BE in mechanical engineering with 7 year experience in combined cycle power plant and Desalination

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United Arab Emirates


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25 to 34

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Bachelor in mechanical engineering, Highly Resourceful and Efficient Maintenance Professional with 7 years hands-on experience.
Experience in Power plant, Combined cycle power plant, Open cycle gas turbine, combined cycle gas turbine, Steam turbine, HRSG and MSF Desalination Plant.
Successful proven 7 year in power Plant Maintenance and New/Augmentation maintenance activities from many Prestigious and Global firm TATA POWER PLANT and MIRFA international power and water company.
Versed in ensuring safety compliance.
Professional Ethics “Service to mankind derives Success of all kinds”.
“Success through Hard/Safe/Team work”.


Nagpur university
BE in mechanical engineering

   Sep 2010
— May 2013

AL-Kabir polytechnic
Diploma in mechanical engineering

   Jul 2005
— Aug 2008


Mechanical senior technician

   Oct 2017
— Current

• Design and execute maintenance strategies , procedure and method. carrying out routine scheduled maintenance, preventive and corrective maintenance, Major outage work for gas turbine and its auxiliaries.
• Responsible for preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance in OCGT, CCGT, Steam turbine, HRSG, MSF desalination plant, HYPO chlorination plant, REMIN plant.
• Responsible in gas turbine hot path inspection and major overhauling, provide technical support for the plant rotating equipment including air compressor, gas turbine, steam turbine, pumps and their auxiliary systems.
• Monitor equipment and machinery shutdown and manage maintenance and start up activities as need.
• Oversee the installation of new equipment in the plant and assign duties related to replacing, removing, checking, repairing, and overhauling of equipment.
• Prepare and submit regular progress report and monthly maintenance report and highlight any pending issues and problem that need high level intervention.
• Assign task to technician and direct hand on participation to execute all day to day mechanical maintenance activity on gas turbine (GE 9E & 7E)& steam turbine.
• Assist the Sr. maintenance supervisor in planning and scheduling of work when required.
• Supervise, coordinate and perform breakdown, shutdown maintenance for rotating and stationary equipment’s.
• Assist the lead engineer for the field checkout and trouble shooting.
• Monitoring and planned preventive maintenance in major pumps like boiler feed pump, condenser extraction pump, vacuums pump, blow down pump, recirculation pump etc.
• Diagnose cause of malfunctions by sight, vibration analysis, oil analysis, sound, or action of on steam turbine, gas turbine, pumps, compressor, mechanical system and auxiliary system.

Mechanical maintenance engineer

   Jun 2013
— Current

• Maintained all low and high pressure boiler and its auxiliaries , Improve Equipment reliability by increasing the mean time between failures (MTBF) while reducing the mean Time to repair (MTTR).
• Preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance of rotating equipment, turbo machinery and its auxiliaries.
• Prepare inspection check sheet for individual equipment such as turbine, boiler, major pumps, lube oil system and safety equipment. Prepare job monthly report.
• Prepare SOP and method statement for different job and maintenance activity .
• Attend shutdown planning meeting and suggest for the planning.
• Coordinated the repair and improvement of all water utility and related system including pumps, water softeners, piping, also maintain waste water facility.

• Coordinated the repair and improvement of all water utility and related system including pumps, water softeners, piping, also maintain waste water facility.
• Generate preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance work order.
• Lead a maintenance team assign task to the of the day to day maintenance activity.
• Inspect , replace and overhaul of major pumps like boiler feed water pump, condensate pump, booster pump, recirculation pump.
• Inspect, repair and maintained compressor, heat exchanger, condensers, steam trap, valves, filter.
• Perform the Alignment of Turbo machineries using various method.
• Perform trouble shooting activities as necessary to determine failure conditions and rectifies defects
• Work with Plant Operations for resolving problems encountered with mechanical equipment.
• Ensure necessary spares, tools and consumables are available to carry out the planned maintenance of Mechanical equipment’s.
• Records and reports to the Maintenance Manager all rectification jobs undertaken and Generates reports of equipment failures.

Mechanical maintenance supervisor

   Aug 2008
— Sep 2010

• Supervised the maintenance activity in the of waste water treatment plant and rotating equipment.
• Preventive maintenance, repairing and overhauling of compressor, centrifugal pump, vertical pump, dosing pump and its accessories.
• Overhauling and repair of various valves, steam trap, and safety devices.
• Preventive maintenance of axial flow and centrifugal air compressor and FD & ID fans.
• Carry out repairs to all types of plant and equipment in a safe, timely and professional manner.
• Delegate Maintenance Technician's work list and assure it is completed timely.
• Assist in the development of planned preventative maintenance schedules (PPM).
• Carry out PPM schedules as necessary and planned work orders as required
• Report breakdown root cause, equipment faults and concerns to management, Group Leader.
• Respond to maintenance request for equipment fault diagnose ,repair and return equipment to operational service.
• Identify spares requirements and control / log usage.

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