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Dear HR Team,

I currently based out of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and I am most interested in any role you may have wit your Clients either currently and or in the future as a Project Construction Manager. Over the years I have gained an array of valued experience through the major construction project management experience both here in Australia and overseas (Indonesia, Laos, PNG) as the EPCM contractor working for Tier1 Clients and acting as their representative. I am well versed in working in remote locations in Third World countries, hot arid locations within Australia and dealing with major Clients and local contractors, etc.

The projects I have been managing more recently have been minerals processing related infrastructure and plant construction well in excess of AUD$800mil – Iron Ore, Bauxite, Coal, Gold, Silver, and Copper either as a complete new "green fields" construction or as an expansion of a "brown fields" site. In all these projects, there is also a heavy requirement for piping, vessels and tankage for each production facility. A sample of the projects is: –

• FMG Port Expansion - WA
• BHP RGP5 Rail - WA
• Water Corp Port Hedland WWTP - WA
• Alcoa Pinjarra - WA
• Lake Lindsay Coal - Qld
• Hidden Valley Gold - PNG
• Martabe Gold Project – Indonesia
• Sepon Copper/ Gold Project - Laos

Earlier in my career as an indentured boilermaker and worked for many years in my trade as well as pipefitter spooling pipes both in the field and in a workshop environment. I progressed into the management of many projects at various levels of site management in the Hydrocarbons and Power industries extensively within Australia and a minor tenure in Indonesia. These projects have ranged from major green fields construction to brown fields extensions within current operating plants. Some of these oil and gas projects have been: -

• Moomba and Jackson’s oil and gas fields with the construction of satellite collection and processing facilities, installation of well beam pumps
• Moomba main processing plant many extensions and upgrades and modifications
• Cobar NSW gas collection and pumping stations upgrades
• Extensive fuel processing and storage facilities in Port Bonython Sth. Aust. (processing facility) and Adelaide (Refinery, BP Shell, Mobil bulk storage facilities) in South Australia.
• Tarmac refuelling facilities at the Alice Springs Airport NT

In all cases a successful company or project is not managed by one person alone, leading by example promotes and inspires the success and achievement required with this combined knowledge and expertise of the entire team, collaborating together to achieve the goals set forth.

The roles I have performed on many projects have been one to develop the project execution strategies and pre-planning, safety and construction plans prior to mobilising to site construction. This has included scheduling milestone performance and resource allocation, budgetary allocations, evaluation and selection of package subcontractors, design and installation of remote camp facilities and infrastructure and the selection of the site construction team members. As we mobilized to the site/ construction phase my responsibilities then extend into the establishment of site construction facilities and infrastructure and full construction management with a very high emphasis to instigate the high levels in safety and quality performance required from all parties involved in the project. Additionally, a high emphasis is required to liaise with the project, engineering, design and procurement teams as well as the client’s site construction team.

Throughout all of this the systematic recording of contractual variations and quality control documentation to ensure the project remains within project profitability and contractual requirements. I promote a close liaison with the clients communicating and negotiating as required throughout the project ensuring few surprises are left for the project closure.
I have spent many years developing my project and operational management skills utilising the benefits of the various projects and companies I have managed. Within the scope of my responsibilities has naturally been the financial accountability of either the project or the company I have managed, developing concise, timely reporting formats encompassing the criteria expected of the contract.

The development and monitoring of project financial budgets, as well as achieving milestone project budgets/ targets is well within my expertise. Monitoring and benchmarking individual and overall performance, defining and analysis of the critical path within the project schedule as well as defining logistical requirements.

I am conversant with current OH&S requirements, openly promote and participate within safety committee and site “toolbox meeting” functionality. The hydrocarbons industry is one that demands high quality in the facility itself and again high safety standards for its installation and operations, this is the environment I excel within

I have personally negotiated Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA) and Site Based Agreements, in a multi-trade skill working environment, to the mutual satisfaction of all parties concerned. Managed projects and manufacturing facilities that were either working toward or within ISO 9001/ 2 accreditation for quality assurance and control relative to their industry.

Additionally, I have managed engineering fabrication workshops and businesses and I would like to be considered for these roles as well – General Manager/ Workshop Fabrication Manager/ Branch Manager/ Production Manager as I have had extensive experience in this field and I have held similar roles over the course of my career to date, the most notable are below.

A sample of some of my senior management roles over my tenure: -

Branch Manager – South Pacific Steel (PNG); company turnover PNGK20mil
General Manager – JFK Engineering (Aust); company turnover AUD$20mil
General Manager - Niugini Steel Corp (PNG); company turnover PNGK18mil
Branch Manager – Hornibrook NGI (PNG); company turnover PNGK30mil
Contracts/ Construction Manager - Prince Engineering Portland Vic
Operation Manager – Samaras Structural Engineers SA
General Manager – Port Lincoln Marine Services Shipyard SA

Most of these tenures included not only the fabrication/ manufacture of the package materials/ items but also the on-site installation of the designated scopes. I am more than capable with the depth of my experience gained from these companies coupled with my extensive exposure with Tier 1 contractors and their clients. I can see me being able to bring a lot of my skills and expertise to your Company and products.

The strengths I will bring to the company are wide ranging and will enhance and develop the company to achieve the goals set by the board of directors:

• The ability to effectively liaise with all levels of the company structure, my interpersonal skills are very good. Take your team onboard, be direct, polite and honest with them all and they will work for you and the objectives of the company. This also extends toward your clients, Government departments and officials alike.
• I have been exposed to a diverse array of cultures through the many countries I have worked and travelled through. This exposure has shown me how to adapt to and embrace the people and their cultures and make this a strength for me in the objectives I am seeking to achieve whilst managing the company and or the project.
• The ability to build a great company team structure by having the right person carrying out tasks to their ability, but still extending themselves and nurturing the best out of them and rewarding them on their successes.
• Open and honest communication at all levels to ensure everyone has a clear picture of our current status and the progress toward our objectives. I like to look outside the box and nurture team participation on all levels and encourage everyone’s ideas and contributions.
• Change management strategies of the existing and look for continuous improvement at all levels of the company into the future to align with goals and targets defined
• My financial and contractual skills are good analysing and reporting back to directors and overall team. Development of fiscal/ sales company budgets and targets.
• Diverse industry knowledge; oil/ gas, mining, manufacturing, construction, building services suppliers, procurement supply, resource development.
• A strong safety and quality culture, paramount in the oil and gas industries and many other industries alike
• I have been exposed to and embraced many company systems and procedures (WHS/ QA/QC/ ENV) and accounting software packages over my tenure
• Managing multi-million-dollar projects in Australia and several overseas locations under adverse conditions to successful conclusions. All projects are multi-layered, complex and diverse demanding strong leadership and control on all facets and stages of the project and I have found it is no different than managing a company. This has instilled great management qualities which I utilise and adapt to ensure the best outcome
• Strategize and formulate business/ financial plans for the short and long-term development of the project/ company
• Provide concise and accurate reporting to all levels of management and clients alike

I am a very good team player within the company, and I project and employ a fair and open communicative workplace empowering my fellow team players to extract their very best for the tasks at hand.
I am currently available and I look forward to discussing my application with you in the near future


Graham Fulton
+84 (0) 934190172

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