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35 to 44

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Results-oriented, highly productive procurement management professional with a demonstrated ability to significantly reduce procurement costs by standardizing processes, negotiating favorable terms and streamlining supplier channels. Technical skills include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SAP. Exemplary relationship building and problem solving skills that foster vendor trust and dependability


Governace Global Practice - The World Bank
Certificate in Public Procurement

   Apr 2018
— Apr 2018

The objective of the Certificate Program in Public Procurement is to cover the basics of Public Procurement. This will enable the participants to get an overview of Public Procurement and understand the rationale behind Public Procurement decisions.


Creative Associate International - NERI
Procurement Officer

   Mar 2017
— Current

• Responsible for the procurement of goods and services for the technical and operational needs of the Hub, and ensuring that all procurement and associated processes are execut-ed in accordance with USAID regulations.
• Responsible for overseeing and maintaining the integrity of the procurement process, in-cluding accurate procurement documentation.
• Devise, hone and execute fruitful and improved procurement sourcing strategies across all channels of procurement.
• Manage every aspect of procurement, expect unfavorable events through analysis of data, prepare control strategies and notify the senior management team of any possible obstacle to ideal efficacy.
• Discover profitable suppliers and initiate business and organization partnerships delegate task and supervise the work of purchasing and procurement officers in Adamawa and NRT Institute policies and procedures for collecting and reporting key metrics that will reduce the teams overall expense while increasing productivity.
• Negotiate with external vendors to secure advantageous, collaborate with key persons to ensure clarity of the specifications and expectations of the company and finalize purchase details of orders and deliveries.
• Perform risk management for supply contracts and agreements, control spend and build a culture of long-term saving on procurement costs.
• Manage all field-initiated procurement processes from beginning to end, ensuring compli-ance.
• Streamlined department processes and procedures to determine optimum staffing levels, purchase requisition turnaround, and number of POs issued.
• Responsible to ensure accuracy of all procurement documents including contracts, sub-contracts, solicitations, amendments, proposals, purchase orders, memoranda etc.
• Manage proposal evaluation and vendor selection processes.
• Periodically audit the procurement management system to ensure accuracy, quality and completion of relevant documentation.
• Participate in and organize activity budgeting and work planning in support of anticipated operations and technical needs Capacity build all staff in aspects of the procurement pro-cess, including evaluation committees.
• Coach and mentor procurement staff to improve their skills, manage the procurement staff and assign tasks to ensure best use of the team
• Manage procurement processes for all grant activities (from the receipt of PR to negotiation memo and award of contract after approval) under Adamawa State and NRT ensuring com-pliance with USAID regulations, policies and procedures;
• Works closely with Adamawa and NRT procurement and program officers to identify goods and services to be procured for the project; In collaboration with the entire operations team, determines the most appropriate procurement requirements;
• Preparation of Terms of Reference and/or technical specifications for materials, goods, and services, for contracts, acquisitions, and procurements, in collaboration with the program team.
• Ensure presentation of sufficient selection that meets requirements of quality assurance, delivery, and transparency.
• Send invitations to potential vendors to compete offers for the purchase of goods or ser-vices including under grants, either through direct, bid invitation, or other mechanism that ensures high standards of transparency.
• Participate in evaluation committees for proposals submitted by the various vendors, accord-ing to the solicited terms of reference and regulations.
• Maintain strict control of budgets, and financial expenditures.
• Prepare requests for quotations, negotiate, conduct analysis, and recommend vendors for delivery of goods and materials to grantees.
• Communicate all delivery schedules corresponding to grant and operations procurements, including the projection of related expenses.
• Verify deliveries are complete and timely.
• Performed initial client assessment and analysis to begin research process.
• Assisted various business groups with document organization and dissemination during ac-quisitions.
• Negotiated and directed a major CAVE activity costing $164,000. The purpose of the eval-uation is to provide real-time feedback on program performance through weekly and/or monthly reports as well as a final evaluation of the effectiveness USAID/OTI’s approach to challenging Islamist ideas online
• Negotiated an $814,980 fixed 2-year minimum contract to improve program understanding of BH and ISIS-WA influence throughout Northeastern Nigeria, NRTI commissioned Con-flict Management Consulting to develop an “influence map” that maps areas of influence defined as areas of territorial control and administration, free insurgent movement, and ac-tive recruitment.
• Negotiated an $486,979 fixed 8 months’ minimum contract to evaluate the validity of the Theory of Change “if targeted vulnerable individuals feel like they have better choices, then they will be dissuaded from joining a terrorist group or committing an extremist act.” and demonstrate higher-level program results in order to evaluate the validity of this theory of change and demonstrate higher-level program results, and add to the body of knowledge about what works in CVE.
• Negotiated and provided leadership in the procurement of agricultural seeds for a contract value of N91,576,000
• Negotiated and provided leadership in the procurement of agricultural farm implements for a contract value of N60,725,000
• Negotiated and provided leadership in the procurement of tractors for a contract value of N123,300,000
• Negotiated and provided leadership in the procurement of over 1,100 water pumps and ac-cessories for a contract value of N105,000,000 to several local government areas in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe.
• Negotiated and provided leadership together with the program manager in the procurement and implementation of various media focused activities to achieve program goals and raise awareness on the destructive nature of violent extremism and its effect on communi-ties in north eastern Nigeria. Using a mix of traditional and social media strategies, the CAVE campaign reached a global audience of over one million people and had amassed over 5,000 followers on Facebook
• Worked with program specialist for the supply and maintenance of short, medium, and long term TB, Malaria, Diarrhea and Pneumonia commodities (Anti-TB Drugs/Laboratory reagents and related commodities, HIV tests kits, Laboratory Equipment and supplies, Rapid diagnostic test kits, Artemisinin-based combination therapy, Arthemeter-Lumefantrine 20mg/120mg, Oral rehydration salts, Zinc Sulphate tablets, Amoxicillin – dis-persible tablets 250mg, respiratory timers, hand gloves, Cotton wool ) in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe State.
• Managed the pre-qualification and re-validation of vendors in Abuja, Borno, Adamawa and Yobe State
• Cultivated solid business relationship with different suppliers that enabled us to receive de-ferred payment terms from them.
• Aggressively worked to achieve significant cost savings through sourcing new suppliers and negotiating with the existing
• Brought leadership to the Adamawa state procurement department and motivated staff to achieve maximum performance and efficiency

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