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United Kingdom


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification

Arabic, English, Hindi


Telecommunications technician with 19 years of Oil & gas Onshore/offshore experience, and Possessing extensive knowledge, hands on experience and educational trainingof Electrical, electronics & telecommunications systems installed in oil fields. Being appreciated for team player with Strengths hard working, Problem solving, accountability &good customer communications.


Electronics and Telecommunications

   Aug 2011
— Aug 2014

3 years Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications. Complete 2014...


ADNOC Offshore (UDEEL Company.)
Antenna rigger technician

   May 2012
— Dec 2019

Organization:- UDEEL Consultant Company
Customer: Zakum Development Company (ZADCO). ( )
Designation: Antenna Rigger Technician.

Project Description: ADNOC is the main oilfield company in UAE and around 40 oil companies have share with this .Out of these, ZADCO and ADMA are the main offshore oilfield company are big participant to produce the oil and gas for to ADNOC. .ZADCO having around 90 wellhead platforms (WHPS ) with oil produce water Inject Gas lines platforms, produce around 6,50,000 barrels of oil per day , are all connected to four zone MTU(Main Terminal Unit) to FCC (Field control centre).to receive the data from field via microwave system.WHP have RTU (Remote Terminal System ) is signalling via master radio.

Responsibilities (RTU AND TELECOM SIDE)-
1- Our main task is to support and arrange the require material/transportation facilities and documents from workshop to field WHPT/MTU destination, check record if is pending issues before visit that location. Senior technician will check any(Alarm indicate in system from FCC (Field Control Centre) as per that Lab testing cabinet in workshop on power Meter, RF signal RX/TX spare Accessories like CIT radio, cards different kind of fuses Or power supply, gas filling apparatus etc. prepare healthy condition .
2- For New project to support like how we do the work, preparation, toolbox talk and work permit JSA plus MCT opening for cables passing and proper PPE , tools used as per schedule and roll out plan for the completely safe work.
3- Responsible for high priority and urgent basis job, with all preparation material /Test devices/transportation requirement for the task.
4- While the work in field (WHPT) concentration for to manage the transportation schedule and availability on time with required things.
5- For routing jobs like weekly life boats/Emergency Team radio test ,CCTV monthly routing side visit ,cleaning & servicing ,if faulty camera replacement job. Public Address/Gas Alarm (PA/GA) system weekly test and trouble shooting, three months Preventive Maintenance. If any indoor or outdoor speakers /PA/GA system is not working then checked. Base support or speaker/Cables need replace then need to arrange necessary requirement, like arrange scaffolding and work permit, Pager daily movement, six monthly Rx /TX transmitter testing setup. Marine mobile VHF and UHF (Motorola & Entel) Radios Daily movement ,weekly Testing and for repairs send to Mussafah Lab , make Consignment Note handover to traffic control office . PLCR system (Power line carrier system) Preventive maintenance.
6- Microwave, SDH System Marconi-Ericsson and Al-Catel fibre link (Synchronous digital Hierarchy).Networking structure laying cables UTP ,STP and termination and Exchange Nokia system DM2 maintain record troubleshooting, new lines cabling & termination MDF to user end troubleshooting , well as Hotline/Intercom and gas master points weekly testing Plus R&D materials Consignment Note prepared etc.
7- On tower laying different coaxial and signal cables different types of connectors, cameras maintenance, troubleshooting and replacement. RTU, CIT radios Nitrogen Gas filling on all four sites (ACPT & Three Satellites) locations includes with 65 WHPT do the same, and hook up and 10/90 calibration plus cable labelling termination, fuses card cleaning. Several places to view the right requirement, like in plant area need (PTW), Vessel Entry permit, another like cold /hot permit as per job category.
8- We also work with different team like maintenance to rerouting//trunking our cabling of voice/data PA/GA or CCTV as per they are doing renovation design structure of office and accommodation even new and more edit point of any system.
9- Keep maintain of w/shop store and office as well as exchange and Equipment room, clean tidy and do maintain, well for in case anything need so find visible.
10- The entire job mostly required the permit to work with proper PPE and safety first.

Petroleum Development of Oman (Jawad sultan Technology.)
Sr. Tel. Technician

   Jan 2008
— Apr 2012

Organization: Jawad Sultan Technologies LLC. ( Customer: Petroleum Development of Oman. Designation: Sr. Telecom Technician.
Project Description: The aim of this project is to build an IP telephony Infrastructure that will be used to deliver the future voice communication Services in PDO. PDO IPT project includes over 10,000 user migration from Old Siemens GPT (ISDX) Solution to New Avaya (S8700 Critical reliable) System. This project is executed in 4 phases where over 100 locations are connected over. Fiber UTP, STP, Radio & M/wave link Maximize wired Connectivity with minimum Fault occurrence

1. Responsible for ensuring timely & high quality installation and activation as per targets.
2. To undertake field visits and find solutions to installation related problems.
3. To undertake Preventive Maintenance of Network Elements laid in field Pillar,
4. Sub pillar, and DP to customer end & also done Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) of new Installation of location.
5. Responsible for resolving local liaison issues.
6. To resolve all complaints in the stipulated time.
7. To attending the weekly progressive meeting with different Departments and Company’s Site Manager.
8. Scheduling the execution activities as per the roll out plan.
9. Plan and ensure material availability, bill verification at vendor end.
10. Handling Audits for company to achieve the Quality work done as per Company norms.
11. Responsible for all Documentation & total field consignment note (FCN).
12. Responsible to provide work according to Customer Satisfaction & Customer Delight.

Petroleum Development of Oman (NEC)
Telecom Technician

   Dec 1995
— Dec 2007

Project Description:-The aim of this Contract to supply manpower to Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO). Company to work under the supervision of Team leader/Supervisor request with Company to direct hire employees to be with them, a division of under telecommunication department, as like Microwave Telecom Exchange /Data, Project Section & RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) section, to work as per schedule carried out.

1. Worked as Site Supervisor In PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT OMAN LLC (North & South Area) Telecom Network Division (ETH UII & NOW UIIO).
2. In charge of Project Team for supporting round Operation and Maintenance activities.
3. Responsible for the trouble free operation of 2 wire telephone faults, Installation & Shifting in whole sites Area.
4. Work involved in installation of 1.2 metre. High gain dish with feeder for Wilan converge in North & South area.
5. Works involved in installation of Yagi Antenna with feeder for HF radio converge in Station & Rig Sites from Microwave Station.
6. Works involved in installation of Omni Antenna with feeder for Wilan converge in All M/W Station area.
7. Works involved in installation & maintenance of Antenna & Dish with feeder in All Coverage Area.
8. Works involved providing telecommunication to Drilling unit Rigs via V-Sat (Very Small Apparatus Terminal) by using Telephony Earth Station (TES) in remote area.
9. Works Involved in Drilling Rigs for Provided telecommunication via wilan radio.
10. Works involved in installation & maintenance of 9 Meters. Helomasts (DSR) with feeder in all area for provided telecommunication to Drilling Rigs in remote areas.
11. Works involved in OTDR testing, Fibre Cable Blowing & Duct Integrity test (DIT).
12. Responsible for UTP STP Low Loss Cable (CAT-5 & CAT-6) installation for data network/MW in Whole PDO Area.
13. Responsible for all new lines installation & Shifting of telephones in each location Area.
14. Works Involved in any of copper & Fibre cable splicing, jointing and testing.
15. Responsible for HF, VHF, Air to Ground Radio & TETRA Radio Installation in different kind of vehicles.
16. Works Involved in Major breakdown in the telecom network in PDO area by quick identification and trouble shooting of the problem resulting in minimum possible time.
17. Planning and execution of Copper Cable for basic service and installation of copper cable for telecoms.
18. Active participate in solving/troubleshooting in emergency situation in telecom network.
19. Responsible for all Documentation & total field consignment note (FCN).

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