Mechanical Superintendent

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55 to 64

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification



I am a multi-ticketed Construction Professional with over thirty years experience in the heavy construction industry, specializing in Rotating Equipment, Stationary Equipment and associated Piping. Multiple positions have included Project Management, Contractor Supervision and Coordination, HSE Leadership, Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Mechanical Inspection, System Turnover, Commissioning, Constructability, Scheduling, Estimating, Safety, Design and Training.

My experience working on an EPC Construction Management Team has included coordination with multiple sub-contractors and their safety coordinators. Using daily progress meetings to set targets which were reported on in detail and assigning specialized critical path teams to ensure that objectives were met. My role as Mechanical Coordinator has included creating IWP’s, ITP’s, auditing, the issuance and resolutions of NCR’s towards the successful conclusion of a project.

Skills and attributes include current knowledge of Construction Industry Best Practices, a comprehensive knowledge of construction disciplines, specifications and standards, the ability to organize, manage resources, team build, make critical decisions, problem solve, oversee and maintain audit programs.

My background contains practical execution of and advanced knowledge of the following:
• QA/QC Management
• quality control process including turnover
• receiving, warehouse functions and material management
• procurement procedures
• coordinate offsite activities
• coordinate and supervise sub-contractors
• meeting agendas, recording action items, set completion dates
• understanding contract documentation and how it pertains to the work scope

Intermediate working level of Excel, Word, Power Point, Visio, Work Face Planning and fair knowledge of P6.

I appreciate your time in considering my resume for a position and look forward to hearing from you.


Welder F4 Approved

   Mar 1995
— Sep 1995

Industrial Mechanic Red Seal

   Sep 1992
— Mar 1993

Journeyman Millwright

   Sep 1985
— Mar 1987

Simonds High School

   Sep 1979
— Jun 1980

Program: Academic


Local 2262

   Jan 2017
— Current

CIMS Limited
Mechanical Superintendent / Assistant Manager

   Feb 2016
— Dec 2016

 Supervised all mechanical activities
 Created Mechanical and Grout Execution Plans including estimated Man-Hours for S.O.W.
 Inspections and O.S. & D’s performed on all incoming materials
 Executed complete Preservation Program In-Field
 Author Preservation Plan and execute In-Field with tradesmen
 Working with Q.A., authored Check Sheets for I.T.P. and completed client inspections In-Field
 Developed I.W.P. for H.S.E. and mentored tradesmen at Hiring and Safety meetings
 Directly participated with C.M.T. to complete multiple S.O.W.
 Held all permits for Project and oversaw Lockout Discipline
 Designated Machinery Representative (API-686)

Husky Energy
Mechanical Coordinator / QA Mechanical & Preservation

   Jan 2013
— Sep 2015

 Coordinator of three Mechanical Contractors while working directly for client and part of Construction Management Team
 Directly managed a variety of Quality Assurance and Project Management related functions within a fast-paced environment concentrated on completing a twin SAGD project.
 Oversaw all construction activities and maintenance with daily care of both Rotating and Static Mechanical equipment, reported any damages and/or deficiencies and developed solutions for mechanical issues.
 Provided training / feedback to team members regarding Quality Assurance related functions, performed surveillance on Project sites, approved Inspection Sheets and ensured all Safety Best Practices were enforced.
 Maintained positive relationships with Co-Workers, Executive Management and Contractors.

QA Mechanical & Preservation

   Sep 2010
— Jan 2013

 Coordinated all aspects of project with focus on a high level of Quality and timely completion.
 Monitored all Rotating and Static mechanical equipment installation and developed solutions to mechanical and/or technical issues.
 Worked closely with Construction and Contracting Personnel, performed surveillance of grouting and equipment alignment, and signed off on check sheets after reviewing field conditions and standards.
 Created and implemented both I.T.P.’s and C.W.P.’s which were used by project team members in addition to turnover binders tailored to each members scope of work.

QA Mechanical Inspector / Construction Coordinator

   Feb 2009
— Sep 2010

 Facilitated the care and preservation of all rotating and static mechanical equipment which included identifying equipment issues and devising solutions.
 Oversaw several high-level auditing functions such as creating C.A.R.’s, P.A.R.’s and N.C.R.’s adhering to all organizational standards and industry specific Best Practices.
 Maintained positive relationships with contractors and vendors, implemented all L.T.P.’s and C.W.P.’s and reviewed Turnover Binders
 Played a lead role in overseeing all installations ensuring Quality Standards were maintained along with management of all equipment grouting and alignments prior to construction.

Cascades Engineering
Construction Supervisor / General Foreman (Rotating Equipment Specialist)

   May 2007
— Nov 2008

 Directly managed a variety of Construction and Operations functions within a fast-paced engineering company and oversaw several Project Management related functions.
 Supervised team members including Millwrights and Fitters providing individualized coaching/feedback in addition to training others on the use of both G.E. and Siemen’s Turbines.
 Supervised the installation preparations including foundation anchor bolts, tapered wedges for foundation, grouting, supports, alignment, leveling and installation/flushing of piping systems.
 Oversaw the alignment of motors and equipment trains, performed Q.A. inspections, ensured spill containment plans were in place, and handled Hazardous Materials as per WHMIS requirements.
 Attended toolbox meetings and administered daily Tailgate and H.S.E. talks, completed Incident reports and successfully resolved complex Quality Assurance related issues.