Regional Business Developmemnt Manager

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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Portuguese, Spanish


Senior expat executive with work and managing experience in Venezuela, England and Brazil.
Managed multidiscipline teams, identifying areas of improvement to achieve business financial goals.
Business-development pro who consistently meets corporate goals.Entrepreneurial leader who performs well in team environments
Develop new business opportunities across partnerships and create innovative company solutions.
Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Bi-culturally insightful and profit-minded operations expert
Entrepreneurial leader who performs well in teams and multicultural environments.


Universidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela) / Universidad Metropolitana (Venezuela) / Stanford University. California
Electrical Engineer with Degree in Finance and Administration

   Sep 1989
— Jul 2005

Decision Making Program
STANFORD University | Palo Alto, CA | 2005

Advanced Business & Finance
UniversiDAD METROPOLITANA | Caracas, Venezuela | 2000

Electrical Engineer (1st in class)
UniversiDAD SIMON BOLIVAR | Caracas, Venezuela | 1989


Goodwing Group. United Kingdom
General Manager

   May 2013
— Current

Director / General manager at two companies in Brazil for UK based group. Gold Star Powders Brazil manufactures & sells investment casting products, equipment & consumables for jewelry and industrial casting markets. Goodwin Pumps sells & services specialized slurry pumps for iron ore, aluminum & other mineral extraction facilities.
General Manager – Gold Star Brazil (Brazil)
Oversee all business operations and financial results for a 5,000m2 production facility. Responsible for all sales in Brazil and the Latin-American region. Produces and sale metal castings supplies, specially for Gold, Silver and Brass jewelry casting markets.

General Manager – Goodwin slurry pumps (Brazil)
Supervise all sales, business operations and financial results for the heavy slurry pumps division focusing on large and medium mining companies as well as new markets that service the heavy slurry management. Main customers are as Vale, AngloAmerica, Samarco, CSN. Projects range from US$1M up to US$300M.

Integrate and rebuild company’s teams. Define new management positions and responsibilities achieving cost reductions of US$100K per year.
Design company’s 3 years strategy, develop service partnerships with main contractors for the mining sector resulting in sales growths of 40% in the first 12 months, and for the metal castings sector improved revenues by 35% by setting a new target/commissions scheme.
Restructured company distributors and representatives, resulting in market share growth by 25% in the first 18 months, introducing new products and developing new markets in jewelry and industrial casting products and equipment sales.
Latin-American exports. Conceptualized and executed business sales and growth strategies in Latin American with a sales growth projection of 30% per year.
Introduced heavy pump rental program, considering market changes that forced customers to reduce their CAPEX budget. Developed a new business line increasing 50% revenues (US$2M), in the first year.
Identify new projects and built up new market opportunities with non-mining customers (dredging projects, heavy slurry from water treatment plants, etc), increasing revenues in US$500k with a projection of US$15M per year.
Implemented and started the mining slurry disposal solution service, transforming the company profile from an equipment sale into a solution option.
Implemented ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX, including functional design and definition of business parameters that included integrating complex Brazil taxes matrix and invoicing following Brazilian fiscal rules.

Independent Consultant

   Apr 2008
— Dec 2012

INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT • Caracas, Venezuela • 2008 - 2012
Consulted at corporate level for different business lines designing strategies and initiatives to confront challenges of the complex economic and political environment in Venezuela.
Re-structured and promote new business strategies by designing and implementing new sales and business development schemes for Bavarian Motors (BMW) luxury car distributors in Venezuela and in other Latin American countries; for a private medical imaging centers; and for a stock trading and funds banking group (Solfin).

TECNOCONSULT, S.A. • Caracas, Venezuela
General Manager, Venezuela Branch

   Jan 2007
— Feb 2008

TECNOCONSULT, S.A. • Caracas, Venezuela • 2007 - 2008
An engineering project company serving the Oil & Gas and Electric Utility industry with operations in Venezuela, Abu-Dhabi and Houston with $80M in revenues and 800 employees.
General Manager, Venezuela Branch
As Director for the Venezuelan operation oversaw all financial and project engineering performance, commercial relations and new business development. Reported to CEO and Board of Directors.
Reduced costs by 20% (US$ 1 million) the first year, after implementing outsourcing of support activities, reducing overhead headcount and cutting the number of advisors to management.
Renegotiate ongoing engineering projects with negative results achieving a positive impact of US$2.8M on financial results.
Improved account receivables mainly from government related entities and from PDVSA. Renegotiate local bank debt from a short-term debt (12 months) to a mid-term debt (48 months).
Played active role during revision of all ongoing projects and EPC contracts, renegotiating contract conditions to reduce exposure for the local operation. Helped negotiate company walk-out of a $1.2M EPC contract.

La Electricidad de Caracas
Corporate Planning Director & Business Performance (last position in this company)

   Jul 2000
— Jan 2007

LA ELECTRICIDAD DE CARACAS • Caracas, Venezuela • 2000 - 2007
Largest private power electric utility company that served the city of Caracas (Venezuela) and surrounding areas. $800M in revenues; 1,2M of customers. Corporation held interests in several other companies in the Telecom industry, Independent Power Plants.

Corporate Planning Director & Business Performance (2004 - 2007)
Directed all financial and strategic planning, corporation budget preparation, modeling, coordination, approval, and follow up. Conducted new initiatives evaluation and development during new customer approach strategy reviewing business alliances and commercial partnerships. Set strategic goals, KPI, monthly headquarters report, and accountability based on performance. Oversaw Financial Modeling Group covering mid/long-term targets and company financial results based on long term macroeconomic variables. Reported to CFO, COO and CEO.
Power Distribution Business Unit Business Performance Manager (2000 - 2004)
Coordinated operations and maintenance groups improving customer interruption time. Managed third party labor and materials supply contracts. Prepared and consolidated year budget for distribution system business unit. Developed and presented monthly business performance indicators and performance improvements initiatives.
~Additional experience as Head of Protective Relay Operations / Maintenance Group Manager and Generator Specialist for La Electricidad de Caracas ~

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