Corrosion engineer

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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, French


I am a highly motivated individual, eager to learn, looking to advance my skills and further my career in the oil and gas industry.
Previous experience and studies have exposed me to oil upstream activities from drilling to oil treatment and stabilization processes including Well field operations and servicing.
I have a depth knowledge and good approach to cooperate to health, safety and environment. Practices based on practical experience and formal training such as personal safety involvement.


University of OUARGLA - Algeria
Magister in Chemistry

   Sep 2008
— Jun 2013

Specialty: Organic and Molecular Physical Chemistry

University of OUARGLA - Algeria
BACHELOR degree, Chemistry

   Sep 2004
— Jun 2008

From my university studies I have got very good understanding in CHEMISTRY and related operations, Separation, Extractions, Analysis, Chromatography, Synthesis of products...etc.


Corrosion engineer

   Jun 2013
— Current

I belong to Corrosion and inspection service management, and some of my responsibilities and duties are:
1- Chemical and physico-chemical Analyses in laboratory.
2- Bacteria (SRB) Monitoring.
3- Scale Monitoring .
4- NDT Inspection (Visual inspection, PT Test, Durometer and Baroscopic).
5- Chemical treatment (Biocides (SRB) (Chock), Scale inhibitor, Demulsifier and Corrosion inhibitors treatment (Chock & continuously) .
6- Cathodic protection Inspection (CP Measurement, CP diagnostic, CP Monitoring and CP Readjusting).
7- Inspection (QA/QC Plan Shutdown inspection, Risk Assessment, Shut down planning Inspection).
8- Chemical Analyse ( Residual Inhibitor and Physico-chemical analysis water)
9- Bacterial Analyse (Drinking Water and Water analysis bacteria (fire water system)).
10- Coating repairer (Application procedure Internal and external coating, and the procedure external coating underground pipes).
11- Operating, controlling, monitoring, inspecting, and troubleshooting vital process control systems and equipment in plant and facilities (P&ID, PFD, Isometrics,..) . I have also been involved in shut down operations, preparation and start up as a plant foreman.

Middle school BELGHANNAM
Teacher of High-tech

   Oct 2012
— Jun 2013

Computer Literate/Proficient in MS Office and other related systems…etc

University of OUARGLA - Algeria
Chemist laboratory

   Jun 2009
— Oct 2012

Collects samples, Prepare chemical solutions in accordance with established procedures and standards, Exercises proper isolation of chemicals and keeps the equipment clean and in good working condition, Performs calibration test on equipment, if assigned, Observes the safety rules and regulations when working in the Laboratory, Assists in the preparation of the chemicals, glassware as gas cylinders inventory and reports any deviation that may affect instruments precision to the supervisor …etc.

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