Commissioning, Electrical, Maintenance Engineer

Last Updated: 16th August 2017 (over 5 years ago)

Bucharest, Romania


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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, French


Offering over 25 years of experience within maintenance, consultancy, commissioning engineering and program execution. Has the ability to build strong relationships with all stakeholders and to turn proposals into reality. Especially successful in management roles that demand rigor, a high level of drive and dedication and a focus on delivering business outcomes through the use of methodologies. Having a proven ability to drive out inefficiencies through process improvement as well as assist in the maintenance & development project. Possessing solid planning and organisational skills in coordination of project work at all aspects. Adapt to work under pressure in fast-paced, time sensitive environments


Iasi Technical University
Master degree transmmission and distribution of electricity

   Jan 1985
— Jan 1990


Bunge Romania
Electrical Engineer

   Feb 2017
— Current

• Monitoring company electric equipment and installation for a smooth operation
• Coordinating the resources (personnel, spare parts, contractors) for electric maintenance works
• Propose technical solution for activities improvement
• Electric equipment measuring and testing coordination and supervision
• Planning and programming corrective and preventive maintenance works
• Propose for corrective action in order to improve the reliability of the equipment
• Prepare and check the documentation for all the maintenance activities

SESIS Slovenska Electrane Engineering Company
Turnover Superintendent

   Feb 2016
— Jan 2017

• Supervision of the systems preparation process for turnover to Commissioning as per TPSD
• Collect from Construction personnel progress of installation, quality inspections documents to meet the deadline delivery of relevant STP in accordance with TPSD
• Cooperate with the Construction in training contractor personnel regarding STP preparation and other relevant documentation
• Preparation of inputs for partial and temporary STP for contractors
• Ensure the removal of unfinished item and discrepancies found during inspection before turnover to Commissioning, coordinate corrective actions
• Management of the overall STP documentation
• Deliver relevant documentation to Commissioning ensuring the quality of the protocols.

BAbcock&wilcox Volund
Boiler commissioning engineer

   Jun 2015
— Dec 2015

• Involving in the pre-commissioning and commissioning of different systems of the boiler such as, line control, acid cleaning, steam blowing etc.
• Responsible for the boiler supervising during the shift, in charge with control of the process parameters (emissions, temperatures, pressures, levels, flows) from control room, taking efficiency actions to adjust them for an optimum process operation.
• Participating in performance test, trial run test, cold/warm start up, chemical cleaning, normal shut down.
• Advised the control room client personnel on good operating practices and assist with trouble shooting process and mechanical problems.
• Maintaining good communication/collaboration with the main contractors, subcontractors and vendors in order to ensure a proper operation of all systems
• Reporting all abnormality discovered during field inspection routine

Shanahan Engineering
Commissioning engineer

   Jan 2015
— Mar 2015

Electrical trainer Azito CCPP phase 3 Ivory Coast

- Experience in Combined Cycle Power Plant
- Deep knowledge of the important equipment and processes
- Good training presentation skills and must have experience of developing and delivering technical training courses
- Experience in test equipment, schematics and single line diagrams

Saudi Aramco
Industrial Skill Trainer

   Jul 2013
— Jul 2014

 Experience and able to troubleshoot and repair AC and DC machines
 Experience and able to maintain HV transformers HV/LV switchgear, UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)
 Experience in test equipment, schematics and one line diagrams, motor control systems.
 Maintain and troubleshoot HV breakers and transformers.
 High level training skills.

SC Formare Profesionala
Electrical Trainer

   Jan 2013
— May 2013

 Electrical Trainer for OMV PETROM – Low and medium voltage System Operation Electrician course

Smart Job Solutions
Commissioning and start-up engineer for METKA Greece

   Jan 2012
— Jan 2012

 Commissioning and start&up for 860 MW power plant (two gas turbines, 2 HRSG, one steam turbine) for BOP various systems, such as gas receiving station , demineralization water plant, waste water plant, cooling tower and pumps, cooling tower filtration system , feed water pumps, close cooling system, chemical dosing, fire system pumps and distribution, service water, potable water, drains system, exchangers and auxiliary boiler-start up activities
 PTW engineer
 Preparing the handover documentation
 Maintaining good communication/collaboration with the main contractors and subcontractors in order to ensure a proper operation of all systems
 Ensure proper running conditions of all systems within the limit of the process and in safe conditions.
 Execution of commissioned systems maintenance in order to ensure proper running conditions

Assystem Romania
Commissioning and operation engineer BOP systems, EDF Combined Cycle Power Plant Blenod Pont a Mousson, France

   Apr 2011
— Jun 2012

 Commissioning and start-up for 430 MW power plant (one gas turbine one HRSG, one steam turbine for the various system belonging to BOP such as HVAC, pump stations, fire fighting pump station, fire fighting system according to EDF procedures
 Commissioning, start-up and operation of the auxiliary boiler within the required parameters
 Maintaining good communication/collaboration with the main contractors and subcontractors in order to ensure a proper operation of all BOP systems
 Ensure proper running conditions of all systems within the limit of the process and in safe conditions.

Assystem Romania
Commissioning and Operation engineer ALSTOM Power Plant - Maritza East 1, Bulgaria

   Jun 2010
— Apr 2011

 Commissioning and operation engineer Steam Turbine and BOP Plant (shift in charge) in ALSTOM Power Plant - Maritza East 1, Bulgaria, Coal Fired Power Plant, 2 x 330 MW
 Shift in charge engineer, operating the plant during the commissioning and test period.
 Ensure proper running conditions of all systems within the limit of the process and in safe conditions.
 Maintaining good communication/collaboration with Boiler and FGD operators, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation technicians.
 Reporting all abnormality discovered during field inspection routine
 Training the client’s operators.

SZD Electro Romania
Site manager

   Oct 2007
— Jul 2010

 Supervision, coordination and planning of the medium and low voltage power lines rehabilitation.
 Modernization, repair of public lighting equipment and electricity supply installations on medium and low voltage works comprising installing 20 KV power substations, aerial und underground lines and the secondary circuits (protection, controls and data transmission).

MVV Consulting romanian branch
Electrical engineer

   Jun 2006
— Oct 2007

 Consultant in European projects funded.

 Technical Assistance for Project Preparation in the Wastewater and Drinking Water Sector for five counties;

EMCO Engineering
Maintenance group chief

   Jun 2004
— Jun 2006

 Scheduling and coordinating activities of maintenance and repair electromechanical equipment in the utility plant including here boilers, HV/LV transformers, main and secondary distribution panels, UPS, HVAC installations.
 Utilities such as steam, hot water, electricity: operation, supervision and production.
 Preparation of technical and commercial proposals to potential clients.

Luxten Lighting
Operation engineer

   Apr 2001
— Jun 2004

 Teams coordination working for the rehabilitation of public lighting of Bucharest and coordinating repairs teams of public lighting network in Bucharest.
 Main works consist of replacing low voltage power lines and the rehabilitation of power and control panels in the power substation.

Danubiana SA Romania
Head of Electrical maintenanace department

   Apr 1999
— Apr 2001

 Planning, coordinating activities of repairs power installations in the utilities/power plant for the Danubiana tyre company.
 Analysis of major damage and troubleshooting, protection coordination of the most important consumers from the main power substation.
 The plant had 4 boilers and 3 small turbines with their auxiliary equipment and installations such as air fans, gas exhaust fan, main water pumps, water treatment station and heat exchangers. The steam produced by the boilers was used to generate power via turbines and as heating agent for the industrial process
 The relay protection control and verification of the HV/LV transformers, generator and HV/LV power lines belongings to the power substations inside the factory.
 Checking optimal operation of the secondary circuits (signalization, measurements, automation).
 Primary equipment including here voltage and current transformers test and measurement according to the regulations in force

Energy Research and Modernizing Institute Romania
Scietific researcher

   Aug 1990
— Apr 1999

 Studies on the energy consumption of industrial branches and on the technological chain, forecasting the evolution of primary energy resources, studies of energy conservation, the failure probability calculation of main components of a power plant mathematical modelling, comparative analysis of energy and economic indicators etc.
 In terms of power generation , a major activity I carried out in the Bucuresti Sud power plant the largest power plant from Bucharest with an installed capacity of 550 MW run on gas and oil and consisted of failure analysis of major equipment, namely to boilers, turbines generators together with their auxiliaries.
 Conversion of 420 t/h steam boilers which are the most typical steam boiler from Romanian cogeneration power plant from lignite firing into coal firing.

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