Technical/Vocational Training Consultant

Last Updated: 2nd July 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Kingdom


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Demonstrated professional with experience and training working in development and leading others. Leadership skills help inspire others to want to meet their goals through collaboration and personal growth, strong interpersonal and listening skills that helped to facilitate the production and interactions with others within the industry framework.
Exceptional attention to detail, results-driven and hard-working, extremely analytical, dynamic, motivated, adaptable, self-sufficient individual that is able to think outside of the box.
Eagerly searching for an opportunity where the extensive experience and expertise can be put to use further growing the business and propelling continual self-development and growth.


Nigeria Liquid Natural Gas (NLNG)
Business Owners Approval Systems (SAP)

   Oct 2015
— Dec 2015

CPD SAP Systems Development

Nigeria Liquid Natural Gas (NLNG)
Management Users Workshop (SAP)

   May 2015
— Jun 2015

CPD on SAP Systems

Nigeria Liquid Natural Gas (NLNG)
Leadership Qualities and Enhancement

   Feb 2014
— Jul 2014

CPD Upgrade

Nigeria Liquid Natural Gas (NLNG)
Financial Management Systems

   Feb 2012
— May 2012

CPD Upgrade

Greenwich Community College
BTEC. Assessment Techniques Validation (D34)

   Aug 1996
— Jun 1997

City & Guilds London Qualification

Greenwich Community College
BTEC. Assessment Techniques Accreditation (D33)

   Sep 1995
— Jun 1996

City & Guilds London Qualification

Greenwich Community College
BTEC. Assessment Techniques (D32)

   Sep 1994
— Jun 1995

City & Guilds London Qualification

Greenwich Community College
BTEC. Competence in Training & Development

   Sep 1992
— Jun 1994

City & Guilds London Qualification

Greenwich University
BA Hons. Education & Training

   Sep 1991
— Jun 1994

Thames Polytechnic
Certificate in Education (Further Education)

   Sep 1988
— Jul 1989

Council for National Academic Awards


Vocational Professional Development
Technical Director

   Aug 2017
— May 2018

To establish a Vocational Academy, overseeing the building design, refurbishment, developing academy operational manual/documents, procedures, staff, third party and contractor services contracts, negotiating terms and conditions of service, marketing, staff selection and training, sourcing funding with NGO’s, International Funding Bodies.

City & Guilds London
Technical Advisor

   Oct 2016
— Jan 2017

A consultancy working with City & Guilds London on the UK/Department for International Development (DFID-funded) MAFITA youth engagement project, to develop vocational skills to increase economic opportunities and social inclusion of disadvantaged groups. Developing vocational learning materials and providing expert advice on training requirements in a challenging environment, drawing on industry expertise and an extensive understanding of the country

MCS Consultants Nigeria
Technical Advisor

   May 2016
— Aug 2016

A partnership between MCS Consultancy Nigeria in conjunction with the Nigerian Vice President’s Office and the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, aimed at developing job creation and youth employment projects. Developing relationship with community members and local industry to establish their needs and skill shortages to ensure the curriculum offering would meet all parties’ approval and awarding bodies standards. Designing student support procedures/system for the marginalized groups

Nigeria Liquid Natural Gas (NLNG)
Technical Director

   Jun 2004
— Dec 2015

Working with company directives and the local community to establish a concise framework of structured learning and training to meet the standards of the awarding bodies and discipline related employment needs. Create and develop a Centre curriculum program meeting the aspirations of all parties. Responsible for training and developing a Centre management/instructors/support team. Formulate a teacher training program meetings the awarding body’s relevant standard of professionalism. Liaison and network with external agencies for the delivery of training programmes for staff/students, Facilitating the process of external training programmes for all employees. Develop contracts with national/multinational clients/contractors/companies/NGOs. Manage fiscal activities of the Centre and obtain funding from local and international companies, oversee the handling of all outsourcing services. Craft a HSE/staff policy handbook incorporating offices, workshops and related areas, advise the Board of Trustees on educational/training strategies, procedures and delivery.