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English, Hindi, Punjabi


I am Gurwinkle Singh.I have over 6 years of experience in IT Networking.I have troubleshooting skills in Exchange Server,Active Directory,Office 365,Cisco Routing and Switching.I can configure Lync and VMWare as well.I am looking for opportunity which can increase my skills.I have skills in Macroeconomics,Microeconomics,Finance,Stocks,Balance Sheets etc.


Access Infotech Pvt Ltd
System Administrator

   Apr 2015
— Current

It is the dedicated profile for Network and System Administration. I am working on the issues and configuration of protocols OSPF and BGP. I configured access-lists. I am working on Routers, Switches, Servers and Office 365. I am working on Lync Server which is software VOIP. I am troubleshooting issues related to desktop and Microsoft VPN etc. I am working on Exchange Online. I am handling issues related of SPF, Domains, email not coming, emails not going outside hybrid, mail flow, journaling etc. I am working on issues related to MX Record. I was working on Active Directory also. I was handling servers in VMWare 5.5 ESXi host. Applying group policies. Working on connectors. Configuring VLANs,VTP,HSRP on cisco routers and switches. I am working on DNS,DHCP, FTP etc. I have worked on issues like database corruption in exchange premises. Issues related to outlook, OWA, free/busy and calendars. Deployed exchange, lync 2013, configured switches and routers. Configured Active Directory etc. Troubleshooted issues related to Active Directory. Transferred the FSMO roles. Designed the network and servers, DMZ in the network. I helped IT Manager/CTO in making the yearly budget of the IT Operations including ERP, HR Solutions, support solutions, accounting and facilities solutions, licenses, investment on devices.

Convergys India Pvt Ltd
Technical Support Engineer

   May 2014
— Mar 2015

It was a dedicated troubleshooting profile and I was deployed into Exchange Online Protection team and DirSync. I was looking into the issues related to Accepted Domains. Email is not getting received for the particular user and if he also not able to send the email. Issues related to transport rules. IP address is getting blocked, hybrid connectors are not set properly. Issues with the MX record, SPF record and if emails are coming as junk emails. User is blocked or IP address is required to be delisted. Setting up SMTP Relay. Spams are coming into the outlook and it needs a look. Working with the NDRs. In DirSync, issues related to DirSync is not getting installed and requires a reinstallation. Distribution lists are not syncing. Hard match is required to be done. Users are not able to login and more issues related to the DirSync and Active Directory like creating another domain name for the users. Using the lidfde command to troubleshoot the hard match

HCL Comnet Pvt Ltd
Senior Analyst

   Jul 2012
— Aug 2013

Finding out the issues related to BGP, HSRP, ARP, Interfaces, DSL, T1 lines, finding issues related to Frame Relays, port security and little bit of VPNs. Performing Level 1 activities in the enterprise. Working in the project of Toys ‘R’ Rus which was consisting of 800 stores and warehouses around the globe. Also finding out the fault at the Customer Premises Equipment and then troubleshooting them. Clearing the ARP Entries, troubleshooting the interfaces, issue exist with port security or there is a duplex mismatch between the speeds of the two properties or something is wrong with the interface property like disabled or not connected and rebooting the routers according to the requirement. Issues related to LMI Interface on service provider. Finding out the states are established or Idle. Finding if EIGRP neighbors are down or not. Creating the VLANs and assigning the computers to the particular VLANs. Basic configuration related to VTP and trunks. If something like domain name on particular switch is not working or need to be added again. Troubleshooting the exchange free/busy issues. Resolving the issues related to calendars, ActiveSync. Troubleshooting the outlook clients and reconfiguring them. Resetting the password. Creating the users. Troubleshooting DNS records issues with dnslint command. Checking the health of the active directory with the dcdiag command and performing the replications with the repadmin /syncall command

Marfic Software Solutions
System Administrator

   Jan 2010
— Jun 2010

Maintaining and monitoring the networks of US Based Clients. Performing activities on clients like VPN, Outlook, Printer Sharing. Creating the users, groups, Assigning the mailboxes to the users and sharing the files and folders for the convenience of the employees. Adding the users and making them mail enabled users, also troubleshooting the users who are not able to access the exchange server, outlook. Escalating to the upper level team if not possible to troubleshoot the problems. Troubleshooting the exchange databases with the Eseutil commands. Disconnecting the users from terminal server if they forgot to disconnect through qwinsta and rwinsta command.Fixing the users profile if the profile is corrupted. Troubleshooting the OWA authentication and login issues. Creating the profiles of the user and if user is not able to login to OWA, changing the authentication. Troubleshooting the Information Store service by checking database is corrupted or some issue with the active directory or issue is with the anti-virus. Connecting the computers to the wireless networks as per the requirements. Also performing the folder permissions on security groups and giving read/write permissions. Mapping the drives. Identify the problems related to network by looking into the event viewers in windows servers. Monitoring of ISR Routers like 2800,2500,3600,2600 etc, switches like 3500, 2900, 3700 and complete knowledge of Network Devices from Core layer to Access Layer. Troubleshooting the issues related to configuration issues of cisco switches and cisco routers. Configuring the VLANs, port-security on the switches. Troubleshooting the issues related to access-lists and also configuring them. Configuring the static and OSPF routes. Troubleshooting the Wifi routers for the clients. Rebooting them and changing the passwords.

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