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35 to 44

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Arabic, English, French


I am civil engineer, Egyptian, have 14 years’ experience in civil engineering in the water and infrastructures branches.
Mainly I worked in water pipelines (large diameters) and pump stations projects in addition to Hydrologic projects (storm Drainage) and quality control (follow-up) and quantity survey of civil works related to water in Egypt, Algeria and KSA.

I think I will be helpful and useful at any suitable role as I am really hard worker and cooperative having good communications and language skills.


Cairo Univ
civil engineering

   Sep 1997
— May 2002

Bachelor of Science of Civil Engineering in May 2002 from Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University, Egypt.


Hamza Associates
civil engineer

   Oct 2002
— Current

I have more than 14 years of experience, mainly in the consultancy firms and bureaus of engineering studies where I was responsible for making the studies and designs as well as the projects management (follow-up) of civil engineering works especially in the field of water and infrastructures projects as follow:

- Hydraulic design (large water transmission Pipelines, pumping stations, irrigation structures and modern irrigation networks.
- Hydrologic projects.
- Quality control and quantity survey of civil works like concrete structures (small dams-P.Stations-tanks).
- Treatment of satellite images and topographic survey studies.


• AutoCAD 2012
• AutoCAD CIVIL 3D 2012
• Bentley Water cad – Sewer cad- civil storm (Intermediate level).
• Engineering Equation Solver EES.
• MS. OFFICE- Excel, PowerPoint & Word


ARABIC: Mother Tongue

ENGLISH: Excellent



1- From 01/01/2015 until NOW working abroad for the consultancy firm Hamza Associates, Algeria Branch as a civil engineer in hydraulics and infrastructures projects.

2- From 11/11/2013 until 14/11/2014 working abroad in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) for the consultant Saud Consult, as a civil engineer working in Riyadh Metro project- package3(RM3) – Lines (4, 5 &6), COST is about 7.2 Billion USD, where I was working in utilities relocation process (Existing utilities interface determination and propose solutions for these interfaces in addition to coordination with stakeholders). Where our office was working for FAST GROUP- as a sub consultant for (ATKINS-TYPSA) DJV- Design Joint Venture.

3- From 15/7/2009 until 15/8/2013 working abroad for the consultancy firm Hamza Associates, Algeria Branch as a civil engineer in hydraulics and hydrologic fields in the following projects:

- Boussiaba Project: (since 1/10/2012 until 15/8/2013), - EPC Project

A large diameter transmission pipeline, the purpose of the project is to convey the water from the behind of a constructed concrete dam (Boussiaba Dam) to another larger dam to assure the water supply for the east of Algeria, the project consists of a pump station and 30Km Steel pipeline of diameter DN1600 - (Q=3.5 m3/s), COST is about 90 Million Euro, where I was responsible for:

a) Making the required modification of the longitudinal profile and X-sections according to the new selected paths for the pipeline,
b) Revising and modifying the drawings of air valves and drain valves chambers.

c) Revising and modifying the drawings of intersection of pipeline with main roads and natural flows.

d) Making the calculation of air valves sizing.

e) Relocate in the site to participate in the project follow up and supervision of the execution of the project and find appropriates solutions for the problems or obstacles in the site during the execution.

- Koduiate Acerdoune Project: (since 15/7/2009 until 10/8/2012), - EPC Project

one of the biggest potable water supply projects in Algeria, (Potable water supply of axe Djebaheya –Ain elhadjel, Wilaya de Bouira et Wilaya di MISILA) Lot No.2, the project consists of 4 pump stations, 6 concrete reservoirs and 120 km pipeline of ductile iron DN (1600-900-700), COST is about 149 Million Euro where I was responsible for:

a) Reading the contracts of the project.

b) Receiving of the topographic survey works and check then participating in finding other better paths for the pipeline if possible.

c) Starting of establishment of the general layout for the pipeline and the structures.

d) Establishment of the longitudinal profiles for the 120km.

e) Determination of the location of the drain and air valves and the sectionalizing valves as well.

f) Making the design for all valves chambers (concrete dimensions + mechanical equipment).

g) Showing the crossing constructions along the pipeline and production of detailed shop drawings for each crossing (roads, canals, natural flows, railways and …etc.).

h) Complete design of thrust blocks.

i) Producing of the X- sections of the trench and the pipe then doing the calculations of the quantities of the cut and fill of the trench of the pipeline.

j) Participation in the project follow up, supervision of the execution and find appropriates solutions for the problems or obstacles in the site during the execution.

4- From 1/7/2008 until 12/6/2009 Started to found a contracting company called IBTGEC (IBT Group for Engineering &Construction) in Algeria according to Algerian lows but unfortunately the company did not stand for a long time due to the shortage in the financial support especially from the side of banks, where I tried to work in economic housing but all of the banks here refused to finance the company, in addition to other problems.

5- From 6/3/2006 until 14/6/2008 working abroad for (Hamza International) Algeria one of the technical offices affiliated to the mother office (Hamza Associates) Egypt. As a technical civil engineer in the following projects:

- Varies Projects: (since1/8/2007 to 14/6/2008),
Participating in making of the designs, drawings, topographical works, site investigation and quantity surveying for number of projects (Auto Route East-West, doubling road of Wilaya de Mila, extension and rehabilitation of road of Wilaya de Annaba

- Chemora Irrigation Project: (since 6/3/2006 to 25/07/2007),

One of the biggest agriculture reclamation projects in Algeria, Reclamation of (16940 Ha.) in Chemora region (Wilaya de Batna). The main purpose of this project is to supply this area with irrigation water to get farmed by using the modern irrigation systems (sprinkler and drip), COST is about 1.0 Million Euro (Design Only) and I was responsible for:

a) Divide the selected area (16940 ha.) into farms where each farm’s area does not exceed more than (100Ha.) & assure an intake for each farm.
b) Establishment of the general layout of the irrigation network.
c) Calculating water needs for each farm to identify the amount of irrigation water to determine the pipelines diameters & materials.
d) Participation in the design of the irrigation network and calculating head losses and the required pressures.
e) Preparation of the drawings (by using AutoCAD &Land Desktop Development software) of the plans and the longitudinal profiles for all the pipes network (170 Km Long.) and determination of the valve chambers locations on the profiles. As well I was responsible for plotting of the drawings.
f) Participation in calculating the quantities and the cost estimation for all the projects categories.

6- From 25 / 07 / 2005 to 15/ 01 / 2006 worked for (MMM. Consultants) Egypt, as a technical civil engineer responsible for Preparing the preliminary drawings (civil & hydraulics) and quantity surveying for numbers of pumping stations on the River Nile.

7- From 1 / 4 / 2003 to 5 / 6 / 2005 worked for (CWP) (Center of studies & Designs for Water Projects – Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University) as a civil engineer in site and office in the following projects:

- South of the Valley Development Project (Toshka region): (since 22 / 12 / 2004 to 5 / 6 / 2005),
I was responsible for supervising the lining test of a very large canal (El Shiekh Zaied Canal).

- Various Projects: (since 15/4/2004 to 17/12/2004),
Participating in preparing of designs and drawings for a several water and infrastructures projects with the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in desert of Sinai like wide area planning, open channel design, sprinkle and drip irrigation networks, Pump stations& pipelines.

- Ain Alqudirat Project: (since 1/4/2003 to 8/3/2004),

Project of (improvement & development the using of Ain Alqudirat Well (Natural resource in Mountains) in North of Sinai Desert to increase the water supply for irrigation, where I was responsible for:

a) Sharing in preparing the designs, drawings and quantity surveying.
b) Relocate in site for supervising the construction of a concrete dam.
c) Pipeline installation to convey the collected water behind of the dam to a specific tank.
d) Carrying out of irrigation network from the tank to the reclaimed agriculture lands.
e) Rehabilitation of inspection chambers on an existing old gravitational pipeline from the well.

8- From 6 / 10 / 2002 to 16 / 2 / 2003 worked for (Salah Hamoda Co. for construction) as a site civil engineer in the project of Surface Irrigation Development (Transfer irrigation Canals to be pressurized pipeline &Raised Masque Methods) where I was responsible for:

a) Carrying out & quality control of concrete structures like (small Intakes, water tanks, pump house & sumps) in Kafer elshiekh & Elbehira Governorate.

b) Pipelines installations including all accessories.

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