Senior QAQC Coordinator/Welding Inspector

Last Updated: 4th April 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Kingdom



Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate



Over 20 years cumulative experience in the manufacture, fabrication, construction, refurbishment & service inspections of: Petrochem./Oil & Gas piping/tanks/structural, offshore/subsea vessels/structures(plate & piping), onshore/RIG/Ship piping/tail shafts/valves, pressure vessels & Steel Communication Towers.

My determination, dedication & excellent work ethic directed me to work for companies that are at the forefront in their respective Industries.
My areas of knowledge are in Inspection, Welding, WPS/PQR/WPQR, Technical Spec. Interpretation, Staff Management, Project Coordination, Subcontractor Management, Quality Auditing, Doc. Control, Pressure & Leak Testing, Quality Management, Quality Control, Material Control, Quality system implementation & maintenance, Steel Tower Inspections, & Manufacturing Codes.

Seeking challenging assignments both locally and internationally whereby my technical and managerial skills can be utilized to ensure on-time project completion, within budget compliance & ensuring both the quality & safety of all welding activities in accordance with Construction Codes & Client specifications.


Senior Welding Inspector

   Mar 2013
— Mar 2013

Fabrications Inspector

   Sep 1999
— Sep 1999

Fabrications inspector in accordance with ASME & National Board number codes

University of Technology
Diploma in mechanical Engineering

   Jan 1991
— Dec 1995

Mechanical Engineering


Spetco International
QAQC Site Lead

   Feb 2017
— Current

• Subcontractor management.
• Material Identification inspections.
• Coating inspections.
• Welder qualification tests.
• Fit up, Visual & dimensional inspections.
• Oversee the on-site fabrication & erection of 9 storage tanks.
• Internal QAQC Audits.
• Client interface.
• Document/Procedure/Method Statement/ITP review & approval.
• NDT review.
• Piping inspections.

Group Five
QC Coordinator/Welding inspector

   Dec 2013
— Mar 2016

• Subcontractor management.
• Coordinate inspection & tests.
• Delegate work load/work scope & priorities to welding inspectors.
• Interface with fabrication, mechanical & civils Supervisors, NDT, Commissioning, Engineering, AIA & Client inspectors.
• On/Off Site Vendor inspections.
• Fit Up, Visual, dimensional Inspections & report generation (Steel & HDPE).
• Witnessing Pressure/Pneumatic tests & line flushing/blowing.
• Structural & pipeline punching (pre, post, back & client).
• Bolt Torqueing, denso wrapping, spark (Holiday) testing, pipeline alignment/leveling/plumbness & mechanical pump/motor rotation inspections.
• Pipe on-pipe off alignment checks.
• Material Inspection, verification & Heat number transfer.
• Test Pack review & approval prior client submission.
• Process control of ITP intervention points.
• Monitor/track fabrication progress.
• Maintaining of latest project specs, ITP’s, Procedures, ISO’s & P&ID’s.
• Reading & interpreting of ISO’s & P&ID’s.
• NCR/Concession generation, investigation & close out/approval.
• Surveillance report generation.
• Generation of NDT requests & butt flagging.
• Inter-department releases – grouting, electrical, mechanical, insulation & painting.
• Toolbox talks held with welders, boilermakers & pipe fitters.

Group Five
QAQC Coordinator

   Sep 2013
— Nov 2013

• Manage 2x on-site fabrication workshops.
• Coordinate all inspections & tests throughout shutdown fabrication.
• Develop, implement & streamline quality system for efficiency i.e. flow charts, procedures & training.
• Interface with NDT, Pressure testing & PWHT contractors, installation team, AIA & Client.
• Delegate work load/work scope & priorities to the visual/welding inspectors.
• Process control of ITP intervention points.
• Monitor/track fabrication progress.
• Monitor/track weld repair rates.
• Data Pack review & approval prior client submission.
• Hold weekly quality meetings with inspection team, discuss progress & quality issues.

DCD Marine
QAQC Coordinator

   Jun 2010
— Mar 2013

• Temporary delegation as the QA Manager.
• Monthly QA report generation.
• Manage/Coordinate multiple projects simultaneously utilizing 10x fabricating/refurbishing/blast & coating workshops.
• Manage, delegate & monitor work load/work scope & priorities of QC inspectors.
• Personnel (KPI & Time Management) & resource management as per project requirements.
• Manage the WPS/PQR & WPQR processes, mechanical testing & welder continuity.
• Coordinate/arrange all inspections & manage all NDE tests/costs & review reports throughout project.
• Technical review & interpretation of client documentation, specifications, & acceptance criteria – summarize, then issue to fabrication & QC inspectors.
• Generate all project specific documentation, reports, forms, procedures, ITP’s.
• Review & approve sub-contractor quality procedures prior job execution.
• Data package review & approval prior Client submission.
• Witness pressure testing of valves/pumps/fabricated pipe spool pieces & report generation.
• Machine Shop visual & dimensional inspections & report generation.
• Vendor (off site) inspections of fabricated items & material verification.
• Liaise with the estimating department & supply quality/welding/material compatibility inputs during quoting (RFQ) phase.
• Hold weekly quality meetings with QAQC team, discuss progress, quality issues & also provide in-house training.
• Review & amend procedures & provide company awareness training on quality systems, procedures & forms to be used via Monthly SHEQ Briefs.
• Initiate, process & follow up of NCR’s, CAR’s TQ’s & Concession requests.
• Liaise with the client, 3rd party & classification society reps & expedite their queries/concerns/instructions/requests.
• Participate in internal, external & vendor HSE & ISO 9001 Quality Audit & pre contract award client assessments

DCD Marine
Welding/Fabrications Inspector

   Oct 2007
— May 2010

• Team leader of onshore visual/welding inspectors.
• Monitor welding parameters & carry out heat Input calculations.
• Ensure that the criteria as set out by the approved WPS are adhered to.
• Visual inspections of fit ups & final inspection after welding.
• Full dimensional control using dumpy levels, vernier calipers, tape measures & micrometers.
• Drawing up of material & weld maps.
• Liaise with Client, third party & vessel classification society representatives.
• Material verification & control.
• Arrange & ensure that NDT is carried out in accordance with specifications.
• Site & vendor inspections.
• Initiation & follow up of Non Conformance & Corrective Action reports.
• Conduct in-house workshop welding/quality Audits.
• Present in-house “quality issues” training workshops.
• Maintain document control of procedure qualification packs, ITP’s & data packs.
• Issue site releases for completed components/structures.
• Report writing on all activities undertaken.
• Attending & participating in HSE meetings.

Belmet Marine
Welding/Fabrications Inspector

   May 2006
— Sep 2007

• Lead fabrications inspector for the concluding 3 months of the SCGD project.
• Witness production welder, tack welder & Procedure qualification tests.
• Monitor welding parameters of tack & production welders & HI calculations.
• Ensure that the criteria as set out by the approved WPS are adhered to.
• Visual inspections of fit ups, welded butt joints & final inspection of subsea structures after welding.
• Monitor compliance to air gouging & weld repair procedures.
• Present completed subsea structures for client inspection.
• Material identification, verification, transfer of cast numbers & dimensional analysis.
• Draw up material, weld & NDE maps.
• Maintain document control of ITP’s, data packs & procedure qualification packs.
• Initiation & closing out of NCR’s & CAR’s.
• Issue site releases for completed subsea structures.
• Attend & participate in HSE meetings.
• Report writing on all activities undertaken.

TUV Rheinland
AIA Trainee Inspector

   May 2005
— May 2006

• Conduct in-service statutory inspections on pressure vessels.
• Ensure that all pressure test procedures comply with the correct testing code.
• Ensure & adhere to Safety procedures & regulations.
• Witness Welder & Procedure qualification tests.
• Witness the mechanical lab testing of welded samples for procedure qualifications (PQR).
• Witness the refurbishment, setting, calibration & hydrostatic pressure testing of safety relief valves.
• Ultrasonic wall thickness surveys on vessels under pressure (VUP).
• Structural Integrity inspections on cellular & microwave telecommunications steel towers (Eskom, Cell C, & Vodacom).
• Detailed report writing.