Construction Manager

Last Updated: 26th April 2019 (over 3 years ago)

South Africa


Phone Number


Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Afrikaan, English



• To increase my experience within a company that demands high standards and encourages growth and motivation.
• To work in an environment that strives for solutions and productivity.
• To work within a company that strives to achieve its mission and objectives – a company that has a vision and inculcates in its staff a sense of professionalism.
• To find synergy, with a motivating, organised and secure company that would be interested in establishing a committed relationship where both the employer and employee are supported.
• To reach self-actualization within my field of interest, involving all my gained knowledge and skills.


• With my tertiary qualifications and various functional and proficiency courses, in conjunction with my work experience, this has led to the creation and development of my style of systematic and planned thought process and action.

• As a manager I realize the importance of leadership and team work. I actively involve all in the business and thus create very strong teams, who are professional, dedicated to the task at hand, all which lead to imaginative and successful results.

• I have a variety of interpersonal skills that have been developed working with a wide range of personnel, and thus I am able to address the needs individually or as a group.

• I have a firm sense of loyalty, which has resulted in creating a professional work environment, which is task and client driven, resulting in tasks being achieved within the specified parameters.

 Credentials:
Bachelor of Military Science (Business Administration) Degree
Diploma in Advanced Project Management
 Management and Leadership:
Proven management and leadership skills, demonstrated in the oversight of working with a project team (consisting of the clients, architects, engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical, fire), QS’s, and various other professionals); have as many as 5 foreman reporting directly, each with a team of 10 to 20 personnel, and in excess of 45 different subcontractors and suppliers, (with a total staff count in excess of 200 on any given project).
 Accounting and Financial Management:
Responsibilities for Budget, Budget Variance Analysis, Payroll, Petty Cash, Month-end reporting, Client billing and Procurement.
 Analysis and Reporting:
Extensive cost-, value-based and quantity-based analyses and reporting to Surveyors, Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers and Company Management. Experienced in independently gathering data from multiple sources, performing accurate analyses and supplying comprehensive report(s), where required.
 Project Management:
Oversight of annual construction programs (in excess of R 100 million). Prepare and implement construction programs, including subcontractor projects. Ensure set targets are accomplished as specified by client, within budget, on time and at the required quality standard. Survey the site in preparation of commencing construction. Responsible for the complete building set out, checking, construction and finishing, as per the issued drawings, program and instructions. Assist with site safety, as per the regulation and specification.
 Resource Management:
Manage company plant and vehicle fleet. Scheduling of subcontractors, materials and staff, ensuring adequate allocations to complete assigned projects (tasks) safely and on time, within budget, and within required quality specifications.
 Client Relations Skills:
Developed and maintained extensive, productive working relationships with Client, Architects, Planners, and Contractors to ensure the successful delivery of results.

Areas of Strength include:

 Management (Operations, Accounting)
 Project Management (Construction)
 Financial/Cost Analysis
 Budgeting/Forecasting
 Occupational Safety
 Operational Audits
 Problem Solving
 Work Flow Planning
 Contract Administration
 Client & Vendor Relations
 Performance Management
 Staff Leadership & Training

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