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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Hindi, Urdu


Astute professional with valuable experience managing Health, Safety & Environmental aspects. Apt in major Safety Program, Work Permit system, HSE management Plan, Piling work, steel structure, Safety at Excavations, Scaffoldings, First Aid, Height work & PPE. Expert in making HSE strategies of company, conducting internal audits, prepare HSE management manual for mega construction projects like power plants, oil refineries and production units.

Areas of Expertise
 Safety, Health & Environment
 Drive a culture of “Safety and Health” by ensuring all appropriate actions are taken to implement HS&E procedures / checklist / SSOW / inspection forms and monitoring HS&E performance within area of responsibility for different construction projects.
 Review and creation of Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and Work Method Statements.
 Ensuring training to the staff in adherence to HS & E standards and procedures.
 Service Delivery
 Provide knowledge, expertise, and guidance on regulatory issues.
 Conduct environmental assessments related to high voltage transmissions.
 To ensure the safe construction of the over head transmission lines (OHTL)
 Delivering HS&E training so that all staff is aware of their HS&E obligations.
 Acting as an internal coach and advisor to Business Unit, project and subcontractor employees.
 Ensuring accurate and up to date documentation and information relating to HS&E issues and training is collected, reported, disseminated and stored in project files.
 Monitoring Client Health, Safety and Environment requirements.
 Standards / Compliance
 Keeping abreast of HS&E legislation, best practices and leveraging to facilitate HS&E practices on the project.
 Monitoring and conducting regular compliance checks and audits within the project sites: reporting breaches, issuing non compliance reports, recommending remedial actions and follow-up to ensure timely closeout.


Shield UK

   Nov 2013
— Apr 2014

Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology University of The Punjab Lahore Pakistan
BSc. Chemical Engineering

   Nov 2004
— Jul 2009


General Electric Gas and Power USA
EHS Manager

   May 2018
— Current

Client: ALBA (Aluminium Bahrain)
Contractor: GE USA-GAMA Turkey
ALBA Line 6 PS5 project is a joint venture of General Electric USA and GAMA Turkey which consists of 3 9HA gas turbines, 3 HRSG ,3 STG and 3 Steam turbines.
I had started working with General Electric USA ( GE) as EHS Manager for the construction of ALBA Project Line 6 PS5 1800MW CCPP Bahrain .
My job responsibilities are to;
1) Develop and implement HSE strategies for the site.
2) Deliver TBTs to all GE staff working at site.
3) Arrange induction training for the new employees and visitors.
4) Monitor all construction work and highlight unsafe acts and conditions and suggest suitable corrective and preventive measures.
5) Participate to prepare rigging studies for heavy lifting activities.
6) Monitor confined space activities .
7) Coordinate with client and consultant regarding all kinds of issues and observations at site.
8) Ensure the performance of consortium partner GAMA and all subcontractors.

Shandong Electric Power Construction Corporation Of China
HSE Manager

   Dec 2015
— May 2018

Client : National Power Parks Management Company Private Ltd.

Consultant : National Engineering Services Pakistan.(NESPAK)
Co-Consultant: General Electric USA (GE)
EPC Contractor: Power Construction Corporation Of China.
Project: Construction of Haveli Bahadar Shah 1230 MW (9HA Turbines) CCPP Power Plant District Jhang, Pakistan.
PowerChina is the biggest power plants construction company of China working all around the world to meet the power needs of different countries. In PowerChina I am working as HSE Manager at Haveli Bahadar Shah Power Plant Jhang and monitoring all the activities of Contractor, subcontractors, consultant and owner carrying out different construction work like civil construction, piling,
foundations, batching plants for ready mix concrete, electrical work, mechanical construction, heavy lifting operations, works at height, commissioning work of turbines, boilers, transformers etc.
My core responsibilities are to,
 Prepare and implement HSE management plan of site.
 Prepare HSE subcontract for all subcontractors in the light of local as well as international labour laws.
 Coordination with EPA for the approval of monthly environment report containing monitoring of ambient air, noise level, surface and underground water, waste water, soil quality etc.
 Monitoring the performance of SGS a third party hired for environmental analysis on monthly basis.
 Prepared physibility report for the passage of 500 KV overhead transmissions near the residential areas.
 Developed lock out tag out (LOTO) procedure while working over energized systems and also during the commissioning phase of gas, and staem turbinde.
 Develop emergency procedures and implement rescue plans at site to deal with anykind of emergency.
 Conduct site safety inspections, safety surveys and risk assessments.
 Develop safe system of work like PTW and JSA to control high risk activities like hot job, work at height, confined space entry, crane operations etc.
 Monitor all the construction activities at site and identify unsafe conditions and acts and give instructions to rectify.
 Conduct environmental impact assessments and dispose solid wastes in an appropriate way.
 Organize emergency evacuation drills such as fire and explosion, bomb threat, medical emergency etc.
 Develop and implement HSE strategies for company and also conduct internal audit to make sure the implementation of HSE policy of the company.
 Prepared lifting plans for 300 plus tonnages heavy generators ,gas turbines, transformers, boilers etc.
 Monitored the construction work of water treatment plant having 2 RO-Plants and each RO-Plant consisting of 3 modules with a total capacity of 214 ton /hour.
 Monitored the construction and installation work of 3 mixed bed filters in water treatment plant with each mixed bed having a capacity of 125 ton /hour.
 Also responsible to coordinate with client and consultant, conduct weekly HSE meetings and rectify all of their observations.

 Developed and implemented fire prevention and fire fighting plan at the project.

 Commissioning of 9HA gas turbine #1 at a base load of 400 MW.
 Commissioning of 9HA gas turbine #2 at a base load of 400MW.
 Lifting and installation of Steam Turbine generator with 302 ton weight.
 Erection and installation of steam turbine , condensers, HP, LP Drums etc.
 Monitored the erection and commissioning of HRSG#1 and HRSG#2(Heat recovery steam generastors.)
 Prepared procedures for the handling of Hydrogen gas, Ammonia, Sulphuric Acid , and RLNG ( Reliquified Gassified Natural Gas).
In May 2017 I joined SEPCO-III Electric Power Construction Corporation For Operations and Maintenance phase of 1230 MW CCPP Haveli Bahadur Shah as HSE Manager after the construction and commissioning phase.
As HSE Manager my core responsibilities includes;
 Prepare and Deliver induction training to all O&M team members, conduct their examination to ensure the competency of employees.
 Developed and implemented PTW procedures and to deliver training to all staff members about PTW issuance and implementation.
 Developed HSE and QMS policy of the company and ensured its implementation.
 Conducting Daily, weekly and monthly inspections on regular basis and sharing all unsafe acts and conditions with the concerned departments to rectify.
 Developed various procedures like LOTO, housekeeping, fire fighting and fire prevention, emergency evacuation plan,safe handling and usage of hazardous chemicals like alkalies, acids , bleaching agents etc.
 Prepared checklists of all kinds of fire fighting system like wet sprinkling, FM200, Foam System, fire truck inspection and are being filled and maintained on regular basis.
 Arranged training of fire fighters and some other employees of O&M team by Rescue1122 an emergency service of Pakistan.
 Conduction audits of different departments to ensure the implementation of all safe system of works.
 Developed and implemented environment protection plan and hired a competent third party SGS to ensure the monitoring of environment like stack emissions monitoring, waste water ,underground water and drinking water quality, soil testing , noise level monitoring etc.Prepared and implemented different procedures for the storage of chemicals required for water treatment plant.

Albahar Alarabi Marine Engineering Services Sharjah UAE
Senior HSE Engineer

   Jul 2014
— Dec 2015

I have worked in Albahr Alarabi Marine and Engineering Services as a Senior HSE Engineer in petroleum industries of UAE for 1.5 years.
Projects supervised regarding HSE includes
 Assembling ,fabrication and erection of Shams Power Plant 2nd Phase Abu Dhabi UAE
 As HSE Engineer monitored and controlled all activities involved in Construction of emergency block of Khalipha Hospital at Ajman UAE with complete safety compliance as per UAE laws.
 Construction of 12 Nos. storage tanks foundations, office building construction (G+4), dike wall, boundary wall, industrial flooring, fire fighting system installation and testing and inter lock work in Green Spring Energy LLC. Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah.
 Shifting of highly flammable oil storage silos and pump house in Green Spring Energy LLC Hamriyah Free Zone Sharjah UAE.
 Office Building construction, 8 Nos. storage tanks foundation, dike wall, boundary wall and interlock work at Sharjah National Lube Oils Company Ltd LLC. (Sharlu) Sharjah HFZ. All the construction activities have been completed in highly flammable zone.
 Monitoring of construction work of pump room, office block (G+5) 12 No . Tanks foundations, dike wall ,boundary wall , industrial flooring , interlock work, weigh bridge construction and
 fabrication of 12 new storage tanks ( Dia:Height 19.5 : 22 m) at NT Petroleum Ltd Sharjah HFZ.
 During excavation work for underground pipelines of NT Petroleum along road side monitoring the all work related activities such as heavy lifting , deep excavation barricading , prepared job safety analysis and conducted risk assessments.
 Risk assessment of a project of fabrication of 6 storage tanks and office block construction (G +4) boundary wall, dike wall and interlock work at Gulf Petroleum Sharjah, HFZ. Also monitored all the shutdown work activities involved during the shifting of oil storage tanks and pump house.
 Construction of 14 No storage tanks at ARZOO Energy International Hamriyah Free Zone Sharjah UAE.

Century Paper and Board Mills Ltd Lahore Pakistan
Senior Process Safety Engineer

   Jul 2009
— Jul 2014

Projects Completed:

1) Construction of 100 MW cogeneration power plant having two turbines and four heavy generators.

2) Construction of PM7 a board and paper making machine with a capacity of 500 ton/day.
Contractor: DAEWOO ( A Korean Company)
3) Construction of waste water treatment plant to handle 3000 liters water per hour.
Contractor: U&D China
Responsible To:
 Develop HSE strategies for the company.
 Prepare HSE management plans for all construction projects.
 Prepare rigging studies for heavy lifting and monitor all critical lifting operations.
 Participate in HSE studies/reviews i.e. EIAs, HAZOP, Project HSSE Reviews.
 Inspect all heavy lifting tools such as mobile cranes, gantry cranes, payloaders etc.
 Also responsible for safe operations and inspection of air compressors and Boilers.
 Train workers for evacuation drill during emergencies.
 Undertaking regular inspections of site, plant and machinery.
 Monitor the effectiveness of existing safety standards.
 Accident investigation and reporting to higher managements.
 Preparation of weekly, monthly safety reports.
 Inspection and positioning of portable fire extinguishers.
 Minimization of hazardous wastes, its effective management to protect environment.
 Health and hygiene of all employees such as washing / drinking and toilet facilities.
 Carry out risk assessments for chlorine gas handling at Sodium Hypo Chlorite production Plant.
 To provide especial trainings to handle hazardous chemicals involved in the production of cooking and bleaching agents at Chemical House like NaOH, Na2CO3, SO2, SO3, Chalorine .
 To deliver training and awareness about the hazardous effects and presense of H2S gas.
 Development of emergency procedures and rescue plans.
 Conduct EIA (Environmental Impact Assessments) studies and monitor ambient air conditions, noise levels, water quality etc.
 To coordinate with third parties and ensure that all stack emissions are within PEQS limits.

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