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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

English, Russian, Turkish


I am electrical & instrument engineer with 5 years of experience. I have diverse
engineering background with valuable experience at international companies. I
contribute strong electrical & instrumentation design skills, effective product
management and professional communication skills that help bridge gaps between
contracting, engineering and manufacturing. I am hard working and consistently put
forth extra effort to make my team's goal to reality. I have experience working with
multi-disciplined workforce with diverse national, lingual, cultural and religious


Istanbul Technical University
Electrical Engineer

   Sep 2008
— Feb 2014

I was studied in electrical engineering department at Istanbul Technical University which was founded in 1773. Istanbul Technical University is a prominent and pioneering university of engineering and architecture with many innovative studies in science, technology, research and development.

In general ı was studied at energy development & power generation, power transmission &distribution networks, and electrical machines & power electronics and control & automation in my educational background.


Renaissance Heavy Industries
Lead Instrument Engineer

   Feb 2018
— Jul 2019

I worked in ZapSibNeftekhim project which produce 1.5 million tonnes per
annum of ethylene, 500,000 tpa of propylene and 100,000 tpa of BBF, using
ethane, propane and n-butane as feedstock as senior electrical and
instrumentation engineer in Russia.

• Reviewed client's technical documentation and requirements.
• Controlled subcontracted discipline engineering documents.
• Provided technical support to project office.
• Optimized instrument and systems ensuring minimal cost and simplification in
compliance with required performance.
• Coordinated calibration of instruments in orderly manner.
• Conducted team and subcontractor for installation of instruments with
coordinating other department (mechanical, piping, civil etc.) and being in
same alignment.
• Prepared technical specifications of instruments and systems (DCS, ESD,
F&G) for development activities.
• Implemented detailed engineering activities (layouts, routings, supports...).
• Superintended engineering, methods disciplines and quality control.
• Promoted safe works practices and environmental protection, ensured that
safety standards are respected.
• Released mechanically completed system (instrument, electrical works) to
commissioning unit in scheduled sequence.
• Coordinated human and technical resources, indicating any needs or
surplus. Planned and monitored vendors or any specialist's activities at site.

Renaissance Heavy Industries
Lead Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer

   Aug 2017
— Feb 2018

I worked as lead electrical and instrumentation engineer in Bystrınsky gok
cooper-ıron-gold enrıchment plant project in Russsia which has 10 ton production
capacity per each year.

• Coordinated and managed subcontractors for installation of electrical
(HV,LV, BMS) and instrumentation works according to general work
completion schedule in plant.
• Conducted test and commissioning activity of HV, LV, CCTV, Process
instrumentation and Fire-Detection alarm system.
• Followed progress and planning of work schedule, prepared progress report.
• Followed and prepared progress payment.
• Prepared revision of system and applied as built project.
• Organized, coordinated and controlled erection works, both performed by
subcontractors or in direct hiring, ensured management of interfaces with
• Ensured fulfilment of project quality and contractual requirements.
• Controlled production parameters in terms of efficiency and productivity.

BRİSA Bridgestone Sabancı Tyre Manufacturing & Trading Inc.
Electrical & Automation Engineer

   May 2015
— Aug 2017

worked in BRISA BRIDGESTONE/SABANCI corparation as electrical &
automation engineer for Bridgestone Sabancı's second factory, in Aksaray
organized industrial zone. In this project, I organized and managed;
generation, distribution and managing electricity, steam, air, water, nitrogen,
vacuum and blowdown system for each required machine and process.
Besides that, i also managed low current systems such as card passing
systems, cctv, process automation and instrumentation works. I had worked
for 10 months in Bridgestone KOCAELI plant for designing projects, planning
work schedules and coordinating budget of new Bridgestone Aksaray factory
investment. After mid March 2016 i had worked at new plant in AKSARAY -
“BRİSA Bridgestone Sabancı Tyre Manufacturing and Trading Inc. ınvestment”.

• Coordinated and managed installation of whole electrical energy supply &
distribution systems of plant.
• Coordinated and managed assembly of instruments for production process
according to installation procedure (hook-up projects).
• Coordinated installation substructure of security system such as CCTV
systems, card pass system.
• Contributed continuous improvements of utility systems for sustainability.
• Managed establishing powerhouse machineries & equipments such as
steam boiler, hot water boiler, air compressor, water treatment and
purification system, N2 generation system.
• Promoted energy management, energy efficiency improvement and CO2
reduction activities.
• Contributed electrical and automation controlling system, MCC,PLC DCS
panel designing, development and implementation in plant.
• Managed input and output (I/O) test for each utilities system & instruments.
Set up and prepared SCADA system.
• Prepared calibration procedure of instruments and set up calibration
program for following all instruments calibration expire date and calibration
• Managed estimation budget and prepared schedule for determined
investment projects based on responsibilities.
• Prepared technical specifications for electrical and instrumentation
• Evaluated technical specs and price of equipment/service quoted by
different vendors.
• Supervised installation of systems, checking and confirming appropriateness
of works with engineering standards.
• Made weekly report presentation to senior management.
• Followed progress payment report for each subcontractors

Koneltek Electronic & Technological Solutions
Project Engineer

   Oct 2013
— Jan 2014

I have done undergraduate studies in HVAC and Smart Building Automation
System's Designing works as project and application engineer in Koneltek
Electronic & Technological Solutions Company, partner of “ Schneider Electric

• Consultancy,
• Design,
• Implementation stages,
• Testing and startup,

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