparation of a new drilling Campaign (Sebou, Lala Mimouna) including:
 Field warehouse set up and inventory
 Acquisition of the required materials for the whole campaign.
 Area study and offset data analyses and verification
 Supervising the BODs preparation and wells designs follow up with an IPS contractor
 Assistance in preparation of the rig and services tenders and contracts.
 Review and negotiate technical and commercial proposals of the service providers, contractors, suppliers and suggest recommendations.
 Generate the wells AFE, estimate the required budget and obtain the required financial approval
• Provided assistance with writing drilling program.
• Performed an offset analysis of previous drilled wells to optimize and reduce NPTs.
• Follow up and update well progress chart for depth and cost and capture NPT on daily basis.
• Monitored the performance of service providers on a regular basis.
• Collaborated in a variety of operations for a drilling campaign: Ordering equipment, inspection, inventory, platform preparation, EIA…

Production Engineer:
• Assistance and supervision of well perforations and well interventions
• In charge of the initial flow test of new drilled well and the data required for pressure testing analysis
• Prepare daily reports of production operation and follow up all the related field activities.
• Plan and supervise the new wells tie in and production facilities installation.
• Coordinate the tie in operation between all the departments and concerned parties.
• Follow up the production facilities inspection and hydrotests.
• Work on the production facilities and process integrity and performance enhancements (Protection, Metering and calibrations, Chemical injection….
• Purchase all the related production instruments and equipment and technical negotiation with the providers.
• Redesign a standard well surface facility with the project and process consultants.
• Monitor and evaluate well/field performance and recommended remedial and enhanced activities for optimum ultimate recovery together with UK team.
• Manage tie-in connection for the new drilled wells to the existing facilities.
• Sharing in all phases (Planning, tendering, execution, operating) of the new projects (production, processing and receiving facilities, pipelines….).