EHV GIS Sub-Station Project Manager; Senior Electrical Engineer

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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Filipino


A highly motivated professional of over 20 years of solid Engineering exposures. Capable of delivering at the highest level of first-rate organizational skills and the ability to produce a consistently high standard of work. With excellent interpersonal skills, effective team player and capable of engaging and liaising with a broad range of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. My professional experience to date has provided a wealth of specialist skills and expertise and I am committed to facing fresh challenges and to pursuing my future career goals.

Registered Electrical Engineer [Licensed], Professional Career Service Eligible [Licensed] & IELTS - International English Language Testing System Proficient.

Posted as EHV Power Distribution Project Manager, EHV Power Sub-Station Project Engineer, Service Engineer, and Service Engineering Manager the field of Oil Field Engineering Services.


Professional Regulation Commission Manila, Philippines
Registered Electrical Engineer

   Apr 1995
— Apr 1995

Passed - Licensure Board Examination

Bicol University Legaspi City, Philippines
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

   Jun 1989
— Mar 1994



Saudi Electricity Co.
EHV GIS Sub-Station Project Manager

   Mar 2014
— Current

Work Scopes

▪ Involved in the design, procurement, project management and commissioning of EHV Projects (GIS Sub-Stations, OHTL & UG Cables); Studying and understanding project scope of work; Coordination with contractors, sub-contractors and agencies involved in the projects; Supervision of site work; Supervising all the activities and coordination with customers and subcontractor; Completing post order of assigned project till Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC); Planning for resources for site activities : within in-house resources or through subcontracting; Coordination with contractors and subcontractors and ensure smooth execution of projects; Responsible for assisting with overseeing and coordinating delivery of projects across their life cycle. This involve managing the technical side and monitoring commercial aspects of the projects to make sure they are completed on time; Preparation of project programs and coordinating various engineering and construction works to bring about successful project completion, presiding project progress meetings, prepare monthly; Ensure that all work are carried out in accordance with relevant legislation (PTS) and company codes of practice (SEC Standards), making sure that there is strict adherence to health and safety policies at all times (OHS).

Saudi Electricity Co.
EHV GIS Sub-Station Project Engineer

   Jul 2012
— Current

Assigned in SEC ( Saudi Electricity Co. ) as Consultant Project Engineer; HARAMAIN HIGH SPEED RAILWAYS 380kV GIS SUB-STATION CONSTRUCTION PROJECT; 6 NOS. EHV GIS ( Gas Insulated Sub-Station ) SUB-STATION PROJECTS
Main Responsibilities as a Project Engineer : Design & review of the project main equipment / components, auxiliaries as per the SEC Standards & Project Technical Specifications; Discourse design crucial modification / revisions with
respect to project execution and its actual functional applications; Perform / Complete the inspections ( RFI - Request for Inspections ) on each of the Sub-Station Project equipment & components prior to its installations & after installations; Witness / approve all of the testing & commissioning on each of the Sub-Station Project equipment / components.
Installation of Six (6) No. 380-110/33 kV Substation for High Speed Railways System with three (3) nos. of 500 - 40 MVA, YNyn0d1, ONAN Power Transformers and allied Switchyard Equipment (380kV GIS , 6 Diameter GIB’s, 12 Feeders, 33kV GIB Switchgear & GIL ) and Control Room Panels (Protection & SAS Panels ), Auxiliary supply systems. Supervision and coordination of activities such as: • Site preparation, measurement of soil bearing capacity for design of suitable foundations for equipment and buildings • Measurement of soil resistivity for suitable earth mat design • Civil works for foundations, cable trenches, control room, fencing and equipment • Erection of equipment support structures, towers and gantries • Erection of Busbar System • Erection of all Equipment • Erection of earthing system connecting to all equipment • Laying auxiliary Power and Control Cables • Providing lightening protection systems • Erection of Control and Relay panels and their earthing • Erection of Station Battery System • Filtration of Transformers Oil Coolants. • Testing and commissioning of all equipment • Witness the performance guarantee test towards the end of guarantee period. Execution of contract with respect to scope, items of works, specification, including cost control. Organizing the electrical works and completes the job, as per the drawings, at the earliest with maximum quality and minimum labors. Periodic review of sub-contractor’s agreed construction schedule; resources mobilized by contractor and progress monitoring. Perform responsibilities of making notes of electrical change, auditing Electrical sub-contractor and providing recommendations, if required Handle the tasks of preparing detailed scope of work and interpreting engineering drawings for assigned projects Responsible for preparing project proposal, project cost and delivery estimation and work schedules Perform daily construction requirements and revision of engineering drawings Responsible for assisting project manager in preparing project appropriation requests for other large projects. Perform the task of evaluating vendor quotation and preparing list of material required for the project Responsible for coordinating with project team in handling technical matters and in preparing project cost Handle the task of inspecting and troubleshooting electrical systems and apparatus. Perform responsibilities of preparing "as built" drawings under the guidelines of senior project engineer. Review project progress, prepare risk & mitigation plans and monitor actual against budgeted costs. Arranging safety meetings for other engineers and electricians and suggesting them to maintain safety measures at work area. Power Equipment Manufacturers • EATON CUTTLER HAMMER U.S.A., SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ABB Switzerland, HYOSUNG Korea & OTHERS

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