Qualified and Experienced As. Senior Tool Pusher - OIM with 28 years of proven work experience.

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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

Arabic, English


Qualified and Experienced As. Senior Tool Pusher - OIM with 28 years of proven work experience. I had been working on jack up rig, working with Top Drives.
Supervision of several projects of refurbishing of drilling equipment.(Crown block, Top drive...ext)
Supervision of several projects of U. wild.
Drilling of many exploratory wells and productivity both oriented and vertical.
Work over many wells.
Overcoming many of the wells problems like stuck pipes and well kick.



   Jun 1990
— Current

• Supervises and coordinates all operations and activities on assigned drilling, work over, maintenance and repair programs. Includes preparing work schedules, directing the work of subcontractors and service companies, personnel involved in various operations, maintenance and repair activities and monitoring rig operations costs to enhance the overall efficiency within budgetary constraints.

Senior Tool Pusher - OIM
• All aspects of the drilling unit operation in order to effectively
Carry out both management and command functions. Drilling
procedures (including well control).
• Provides leadership and direction to ensure that the activities
and focus of all departments are effectively managed and
• Maintains discipline offshore in all matters affecting the
health, safety and welfare of all persons on the installation.
• Establishes goals and objectives aimed toward improving the quality and performance of the rig in line with the Company's goals.
• Determines when to cease \ resume operations, as per
Operating Manual and Company Policies and Procedures.
• Implements, directs and coordinates all emergency response
efforts arising from fire, weather, flooding or any other cause
that may similarly threaten injury, life or the rig itself.
• Develop and maintain a high level of emergency response
and control, which will include an effective and appropriate
station bill, training and regular drills and exercises.
• Conducts regular inspections and audits of the rig to ensure
that all areas and activities remain in compliance with the
Company's Policy and Procedure.
• Reviews and approves daily operational plans, in
coordination with department supervisors and client
representative. Reviews daily all IADC logs.
• Ensures that adequate levels of consumables are maintained
on the rig in order to affect appropriate well control
procedures in response to a kick.
• Ensures that appropriate levels of essential services \
maintenance are being performed and records maintained in
line with the Company's preventative maintenance system
and to the satisfaction of the operation.
• Establishes and maintains good working relationships with
the crew, client and third party personnel and promotes
effective working relationships between departments.
• Ensures that all persons onboard receive induction training
covering instruction in the use and location of lifesaving, fire
fighting and other safety equipment and systems for the
• Ensures that personnel on the rig possess the level of
knowledge and experience (competency) necessary to perform their functions efficiently and safely.

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