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United Kingdom


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45 to 54

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I have extended my career base by studying and travelling, learning from varied experiences, businesses, individuals, and part time work, whilst doing so. I am approachable and thoroughly enjoy interaction with others. I am very comfortable with people on a one to one basis and people tell me that they find me easy to talk to.

I enjoy helping and empowering others. I pride myself in being empathic and non judgemental. I believe that equality of opportunity is best observed in the way people treat, relate to and respect each other.


Citizens Advice and Law Centre, Derby
Generalist Advisor Training/Financial Capability

   Sep 2006
— Sep 2008

Learning about local charities, food banks, local Housing Associations, food vouchers, DWP, housing benefit, job seeker´s allowance, disability allowance, employment and support allowance. Being guided and mentored throughout. Listening to service users and advising them how to possibly best deal with their situations.

Learning about the pitfalls of various retail shops offering long term loans such as Bargain Homes and finance companies, Learning of the different organisations that are available to help those in debt. Learning how best to advise and empower service users. Learning how to give advice on debt management and giving presentations to organisations such as the local Women´s Institutions.


Seasonal Worker

   Apr 2016
— Sep 2017

A variety of seasonal work in Tenerife including supermarket assistant, bartender/waitressing, promotional work for restaurants and office administration,.

Citizens Advice & Law Centre, Derby.
ECINS Administrator

   Oct 2006
— Sep 2015

As a volunteer I worked as an Administrative assistant on and off when I got paid work, such as Ambery Valley Community Transport in Ripley for around 6 months in 2013.

I worked on and off for Citizens Advice and Law Centre, Derby, as a volunteer,
finishing off as ECINS Administrator for about 8 months in a paid capacity.

As ECINS Administrator, I helped to deal with service users at Derby County Council, signing up service users onto the upcoming Universal Credit, answering any questions that they might have and helping them with their problems with housing, benefits etc, and referring them to Citizens Advice & Law Centre or other local services as required..

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