Computer Science Specialist

Last Updated: 6th August 2019 (over 3 years ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Malay


I am writing to you to express my interest in joining yours’ academic team as an instructor, Note that I have the relevant experience with this kind of positions, since I was working as a lecturer at Al Qassim University for more than 10 years, beside my training experience as an IT trainer in top computer centers in KSA and Jordan.

Moreover, I was working as an AACSB coordinator at AlQassim University for more than 5 years, beside my position as data room supervisor, where I was responsible for administrate the college database, including: acquiring, evaluating, classifying and filing data related to accreditation, as well as, issuing annual/semiannual reports, handbooks, brochures, posters and stands from scratch. Moreover, I was responsible for evaluating CBE staff and programs.

I complete my BA degree in the year 2000 with an honor and a very good GA, and that prompting my university to immediately appoint me as a laboratory supervisor and teaching assistant, as well as, the Master degree in the year 2007 with a very good GA, after that I got an opportunity to Join the University of Al-Qassim, KSA as an academic lecturer.


AABFS, Jordan
Master Degree in computer information systems

   Sep 2004
— Feb 2007

Philadelphia University, Jordan
BSc in Computer Science

   Sep 1996
— Jul 2000

Philadelphia University, Jordan
BSc in Computer Science

   Sep 1996
— Jul 2000


Al Qassim University, KSA
Computer Science Lecturer

   Apr 2008
— Oct 2018

- Conducted different CS Courses.
- AACSB Coordinator.
- Data Room Supervisor.

Philadelphia University, Jordan
Teaching Assistant

   Aug 2000
— Mar 2008

- Conducted Lab courses.
- Labs technical support.

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