Master Grower / Hydroponics ( Special Crops Indoor Technology )

Last Updated: 3rd March 2019 (over 3 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


A highly talented Agricultural professional with enormous experience spanning more than Twenty Two years in farm, and ranch management practice. Proven ability to grow farms and ranch by over 30% annually. Expert in crop farming, and coordinated complex agricultural programs and services such as plant and pest services, and marketing services; and agricultural research operations in support of research, extension and teaching activities. Excellent negotiating skills with banks and other credit lenders to get the best financing deals for equipment, livestock and seed. Deep understanding and effective management of product price fluctuation; knowledge and application of computers for increased productivity; and great planning skills with extraordinary goal getting ability, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• Solid background in agriculture systems
• Supervision and training experience
• Extensive product knowledge coupled with creative ideas of product applications; Good sales records and will proven ability in penetrating new segments of the market
• Ability to train and motivate technical teams
• Adequate analytical and planning skills, companied with ability to coordinate the efforts of a team towards common goals
• Self-motivated, enthusiastic, target oriented and organized

Objective statements:

 To obtain a position in agricultural department with experience of research in the field of plant breeding and farming, crop manufacture, plant propagation and genetic engineering as well as plant physiology.
 To provide honest service by teamwork and facilitate environment that improves career improvement and understanding of the organization's goals while not cooperating on value and performance.
 In search of respectable position as a manager in a well reputed Agro based firm.
 Looking for a job opportunity in a reputed agricultural association to effort as an agricultural scientist.
 Seeking for a position in a agricultural company where I can use my skills and experience as agricultural manager.ion in a company where I can utilize my experience as an agricultural manager.
 To acquire a job opportunity as an agricultural field and to develop experience and knowledge in this profession.
 To assist the agriculture, Agricultural food, and other product which are based on agriculture ability of department to get opportunities, to reply to new and rising subjects, and to path find and lead resolutions to new as well as current issues in order to assist it adjust and stay viable.


Baghdad Agriculture University

   Oct 1992
— Jul 1996

Higher education 1996, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Engineering,
Horticulture Science, Baghdad University / Baghdad-Iraq.


Sheik Adel Abdullah AlMussa, Arjwani Agriculture Group
Master Grower / Hydroponics ( Special Crops Indoor Technology )

   Aug 2017
— Current

Arjwani Farms Owner was seeking an innovative, highly qualified and driven hydroponic greenhouse Master Grower for Huge Agricultural investments to oversee and lead day-to-day operations at KSA – Riyadh , area farm, with a demonstrated passion for making an impact in a start-up environment.
I was That key member of the team ho lead the execution of Arjwani farm production plan by assuring best growing practices that will yield a high quality product Organicly. With Familiarity of different hydroponic technologies, pest management Organicly, and Organic nutrient systems is a must.

Work closely with the CEO and founder to ensure Arjwani Farms is an innovative leader
in urban hydroponic crop production for our local customers
Effectively manage and maintain greenhouse infrastructure,
hydroponics equipment and operations
Determine and operate plant growing conditions; This includes developing the daily
production plan and managing the schedule to maximize productivity and create an
optimal growing environment
Harvest, prepare and package produce for delivery
Oversee, manage and direct the growing and facilities staff
Maintain detailed records of crop activities and observations, including growth records
Conduct research and development in growing techniques and crop development
Provide training and support to greenhouse technicians and business development staff, as needed
Perform other related duties, as assigned, for the purpose of ensuring the efficient
and effective functioning of the greenhouse
I am suppose to prove self-starter and leader that works well both independently and collaboratively in an entrepreneurial growth environment
Motivated to accept additional responsibility as the farm grows and expands
Experience attracting, developing and managing greenhouse support staff
More than twinty years of experience in greenhouse management leveraging hydroponic techniques
Knowledge and practice of plant nutrition and pest management without chemicals.
Extensive knowledge of hydroponic production of Vegetables, microgreens, and leaf Special crops
Familiarity with a variety of hydroponic technologies and lighting systems
Strong communication skills (verbal and written), as well as the ability communicate with diverse groups of individuals
Strong computer and problem solving skills
Flexibility in schedule including evenings, weekends and holidays ( Emergency Only )

Sheikh Khalid Mansoor Al Qahtani Wadyan Agriculture Group
Master Grower / Hydroponics ( Special Crops Indoor Technology )

   Aug 2016
— Aug 2017

Excepting invitation from the sheikh to identify and evaluate his agribusiness and flash back with technical requirements; collecting and analyzing data, crop yield and financial reports to measure performance for the project he is going to get fun from the government no less than 35 million with 80000 Sq Meter of greenhouses and 500000 Sq Meter of open field land for two sectors hydroponic and organic; preparing visibility study , business, operating plans; organizing and conducting field trials to find solutions to the project problems; planning through planning team and implementing improvements for the project such as using more effective pest control measures ( IPM ) or finding more efficient ways to reduce the cost of production; organizing presentations, demonstrations, training, and farm walks, colleagues, partnership organizations, professional bodies and other interested groups; communicating effectively, both in writing and orally, with investors , colleagues and members of the public; writing advisory leaflets, technical notes and possibly press releases and articles; marketing and promoting consultancy services to new customers, while maintaining existing client relationships; researching and keeping up to date with any relevant developments in agriculture;

Al Jenan Al Khadraa Agriculture Tools Trading Co. L.L.C
CEO / Founder

   Aug 2014
— Aug 2016

Establishing big agency for hydroponic gravity watering System will change all the irrigation waste through old watering systems in the world for reduce wastage of water irrigation and the cost of production for green house cultivating projects called ( Auto pot Watering System ) it comes from UK and I am suppose to create market for it in Avery sophisticated scientific way in the middle east and join it with solar energy cooling system to come out with unique non electric cultivating environmental unit will feed all the universe in the near future , it is dream of a new world of no more hunger.

The SIDRA LLC. Agriculture Company
Contracting Farm Manager

   Aug 2012
— Aug 2014

Enjoy my managerial responsibilities, the chance to work directly with the land and see visible results for my efforts. Key responsibilities include:
• forward planning
• making policy decisions
• Maintaining accurate financial records comparing with the budget.
• organising sales and purchases of livestock, farm equipment, crops and agricultural products
• handling paperwork and keeping administrative records
• recruiting, training/instructing and supervising farm workers
• making sure that work progresses satisfactorily
• ensuring compliance with government regulations and health and safety standards
• keeping an up-to-date knowledge of pests and diseases
• ensuring that the farm is profitable and meets projected financial targets
• organising maintenance/repair of farm property, equipment and machinery
• advertising and marketing farm products
• Establishing of organic farms entity friendly of the environment in the UAE.
• Building plans for organic cultivation through a hybrid system that combines aquaculture technology and organic farming.
Variations in workloads relate to seasonal demands - some unsocial hours may be necessary during busy periods (eg during harvesting or lambing) and managers will be expected to deal with emergencies.

Nabat Agriculture Contracting Company.
Production Manager – agricultural consultant

   Aug 2005
— Aug 2012

As a production Manager & agricultural consultant for producing special kinds of vegetables in side green houses & in the open field such as ( tomato, cucumber, strawberry, egg plant, coriander, hot pepper, sweet pepper, beans, cabbage, broccoli, colorabi, & others), professional in the soilless planting with less using of pesticides in special shield green houses, farms managements for more than 800000 square meter, supervising & establishing a big show rooms , establishing new company called Nabat for trading & supplying seeds and fertilizers, inspector for the vegetable prices inside the local market, and make fertilizing, irrigation, and pesticides protection programs for the farms inside Kuwait, invent the most usefully ways non chemical solutions to protect the plants from the insects or anti freezing , use the protection net isolation from the white fly, and the water cooler system for the green houses, start a big nursery for indoor and out door plants, and fruit trees, control a seed trial station to select the good seeds from the resistance , purity & find out the germination percent before we start to use the seeds in the field and recommended to the costumers .

P.S: Subcontract from inside the company:-
• (Visiting Algeria 6month since 31/12/2006 tell 29/06/2007 to make a training for the Algerian farmers in the new ways of producing vegetables and fruits for trading to Europe)
• ( 8months from 15/02/2008 tell 15/10/2008 Training agriculture programs for Burgan Agriculture Company engineers and stuff in Kuwait & establishing seeds test station in Abdali area, made open field day for Peto seed, S&G Agencies).
• ( establishing two agriculture projects inside Kuwait Alghanim Farms 800000 Sq meter 700 cooling tunnel houses along with more than 350000 Sq meter open field area
• Alabdalia Farms 15000000 Sq meter 150 cooling polycarbonate green houses along with more than 500000 Sq meter open field area

P.S: Agribusiness Adviser:-
 The Private Office H.H. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
U.A.E – Al Ain,
• Manage staff.
• Responsible for the success or failure of the various farms.
• Manage overall farming work and supervised activities.
• Develop farming techniques and crop growth of the farm ranch.
• Revise farming work and food production.
• Monitor activities for environmental degradation and environmental effects of farming.
• Manage the financial aspects of the farm and payment deals.
• Manage cattle and livestock for additional production.
• Maintain all facilities and farm equipment to facilitate better production.
• Upgrade pasture and food stock for the cattle.
• Decision making on crops to be sown and farmed.
• Arrange fertilizers and pesticides for the farm.
• Revise employer's activities.
• Manage crop purchases and sales.
• Manage sales of agricultural products and crop pulses.
• Plan and coordinate agricultural regulatory activities.
• Interact with environmental groups to prevent deforestation and safeguard crops.
• Manage agricultural expenditure budgets spent on buying and procuring agricultural fertilizers and tools.
 The Private Office H.H. Sheikh Abdullah Al Rushaid
KSA – Dammam,
As agricultural consultant or adviser, like any consultant, I am professional problem-solver, offer support and solutions to my clients to ensure their business or enterprise is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. For farmers; growers; landowners; conservation organizations; other agricultural businesses which belong to the Sheik.
technical consultancy - providing specialist advice on agronomy, nutrition, livestock, the environment and conservation, waste management and other technical applications;
•visiting clients to identify and evaluate their business or technical requirements;
•collecting and analyzing data, crop yield and financial reports to measure performance;
•preparing or modifying business or operating plans;
•organizing and conducting field trials to find solutions to clients’ problems;
•planning and implementing improvements for the client such as using more effective pest control measures or finding more efficient ways to keep and feed livestock;
•organizing presentations, demonstrations, training, and farm walks for clients, colleagues, partnership organizations, professional bodies and other interested groups;
•communicating effectively, both in writing and orally, with clients, colleagues and members of the public;
•writing advisory leaflets, technical notes and possibly press releases and articles;
•marketing and promoting consultancy services to new customers, while maintaining existing client relationships;
•researching and keeping up to date with any relevant developments in agriculture

Othman Belal Abu Hagleh Agriculture Company.
Technical Manager (Senior Agronomist)

   Aug 2002
— Aug 2005

As a Technical Manager & Project Manager for planting special kinds of vegetables in side green houses & in the open field such as ( ice-berg, red leaf, red weave, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, procel sprouts, leak, salary, batavia,colorabi, & others), professional in the soilless planting with less using of pesticides in special shield green houses, farms managements for more than 250000 square meter, supervising & establishing yearly contracts for supplying vegetables daily to five stars hotels & restaurants, establishing new company called green gardens for trading & supplying fruits or vegetables.

As Project Manager to establishing the biggest project in “ Tohama / Yemen “ (Hayel Saeed Ana' am agriculture company) more than 240000 square meter for producing special kind of vegetables which ordered from the fast food restaurants & five stars hotels outside Yemen to the Arabian gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, & Bahrain.

Regional for cleaning Gardening & pest Control Company
Technical manager

   Aug 2001
— Aug 2002

As Technical Manager, agricultural & pest control supervisor training programs, marketing the services of the company, assistant management developer, negotiation contracts for big shopping centers, hotels & restaurants, testing swimming pools water from over chlorine treatments, landscaping, stuff training process program.

Al-Ain link Agriculture Company,
Branch Manager

   Aug 2000
— Aug 2001

as Branch Manager for agriculture consultation, seeds & pesticide marketing, soil testing (EC) & (PH), testing hybrid seeds in agriculture station, open field and green houses establishing, farms management, fertilizing & irrigation programs, huge farms establishing.

Agriculture Process Company,
Agriculture and pest control engineer

   Aug 1996
— Aug 2000

As an agriculture and pest control Engineer, gardens establishing, agricultural training, marketing, contracts establishing, landscaping, farms management, (EC) & (PH) testing for soil, fertilizing & irrigation programs,training agricultural processing for staff, pest control management for big projects .