Electrical Commissioning Engineer

Last Updated: 28th November 2017 (over 4 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Filipino


Over fourteen (14) extensive years experience in the field of electrical power and controls in the field of Manufacturing, Customer Service and Oil & Gas industry centered in Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO), Jack-up Rig, Semi-sub Rig, fixed Platforms and green field/brown field works. Expert in project management, planning, inspection, installation, testing, commissioning and operation/maintenance of electrical system such as HV, LV and DC system, power generations, industrial controls & instrumentation, PMS/VMS system, permit to work system, project completion system and hazardous zone classification.


Mapua Institute of Technology (Manila, Philippines)
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

   Jun 1995
— Apr 2000


SOS HR Solutions (Seconded to National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC-Abu Dhabi))
Senior Electrical Commissioning Engineer

   Mar 2015
— Current

• Execute contractor requirements including document reviews, Operational Test Procedure preparation/execution, inspection/ walk downs, pre-comm/comm testing , punch clearing and completion of electrical systems up to hand-over to end user (Systems Including: 22kV GIS Switchboard, UPS System, Sub-Station/414V Switchboard, Motors and Pumps, Solar Power System, Flare Control Systems, Generators, Lighting and Distribution Boards, Earthing System, HVAC System, Heat Tracing System,Marine Navigation Lighting System)
• Liaising and execution of work with construction team, vendors, engineering and client for handover of electrical systems.
• Prepares commissioning documents such as pre-commissioning and commissioning check sheet database for ICAPS, JSA, Work Method Statement, Operational Test procedures (OTPs), Mechanical Completion Dossiers (RFC) and System Completion Package (SCP) dossiers and hand-over certificates (HOC).
• Facilitate daily work permits, work assignment to subordinates including safety requirements.
• Interact with inter-discipline for system work completion
• Field testing and troubleshooting
• Expedites technical solutions and material requirements to close punch items.
• Prepares material and equipment lists for commissioning works.
• Formulates technical site queries, proposing solutions and implementation.
• Arranges and expedite handover of packages and documents to client/end user
• Prepares daily progress reports, schedule matrix, vendor time sheets and drawing mark ups.

PT Mcdermott Indonesia
Senior Electrical Commissioning Engineer

   Oct 2013
— Jan 2015

• Responsible for the completion of electrical scope of the following systems: gas turbine generators, gas driven compressors, diesel generators, motors, VFDs, switchboard/MCC, distribution panels, UPS systems, navigational aid systems, lighting systems.
• Preparation of Function Test Procedures (FTP) for onshore/offshore scope and implementation
• Witnessing/punch listing and attending Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of vendor equipment
• Prepares database of pre-commissioning activities and commissioning technical database into PIMS
• Liaising and coordinating with production with regards to production schedules, progress and system completion
• Organizing and responsible for purchasing of commissioning materials and start-up consumables
• Coordinating and arranging vendors for equipment site testing and punch list clearance
• Prepares commissioning documents such as equipment test records, livening-up notices (LUN), sub-system handover certificates, commissioning certificates (RFCC).
• Coordinates with clients for system completion, witnessing, document approvals and handover
• Prepares work permits and coordinates safety requirements for daily activities
• Interact with inter-discipline for system work completion
• Planning of manpower daily work activities and approving of timesheets
• Integration testing with process and control system
• Prepare and expedite handover of packages and documents to client/end user

Petrofac Energy Development
Electrical Commissioning Engineer

   Oct 2011
— Apr 2013

• Recommends and implements modifications/additional features which are not part of project designs
• Prepares switching procedures, operating procedures for reliable electrical system operation and maintenance
• Offshore commissioning of LV/HV drives, switchboards and switchgears
• Pre/post first gas/oil operation and maintenance support
• Completion of outstanding work for first gas and first oil start up
• Document handovers and knowledge transfer to operation
• Assists package vendors for commissioning
• Material Ordering and job cards preparation
• Manpower supervision and work scope preparation

• Prepared inspection work packs for the completion team and reports progress to management on a daily basis
• Reported variance in construction issues, cable schedules, engineering drawings and issues to management for feedback
• Vessel inspection of electrical and instrument equipment, prepared pre-commissioning and commissioning check sheets, as-built drawings
• Performed loop checks, fill-out ITRs and produce punch list items and registers to the system
• Created MC ITR and PC ITR of newly installed equipment and system boundary drawing
• Identified equipment from vendor packages, creates ITR class and register to WinPCS
• Liaised with yard construction personnel and vendor personnel regarding work progress and modifications
• Performed HV/LV synchronizing tests and switching
• Assisted in commissioning and Operation of Solar Dual Fuel Gas Turbine( Solar 60)
• Electrical Panel, switchboards, starters troubleshooting, modification and function testing
• Switchboards/switchgears interface checks and function tests with ICSS
• Generator load capacity testing (thru load bank) and generator protection tests
• Dead ship and Black start recovery function testing

Austen Maritime Services Pte Ltd.
E & I Technician/Inspector (Woodside Energy Ltd - Client Representative)

   Dec 2010
— Jun 2011

• Performed inspection of vessel installation of electrical equipment and instrumentation thru walk downs and tri-party (installation to area acceptance) based on the project specifications and reports variance thru punch list system
• Reviewed Mechanical completion, Pre-com/ and commissioning Inspection Test Records (ITR) and documents (function tests) against expected test data and factory recommended values/settings
• Prepared pre-inspection checklist prior to tri-party walk-down inspection
• Reported variance in the construction works versus the design and recommended solution if necessary
• Attended to equipment function tests and Operational Test Procedures (OTP) and assured that the equipment functions as what it is designed to. Any variance in the performance were noted and given solution.
• Prepared as-built and reported to system in-charge for updates, correction and registry to the system

Air Energy Group Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Electrical Commissioning Technician

   Mar 2010
— Dec 2010

• Performed pre-commissioning and commissioning activities which includes loop checks, bus bar resistance test (ductor) and insulation resistance testing, energisation and testing of switchboards, switchgears (HV/LV), MCC’s, distribution boards, battery charger panels, motors and lighting panels
• Checked vendor equipment circuits and field terminations against established drawings and do correction and modification if necessary
• Performed start-up and function test of switchgears, motor controllers, UPS, battery chargers and generator
• Performed Isolation of equipment prior to energization, clearing of MC and PC- ITR’s, prepares mark-up drawings as a result of an agreed alteration of circuits with clients and performs equipment CFTP as part of client handover.
• Performed primary and secondary injection testing of switchgears (HV/LV) protection relays, CT’s, PT’s ratio, polarity and flick test
• Cleared punch list items registered in PIMS and submit signed documents by clients to PIMS coordinator
• Set of parameters for breakers and protection relays and testing interlocks are working in accordance with the design and logic
• Generator start-up and function test including routine checks until sail away
• PMS loop verification, function checks, load sharing/shedding functions, inhibit and black start simulation from PMS panel to HMI and electrical power system ( HV switchboard, primary/emergency generators, LV switchgears, HV/LV motor control centers, ASD and ICSS)

Megawatts Engineering Services Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Electrical Service Engineer

   Feb 2009
— Feb 2010

Noble Drilling (Noble Jim Day Rig Project) - Jurong Shipyard, Tuas Rd, West Jurong, Singapore

• Acted as an electrical engineer site rep. for the Noble Jim Day project to do electrical pre-commissioning and commissioning works on low voltage systems ( switchboards, motor control center (MCC), power panels, lighting transformers, battery chargers, pumps, compressors).
• Prepared pre-com report/ commissioning checklist/drawings for the equipment to be energized and corrects minor punch if necessary
• Practiced HSE policies and spread it out to worker level
• Prepared isolation and energizing permits if necessary
• Liaised with clients to do reports , design discrepancy versus equipment installed and coordinates with yard workers if necessary to accomplish tasks as instructed

Noble Drilling (Noble Danny Atkins Rig Project) - Jurong Shipyard, Tuas Rd, West Jurong, Singapore

• Project coordinator for Megawatts supply manpower (up to 30 men) to Noble Drilling Services (Noble Danny Atkins Rig Project) to assist on inspection, commissioning and modification and troubleshooting of systems such as: main generation, emergency generation, switchboards/ MCC/ distribution, mud system auxiliaries, thruster auxiliaries, VMS/UPS system, ballast control system (BCS), ESD, fire and gas detection system, column and pontoon ventilation, quarter’s ventilation, normal and emergency and quarter lighting systems, PA/GA/Telephone system, water mist system and ITR verification and reporting (April 2009 to October 2009 (Sea trial period))
• Prepared time sheets for all the manpower supply at NDA project in a day-to-day basis
• Organized safety meetings and implemented HSE procedures
• Repaired/tested/calibrated breaker and performed troubleshooting of protective devices of generators (Pacific Sword surveying ship)
• Provided offshore installation/modification of panels utilizing marine standard procedures and equipments.
• Provided assistance to personnel fabricating panels and controls in the shop area.
• Provided Power Quality Monitoring measurements and analysis to be utilized in client sites.
• Performed Primary Current Injection and Secondary Current Injection test of power breakers and protective relays of switchboard protections and breaker components using Programma Oden primary current injection test and ISA/DRTS.6 digital relay test system and using TDMS software.
• Performed Power Quality Analysis of Main Distribution Panels, Loads using Unipower Unilyzer 902 PQ tester and its software.

Sykes - ASCO Power Technologies (Emerson Network Power) -Pasig City, Philippines
Application Engineer/Technical Support Engineer

   Jul 2006
— Jan 2009

• Provided technical support to consulting engineers, facility managers, contractors, and systems integrators and owners via telephone and E-mail concerning ASCO transfer switches (OTTS, CTTS, DTTS, ATB, CTTB, and DTTB), industrial control products (Surge protection devices, remote control switches, mechanical contactors) services and technical application through phone/email.
• Provided basic know-how to customers inquiring codes and standards for applying transfer switches and basic switchgear.
• Provided general start-up assistance to customers planning to put ASCO products in service by phone on 1-800 number
• Provided documentation, database gathering of all technical inquiries for analysis.
• Logged all calls, email inquiries and description of problem and solution
• Contributed to knowledge base by recording question-answer pairs
• Provided training of account products and business applications
• Used internal tools to confirm right selection of ASCO products with their application.
• Made recommendations for system upgrade, improvement on electrical application requiring the use of ASCO products.
• Provided technical support to customers of Firetrol Fire Pump Controller Products

Franklin Baker Co. Of The Phils. – Kraft Foods International, Laguna, Philippines
Maintenance Foreman

   Sep 2002
— Jul 2006

• Planned and supervised the work of skilled electricians and mechanics in the installation, maintenance, and repair work on low voltage, plant-owned electrical system; identified and repaired defects in process-related electro-mechanical and pneumatic equipment (gas and liquid flow measuring devices, chillers, boilers, ovens, pumps, compressors, elevator, VFDs, control valves, dryers, blanchers, generators, compressors, metal detectors, conveyors, air and water filtration system, mechanical feeders, conveyors, switchgear, process instruments and recorders)
• Estimated supplies and materials initiated by projects and regular maintenance requirements and prepared job orders and payments for the contractors
• Reviewed job performances of workers and prepared work activities in a day-to-day basis
• Reviewed and updated maintenance and calibration schedules and procedures by strictly following the requirements of the ISO regulating body and Kraft standards
• Inspected facilities and installations and recommends alterations or revisions, upgraded the plant’s electrical system and updated the plant’s electrical plans
• Monitored the workmanship and performance of subordinates by inspecting projects assigned to and completed by them
• Implemented changes on the product process initiated by attending trainings and seminars held by vendors and agencies
• Performed analysis and recommended changes that improved operations, decreased turnaround times, streamlined work processes, and improved quality and customer service
• Trained and provided vocational development for subordinates
• Audited the management system of the plant as part of the internal audit team.

Gold Stream Environmental Marine Planning Services, Laguna, Philippines
Cadet Engineer

   Oct 2001
— Apr 2002

• Designed, built electrical system and controls of a suction dredge vessel
• Fabricated dredge vessel auxiliary equipment and functioned as a dredge vessel operator.
• Maintained equipments and tools and made sure they are readily usable.
• Supervised crew to do the daily assigned tasks