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Saudi Arabia



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45 to 54

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Arabic, English


Competent, highly self-motivated and very energetic and reliable individual, with petroleum engineer degree from University of Baghdad, more than (18) eighteen years in drilling and workover operation experience in the oil/gas onshore rigs. Contribute in well completion operation with different completion tools including but not limited ( Hydraulic ad wire line setting Production, Plug & PT packers, SSSV & SSD ....) , Well testing full DST operation for exploration and wild cat wells in new and old oil field with full DST surface and downhole testing equipment, rig less operation (CTU for acidizing, lifting with N2, kick off wells etc..).
Fishing operation included but not limited to over shots, release and taper spears, milling casing or fishing objects and etc.….working with fishing service companies discuss and revise fishing operation programs Strong practical skills, with the ability to work under minimum supervision and different environment, experience of problem solving and able to deal with difficult situations and work within challenging environments. Excellent interpersonal skills can communicate affectively at any level, enjoy working to challenging targets and meet deadlines and willing to accept new responsibilities..


University of Baghdad
Petroleum engineering

   Mar 1994
— Sep 1999

BSc. in Petroleum engineering


Saipem Saudi Arabian
Drilling and Workover Supervisor

   Feb 2016
— Current

• Ensure the correct management of the drilling operations by optimizing the assets and equipment and supervising the execution of the activities of subordinates.
• Whenever instructed by superiors liaise on behalf of Company with the Client’s representative regarding contract management and interpretation.
• Verify the maintenance routines of the drilling equipment/assets are appropriate and they guarantee an efficient performance of the drilling activities.
• Be familiar with the established well control procedures.
• Be familiar with the established drilling operational procedures.
• Ensure reporting routines are fulfilled.
• Verify the stock level of spare parts and consumables for the drilling equipment on the rigs of his/her competence are kept at an appropriate level.
• Cooperate with the rig site personnel in performing the rig moving activities by supervising the activity of his subordinates;.
• Ensure all classification society and authorities rules and regulations applicable to the activities are adhered to.
• Be safety conscious in all his work and behavior.
• Ensure Company’s and Client’s HSE and Q/A policies and standards are implemented on the rig sites.
• Actively participate to HSE inspections/audit on the rig site.
• Call for / Participate to investigations in case of serious incidents.
• Apply and ensure the correct application of prescribed safety standards and regulations.
• Verify proper housekeeping is maintained on the rig site.
• Ensure the correct management of the drilling operations by optimizing the use of assets and equipment and the safe, economical and efficient performance of drilling, well completion and work over activities in accordance with Statutory legislation, client’s program, Company’s procedures and contractual requirements.

• Ensure HSE Emergency Response Systems is developed, documented, tested with simulation exercises and the Drilling Team is capable of responding to HSE emergencies.
• Observe all company health, safety and environmental instructions, act in a safe manner and avoid unnecessary risks to themselves and others.
• Immediately report any unsafe conditions or activities, dangerous occurrences or injuries in the workplace.
• Not interfere with, remove, displace or make ineffective any safeguard, safety device, equipment or appliance provided for health, safety and environmental purposes.
• Assist new employees in the use of relevant work procedures and practices in order to ensure their safety and the safety of all employees.
• Provide clear stewardship reporting on an as-required and exceptions basis to Company and Operations Manager.

Petroenergy EP Co. Ltd Sudan
Workover Supervisor

   Aug 2015
— Feb 2016

• Rigs start up, pre spud check list & commence operation
• Input in work over and completion& well test program for work over rigs
• Well interventions program preparations Included but not limited to:
• Slick line: Slick line, E-line equipment function test Gauge cutter RIH, Tag HUD and BHP
• Wire Line Perforation and tubing convoyed perforating operations
• Sand clean out procedure tubing, casing and liner, cement plugs and well abandonment
• Squeeze cementing, water shutoff, sand clean out operation and fishing using conventional methods
• Supervise/Organize the BOP, equipment, and the operations look ahead
• Prepare the tender, evaluate technical and commercial offers for the completion, well testing equipment and services
• AFE preparations for both completion and work over
• Specifics completion and work over equipment, materials and services required for each well
• Prepare final well completion and work over reports for each well’s intervention program more than 500 heavy oil wells produced and lift with PCM’s, BPU and PCP pumps and more 100 light oil well as well put into production

Great Sahara Operating Company- Sudan
Well testing Supervisor

   Apr 2015
— Aug 2015

Work as specialize well testing supervisor for an exploration wells in this new field perform equipment (down hole &surface) check and operation steps as stander to achieve hydrocarbon fluid.

Petrochina Iraq branch
Workover and competion supervisor

   Apr 2014
— Apr 2015

• Rigs start up, pre spud check list & commence operation.
• Input in work over and completion& well test programmed for work over rigs
• Well interventions programmed preparations included but not limited to:
• RIH with completion assembly such as HS packer and SSV, SSD valves, etc. .
• Slick line: Slick line, E-line equipment’s function test Gauge cutter RIH, Tag HUD and BHP
• Wire Line Perforation and tubing convoyed perforating operations
• TTP through tubing perforation operation
• Sand clean out procedure tubing, casing and liner, cement plugs and well abandonment
• Squeeze cementing, water shutoff, sand clean out operation and fishing using conventional and advanced methods
• Supervise/Organize the POB, equipment, and the operations look ahead
• Specifics completion and work over equipment, materials and services required for each well
• Prepare final well test, completion and work over reports.

Petroenergy EP Co. Ltd Sudan
Workover Superintendent

   Jun 2005
— Apr 2014

• Supervises the activities of assigned personnel on assigned service rig(s). Performs supervisory duties and exercises financial authority at the level established by management for the position.
• Assists in preparation for well testing/Work over program by establishing operational priorities such as well testing/Work over methods and the like. Advices on risk elements in certain operations and translates agreed programs in terms of material and other requirements. Ensures that the work load is within the equipment capacity.
• Directs and controls Company and contract personnel engaged in service rig operations by monitoring progress against program and objectives, via information received from rig based staff. Advises on action necessary to achieve program/ objectives and recommends changes to programs.
• Maximizes personnel performance through training by conducting regular job performance appraisal and identifying training needs. Recommends training for well testing/completion/Work over skills directly related to operations and/or for development/advancement purposes. Maintains close supervision on progress of trainees on assigned rig(s) via regular reports from Work over Supervisors covering performance, recommendations for promotions, and recommendations for specific training skill courses.
• Optimizes rig/personnel performance through safety practice/awareness and maintaining zero accident level – avoiding damages to people and equipment, imposes strict adherence to safety rules and regulations at the rig site among staff, sub-contractors and rig visitors. To ensures regular safety inspections on rig crew and equipment, regular conduct of safety operations, and periodic training on fire-fighting, well control and Hydrogen Sulphide(H2S) gas. Carries out investigation of accidents and recommends appropriate actions relating to personnel involved and operational systems.
• Resolves problems reported from the rig; includes technical and logistics problems. Also includes resolving of personnel and disciplinary problems involving liaison with Human Resources Section.
• Ensures that rig(s) are supplied with materials, equipment and personnel as needed at the required quality/standard. Includes liaising with support functions to avail services and advice in order to secure efficient rig operations.
• Plans and attends rig movement between locations. Ensures that the rig is operated within limits at established regulations, procedures and approved operating standards.
• Analyzes and maintains well testing data received from rig(s) showing performance. Reviews rig correspondence, authorizes rig requests and follows up timely procurement to ensure continuity of smooth operations.
• Prepares annual operating budget for assigned rig(s) ensuring that all known requirements are incorporated in costs. Monitors and control expenditure regularly to identify variances from budget figures.
• Meets with rig staff on a regular basis to review safety problems, new ideas and suggestions. Leeds discussion aimed at resolving problems related to equipment, personnel, clothing and the like and incorporates results into procedures where appropriate. Reviews tools reports and manuals and ensures that service rig personnel are advised accordingly.
• Plans, coordinates and follows up on all rigs’ upgrading classification and certification. Undertakes periodic physical inspection of assigned rig(s) to ensure that the required standards of housekeeping, cleanliness, and safety are being applied.
• Reviews rig contracts, analyzes and advises management on liabilities and financial impact associated with new requirements, recommends amendments where appropriate.
• Carries out other similar or related duties such as monitoring catering services to ensure food and health standards, monitoring services rendered by contractors, evaluating contractor performance and approving related invoices, maintaining individual rig files showing programs, operational notes, equipment details and performance evaluation for future reference.

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