Senior Instrument & Control Engineer

Last Updated: 16th January 2019 (over 3 years ago)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Chinese, English, Malay


More than Twenty Five (25) years of engineering experience in the field of instrumentation and control systems for Offshore & Onshore Oil & Gas facilities including :
• Feasibility Study;
• Front End Engineering Design (FEED)/Conceptual Design;
• Detailed Design;
• Pre-commissioning, commissioning;
• Detailed Design – Independent Verification;
• Modifications;
• Unconventional Gas Field (Onshore) Development

Industries served : International Oil & Gas Operator, Oil and Gas Engineering Consultant, PMC Contractor and Independent Verification Consultant.

Conversant with the Instrumentation and Control System requirements for :
• Offshore Oil & Gas Complex, i.e. Production, Gas Compression, Riser, Drilling and Living Quarters platforms.
• Onshore/Offshore Gas Processing Facilities (Upstream)


University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
B.Eng. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Honours)

   Oct 1986
— Jul 1988

Registered Professional Engineer (instrumentation & Control) with Board of Engineers Malaysia (Member No. 9943) since Apr. 1999.


Wood Group, Kazakhstan (via Fircroft)
Lead Instrument Engineer

   Dec 2017
— Dec 2018

Projects : 1) Front End Loading Engineering of New Water Treatment Facilities (Brownfield & Greenfield) - FEED Update.
Facility Owner : North Caspian Operating Co. (NCOC), Kazakhstan.
Brownfield : Engineering design for a new Sour Water Stripper (SWS) system tie-in to the existing Onshore Production Facility (OPF) in Karabatan, to treat the Produced Water from Caspian Sea offshore operation by reducing H2S concentration to the legal limit. SWS facility (110m3/h capacity) main process units including the Feed Tanks, Filter, Sour Water/Stripped Water Exchanges, Sour Water Stripper Column, Condensers, Reflux drum, feed pumps and recycle pumps and Chemical Injection packages.
2) Additional Reboiler Oil Units Detail Design.
Facility Owner : North Caspian Operating Co. (NCOC), Kazakhstan.
Detail design for the additional oil Stabiliser reboiler and Naphtha reboiler units tie-in for Oil Plant process unit 210, Tranche 1,2 &3, located in the Bolashak Onshore Processing Plant.
3) Brownfield Projects.
- LPG Blowdown (Turnaround Tie-in)
- Additional Filters for Liquid Sulphur
- Reflux Drums (Turnaround Tie-in)
- TGTU Water Recycle Permanent Solution

Facility Owner : North Caspian Operating Co. (NCOC), Kazakhstan.
Modification detail design, located in the Bolashak Onshore Processing Plant.

Responsibilities including :

- Project I&C discipline lead. Responsible for the development, supervision, review and approval of all Instrument FEED and Detail Design documents & drawings covering Control Philosophy /Narrative documents, Basis of Design, Scope of Work reports, Workpacks, ICSS (DCS/ESD/F&G) Block
Diagrams, Instrument Index, ICSS System I/O Schedules, ESD Cause and Effect Matrix, F&G System Cause & Effect Matrix, Instrument and Valves datasheets, F&G Devices datasheets, DCS/ESD/F&G Cable Schedules, Cable
Routing & Instrument Location Drawings, JB & MC Termination Details, Loop drawings, Installation/Hook-up/Impulse Line/Pneumatic & Hydraulic supply drawings, Material Take-Off and Bill of Quantity, as well as inter-discipline
documents and drawings review covering PFD, P&ID, Electrical Single line Diagram, Motor control schemetic, Equipment layout, Hazardous area classification, Pipng Isometric, etc..

- Participated in HAZEER (Hazard Identification Escape, Evacuation and Rescue), HAZID (Hazard Identification), HAZOP and SIL assessment workshops as well as SIL Terms of Reference, SIL assessment report preparation. Other inter-discipline check workshop participated including Process design review, Model review (30%,
60%, 90%) and Constructibility review workshops.

- Responsible for the preparation for Material Requisitions, Technical Bid Evaluation and procurement support.

- Performed site visits for as-built drawings verification.

- Responsible for discipline CTR estimates, attended project kick-off & project weekly meetings, weekly deliverable progress
reporting, discipline manhour control, discipline administrative works, and coaching of discipline junior engineers/desigers.

Qatar Petroleum, Qatar
Senior Instrumentation & Control Engineer

   Apr 2016
— May 2017

Bul Hanine Redevelopment, Phase-1B.
FEED for four (4) nos. new Wellhead Platforms (WHP) : one (1) in-field Manifold Platform (MP); production flowlines, gas-lift flowlines, utility power and communication umbilical; tie-in to and integrated with existing PS3 CPP; provision of additional equipment and tie-ins for Phase-2, LP and HP flowlines, Lift gas, PIG Launchers/Receivers, New 16” export pipeline tie-in between existing PS3 CPP and Halul Island crude oil terminal.
WHP Production Rates (Single platform Max.)– 10568 barrel/day +25MMscfd @ std condition; H2S Content (Max.) – 11%
Responsibilities including :
Responsible for the I&C engineering activities and provide technical inputs to the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of Bul-Hanine Re-Development project scope; with focus on the successful execution of Bul-Hanine Re-Developmnt on time, within budget and in accordance with the agreed project requirements, specifications and standards.
Project I&C discipline lead. Responsible for review and approval of all greenfield (4x WHPs Platforms + 1x MP) and brownfield (offshore PS3 and onshore Halul facility tie-in modification) instrumentation documentation covering philosophies, basis of design, specifications for Process Automation System (DCS, ESD FGS) and DCS & ESD field instruments and FGS detection, datasheets, sizing calculations, and complete instrument drawings (system and cable block diagrams, JB/MC termination, cable routing, instrument location, installation, impulse lines, I/O list, instrument list, cable schedule, MTO) , inter-discipline documents and drawings review.
Worked closely with FEED Design Institute (Worley Parsons, KL) and participated workshops including HAZOP, LOPA and SIL evaluation, 3D model review exercises, Alarm rationalisation, and ensure conformance with Qatar Petroleum’s requirements in terms of quality and technical accuracy, and the timely completion of FEED discipline deliverables in accordance with project schedule.
Responsible for Peer Review Closeout for comments by counterparts within Qatar Petroleum organisation.
Actively involved in Lessons Learned workshops, Design Sensationalist workshops and meetings targeting for a Cost Optimized, Safe and Fit For Purpose design for Phase-1B development which will also be used as benchmark for future developments.
Participated in EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning) Scope of Work document review and amendment.

Shell China Exploration and Production Co. Ltd.
Senior Control & Automation Engineer

   Jan 2013
— Mar 2016

Projects :
1) Fushun-Gas Shale Exploration and Appraisal Program - TPO (Trial Production Projects – Unconventional.
FEED, Detail Design, Construction and Commissioning for 15 TPO well surface facilities including associated 5 custody transfer metering systems TPO well surface facility design capacity is 170x103 Sm3/day each.
2) Fushun-2015 Pilot Development for delivery of 1.0 bcm/a of shale gas, processed and dehydrated for dry gas export/sales in year 2015 and maintain production plateau for 4 years – Unconventional.
Basis for Design development, FEED of 10 surface facilities (unmanned), each consisting Production and Well Pads. Maximum 8 gas wells for each surface facility, One common Fiscal Metering Station and a Remote Monitoring Centre for centralise monitoring.
3) JinQiu Overall Development Program (ODP) and ZiTong ODP Basis of Design preparation – Unconventional.
Basis for Design development for 12 Gas TPO Well Facilities (8 wells each). Maximum production per well is 80Sm3/day/well.
4) JinQiu ODP and AEP Gas and Oil Wells Appraisal Program – Unconventional.
Basis for Design development, FEED and EPC of 3 Shale Gas TPO surface facilities (unmanned), 4 Shale Gas and Oil/Condensate TPO surface facilities (unmanned).
5) Mosaic Catalog (Standard) Design Localisation for Unconventional TPO Wells - Instrument and Mechanical packages – Unconventional.
China Catalog Mosaic design and localization for Instrument and Mechanical packages, in compliance with local China requirements in terms of legislation, regulations and/or codes compliance.
6) Changbei-II Gas Field (Tight Gas), Fushun Gas Field (Shale Gas), ZiTong Gas Field (Tight Gas) Development Feasibility Study – Unconventional.
Feasibility Study Reports preparation for Joint Venture Partner’s approval for FEED in 2015.
7) Bowen Field Development (Unconventional Gas) Phase-1 FEED – Arrow Energy (Australia)
FEED for Bowen Field Development which comprises Wellpads, Field Compression Facilities and Central Gas Processing Facilities. Total number of well is 395 with 342 MMSCFD production by year 2013. Single well production design basis is 4.0MMSCFD, maximum 9 wells per well pad.

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