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South Africa


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45 to 54

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Other Post Graduate

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I am a seasoned professional with a combination of business experience and technical skills, offering the ability to combine business development and technical applications. I have an investigative nature, am detail oriented with 34 years of Fleet, Technical, Transport Operations and Logistics experience.

Vision and Values, include continued growth in leadership and knowledge, excel in innovative technology applications, interact and share with team members and colleagues and cultivate world class solutions to challenges. I view a strong team as pivotal in building a successful business, in line with a clear business plan; I have always nurtured solid relationships with my staff. I have a well reported philosophy of Zero Tolerance for corruption and place significant value in my integrity. I operate on a highly disciplined, absolutely Firm but Fair principle with my teams.

I place significant emphasis on ‘Hands-on’ management, and am a firm believer in the Jack Welsh (GE) maxim of ‘MBA’ – Management By walking Around.
I have enforced several design changes on the Volvo Trucks product through Volvo Sweden on design flaws, through ongoing product development for our harsh environments.

In addition to the practical management of light to medium vehicles, heavy trucks and trailers, I have extensive design and development experience. I have also designed and written extensive Fleet Management IT solutions. High exposure to sales and marketing activities from a strategic and operational perspective, with many successful long term clients gained.

I am available immediately with all travel documents, passport, yellow card current and in good order.

Kind Regards

Ian Missing


Member Institute of Road Transport Engineers UK & SA

   Feb 2009
— Jul 2018

Current Member

Member Society of Operational Engineers UK & SA

   Feb 2009
— Jul 2018

Current Member

Fleet Control Services
Transport Management Diploma

   Jan 1988
— Jan 1989


General Manager

   Feb 2014
— Jan 2018

Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing

Full control and management of Sierra Leone Operations
Completion and submission of NGO and Business Tenders.
ESG, Sales and HR Management. Written extensive Policies and Procedures manuals, publications and procedure enforcement
Founded and implemented Fleet Management Systems from a zero base.
Written and implemented extensive FMS data base system.
Full Technical Control of a Fleet of 120 Vehicle operating in tough conditions. Developed leading Driver Training Centre, Operations, Tracking, Risk and Technical Services to a high standard of excellence.
Consistent exemplary feedback and high acclaim from Directors, well documented.
Extensive Fleet upgrades, high standards and low cost.

Contract terminated, by mutual agreement for purely economic reasons in line with restructuring to investors requirements. I am still in regular contact with staff and Directors and enjoy excellent relations.

Group Logistics and Support Specialist

   Aug 2007
— Sep 2013

Mining and Exploration

Technical Responsibility for Sabot Heavy Transport Fleet of 600 Volvo Trucks and Trailers (2007 – 2012). Volvo Truck Dealership, 160 mechanics in main workshop, servicing up to 80 heavy vehicles per day – 7 days a week.
Ran main technical workshops in Harare and managed all regional Group Workshops mechanical, engineering, training, unit shops, panel beating, recovery, drive-line remanufacture, truck & trailer specification, design drawings and product development.
Designed and built from chassis up, a specialised 8x4 Volvo Wrecker – twin boom designed specifically for difficult vehicle recovery in remote areas.
Full design to final approval of new building complex for ENRC South Africa, all architectural drawings (in AutoCAD) and all council approvals.
Extensive involvement in founding of Group Logistics Division, undertook detailed research in all operational areas, namely:
o Burkina Faso
o Mali
o South Africa
o Zambia
o Tanzania
o Zambia
o Zimbabwe
o Katanga – DRC
o Angola
o Mozambique

Written detailed and complex papers on route surveys, rail infrastructure costs and options and alternate routes. This exhaustive study took a year to complete and was favorably received by ENRC Board UK and Senior Management.
Designed and written extensive policy documents on Group Materials Handling Procedures, Packing and Marking Specification and Abnormal Load policy for SADC region.
Seeing impending turmoil with LSE and SFO in particular, I elected to take up a substantial exit package and leave, the ENRC fall-out is well documented in the media.


   Mar 2001
— Jul 2007

Technical Consulting

Technical consultant to various companies with regard to:
Engineering design of numerous workshops and panel shops.
Written and presented several technical papers, Armscor submissions.
Trailer and Rig design to legislation (heavy).
Wrote a business model for a new Road Transport Operation received high acclaim from Stannic and several business leaders.
High-level Government presentation in the logistics field, very well received.
Consulted to Government of Lesotho – FML Contract, technical management of a Fleet of 2700 vehicles and 5 workshops in Maseru and satellite workshops in the districts. (Three year contract).
Developed further Fleet Management opportunities in Lesotho with most of the key Companies represented in the Country.
I have extensive exposure in the Fleet Management and FML fields.

Self Employed

   Jan 1996
— Feb 2001

Corporate Fleet Maintenance Specialist

Started fully-fledged workshop specializing in Fleet Management for Avis and other blue chip clients.
Research & Development of a Diesel Supercharger in Perth, Australia.
Supercharged 2 Toyota Camry’s for Toyota SA.
Technical reporting for Avis and incident reports.
Consulted to Renault Heavy Vehicle Industries in Paris and Lyon, France, on the adaptation of their AE500 model trucks for South African conditions.
Started a successful panel shop, which was approved by all major Insurance Companies.
Sold my business in January 2001.


   Mar 1992
— Jan 1996

Heavy Transport Operator

Operations Director of both Reef branches.
Operations Management – controlled movement and workflow of 250 staff and 200 heavy-duty commercial vehicles.
Restructure of fleet and redesign of the trailer fleet to new legal length.
Facilitation of cross-border haulage.
Risk Management
Left due to pending sale of business, was offered to me but I declined.

General Manager

   Jan 1983
— Feb 1992

Groupage Freight Operator (FMCG)

Ops/Technical Manager (Started in Sales)
Operations Management – controlled movement and workflow of 160 staff and 120 medium-duty commercial vehicles.
Opened new branch in Cape Town and ran branch for 2 years.
Pioneered medium-duty workshops in Johannesburg and Durban.
Set up Panel Shop in Johannesburg.
Sold my shares, left due to excessive long hours (14 – 15 hrs. per day)

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