Occupational Health, Safety & Security Management

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South Africa


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45 to 54

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Other Post Graduate

Afrikaan, English


In a professional career that spanned more than 30 years, I have built up a strong reputation for dependable, trustworthy performance, integrity and sound judgement. Having served early on with both the South African Police Force and South African Defence Force, I am able to draw on a solid foundation of discipline and leadership. In subsequent professional roles, I have led teams in delivering an outstanding level of compliance and client service, helping organisations maintain operational efficiency in challenging circumstances. I have also managed my own independent consultancy services on separate occasions, building up a strong portfolio of clients and delivering excellent service.

I have extensive experience managing security operations and ensuring EHS compliance for a variety of organisations in South Africa and Internationally. In each position, I maintained an outstanding level of integrity, showed strong leadership and client liaison skills, and met all targets and objectives outlined in the service level agreement.

By involvement in the Consultancy field, I have gained vast knowledge & experience through exposure to industries ranging from FMCG, warehousing/logistics, agricultural and agri-processing business, mining, construction. I’m a competent auditor of implemented standards and systems; and adept at documenting, implementing and maintaining systems and standards to ensure companies achieve and maintain the required levels of compliance to legislative and regulatory requirements.

I was then head hunted by a Client to join them on a contract as the EHS Safety Superintendent for a leading mineral sands mining company, operating world-class assets in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

My task was to establish & maintain an Occupational Health & Safety Management system which met not only Sierra Leone National legislative and regulatory requirements, but to ensure international standards were considered as a bench mark for our endeavours. Through these efforts, and under extreme conditions; a Mine site record 414 days, with no Lost Time Injuries – LTI was established. This was achieved by enforcement of the Company procedures/policies, implementing necessary skills training and establishing forums which elicited buy in from not only Management but the broader workforce.


Managing Safely

   Sep 2016
— Feb 2017

- Introducing Managing Safely
- Assessing Risk
- Controlling Risks
- Understanding Responsibilities
- Understanding Hazards
- Investigating Incidents
- Measuring Performance

University of Cape Town
Occupational Health & Safety

   Jun 2015
— Feb 2016

Course Module 1: Introduction to OHS
Course Module 2: Organisation of health and safety management
Course Module 3: Risk assessment and control
Course Module 4: Managing hazards
Course Module 5: Managing machinery, power sources and other equipment
Course Module 6: Managing hazardous substances
Course Module 7: Managing health stressors and training
Course Module 8: Managing construction activities and incidents
Course Module 9: Preventing, preparing for and responding to fires
Course Module 10: Managing health and safety performance

Safety Risk Management Consultants
Working at Heights

   Mar 2013
— Mar 2013

- General Safety obligations
- The requirements to perform work in elevated positions
- The planing process for work in elevated positions.
- The inspection, care and storage of fall arrest and necessary replacement of faulty equipment.
- The need to to ensure correct record keeping.
- Components of a fall arrest harness.
- Knowledge and understanding pertaining to working platforms, ladders, scaffolding & walkways.
- Hazards of working on rooftops.
- Work environment - lighting & noise

Safety Risk Management Consultants
Occupational Health & Safety Act 85/1993 and Regulations Legal Training

   Nov 2012
— Dec 2012

- Occupational Health & Safety Law - History
- Republic of South Africa legal framework
- Various liabilities
- Appointments and Legal liability
- Overview of Occupational Health & Safety Act 85/1993 and Regulations

Safety Risk Management Consultants
Manage Occupational Health & Safety on a Construction Project

   Apr 2012
— Apr 2012

- South African OHS Legislation and liability.
- Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments on Construction Projects.
- SHE Principles & theories.
- Preparing a Construction Safety Specification.
- Preparing & approving a Construction Safety Plan.
- Contents of a Construction Safety file.
- The Construction process.
- OHS Compliance audits on a Construction Project.

Safety Risk Management Consultants
Accident & Incident Investigations

   Mar 2012
— Mar 2012

- The specified requirements pertaining to conducting an investigation into workplace incidents.
- Preparation of data gathering for an investigation
- Gathering and evaluating information.
- Performing post investigation functions.

Safety Risk Management Consultants
Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments

   Jan 2012
— Jan 2012

- Introduction to Risk Assessments and types of Risk Assessments.
- Preparation to conduct Risk Assessments.
- Hazard Identification.
- Risk Assessments.
- Remedial action to mitigate Risk.

Conduct Moderation of Outcome Based Assessments

   Jun 2011
— Jun 2011

- Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of an outcomes-based assessment system;
- Plan and prepare for moderation;
- Conduct moderation;
- Advise and support assessors
- Report, record and administer moderation, and
- Review moderation systems and processes

Conduct outcomes based assessments

   Jul 2008
— Jul 2008

Conduct assessments within my field of expertise. Based on a generic assessor unit standard (Conduct Outcomes-based Assessments # 115753) to ensure assessment of peoples’ achievement of learning outcomes in terms of specified criteria using predesigned assessment instruments.
- Demonstrate understanding of outcomes-based assessment
- Prepare for assessments
- Conduct assessments
- Provide feedback on assessments
- Review assessments

The South African Bureau of Standards
ISO 9001 – Implementation

   May 2008
— Nov 2008

- Understanding Quality Concepts, the purpose and rationale for a QMS
- Understanding the PDCA cycle
- Describing the benefits of a QMS
- Understanding the Quality Management Principles and their application in organisations
- Applying the Process Approach in a QMS
- Describing the 4-tier QMS documentation model
- Implementation off ISO 9001 requirements
- Interpretation and application of Quality Management Principles and Requirements
- Examination

The South African Bureau of Standards
Implementation ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

   Jul 2006
— Jul 2006

- Typical framework for implementing ISO 14001:2015 following the PDCA cycle
- Considering key concepts and requirements of ISO 14001:2015 from an implementation perspective
- Implementing key concepts and requirements of ISO 14001:2015
- Specific documented information requirements of ISO 14001:2015
- Using gap analysis to conduct a baseline review of your current system.

The South African Bureau of Standards
Auditing ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

   Jul 2006
— Jul 2006

- Guidelines of management system auditing according to ISO 19011:2011
- Application of auditing guidelines to ISO 14001:2015
- Initiating, preparing and conducting audit activities
- Preparing and distributing the audit report
- Completing audit and follow-up.

SAMTRAC - Risk Management

   Nov 2004
— Dec 2004

Module 1: Foundations
Module 2: Legal
Module 3: Safety
Module 4: Health
Module 5: Environment
Module 6: Risk Management
Module 7: Management Systems (A)
Module 8: Management Systems (B)

Isikhova Security & Training Centre
Security Officer B

   Nov 2002
— Nov 2002

Damelin Management School
Security Management

   Jan 1993
— Dec 1993

- Security Practice
- Basic Security Principles and Practices
- Security Law
- Criminal Investigation
- Management
- Industrial Relations
- Corporate Investigation
- Industrial Security


Compliance Consultants
Self employed

   Mar 2017
— Current

 Managing an independent OHS compliance consultancy, assuming a comprehensive range of functions from customer service and delivery to accounting, invoicing and regulatory compliance.
 Delivering Environmental & OHS services to a diverse client base, development and implementation of documented management systems to maintain legislative and regulatory compliance and business integrity.
 Conduct training skills programs in the field of Occupational Health & Safety.
 Compiling Health & Safety files.
 Compile Fall Protection Plans.
 Occupational Health & Safety legal compliance audits.
 Implementing and documenting Emergency Evacuation scenarios.

Sierra Rutile Limited – Republic of Sierra Leone
EHS Safety Superintendent

   May 2015
— Jan 2017

 Instrumental in the development and implementation of short and long-term safety plans in line with company policy, objectives and national and international requirements.
 Achieved and exceeded KPA’s. Achieved 414 days with no Lost Time Injury which was an Organisation first.
 Documented and enforced rigorous EHS safety standards to minimise risk exposure and improve the EHS safety culture.
 Identified and evaluated safety issues, risks and priorities as inputs into occupational health and safety planning, requiring a proactive approach and problem-solving skills. Planned necessary risk assessment processes in response, requiring strategic thinking and communication skills.
 Planned for the allocation and deployment of organizational resources to achieve objectives relating to accepted safety standards and requirements.
 Delivered various Environmental & OHS related training to maintain company standards and meet KPIs.

Compliance Consultants
Self employed

   Aug 2014
— Apr 2015

 Established an independent OHS compliance consultancy, assuming a comprehensive range of functions from customer service and delivery to accounting, invoicing and regulatory compliance.
 Advise client organisations on correct compliance and adherence to safety, health and environmental regulations.
 Conduct training skills programs in the field of Occupational Health & Safety

Safety Risk Management Consultants
Operations Manager

   Apr 2007
— Jul 2014

• Managed operational requirements of a successful Training & OHS Consultancy delivering Environmental & OHS services to a diverse client base, supervising management systems to maintain legislative and regulatory compliance and business integrity.
• Delivered outstanding customer service and client liaison to drive business growth by expanding the current and potential business portfolio to increase efficiency without sacrificing operational health.
• National Judge for the Master Builders South Africa national Health & Safety Competition.
• Mentored junior staff members on correct procedures, operational processes and corporate ethos.
• Develop strategies with the MD for continued business growth, identifying operational weaknesses and implementing corrective strategy to resolve issues.
• Compile extensive training materials for relevant accreditation and facilitate corporate and public Environmental & OHS training programs.

Magnum Shield Security Services
Contracts Manager

   Nov 2004
— Mar 2007

 Develop, implement and maintain security strategies based on security threat assessments, and integrate security operational strategies into client risk portfolio, thereby reducing risk exposure.
 Supervise and manage Security Officer detachment to Tiger Brands Snacks & Treats, reporting to Client management on the outcome of security services provision and considerations.
 Oversee smooth running and day-to-day operations of 75+ Security team, allocating duties, providing guidance and disciplinary measures and ensuring performance met key SLAs.
 Develop loss prevention strategies to ensure timely and appropriate responses to ongoing situations.

Area Manager

   Jan 2003
— Oct 2004

• Provide Blue Chip client management liaison to nurture a collaborative trust-based relationship.
• Served as the Companies National Key Points Representative.
• Effective leadership into investigations into losses arising from security-related breaches and presenting investigation outcomes.
• Manage area Security Officer team and mentor junior staff members in professional development and training.
• Developed, implemented and maintained security strategies based on security threat assessments, and integrated security operational strategies into client risk portfolio, thereby reducing risk exposure.

Corporate Sports & Promotions
Sales Executive

   Jan 2001
— Dec 2002

• Excelled at effective communication, leadership and strategy in conceptualising ideas and translating into sales of corporate promotions apparel & merchandise.
• Demonstrated commitment in developing strategic sales initiatives to better market businesses and drive business growth.

GS Security
Business owner

   Oct 1992
— Nov 2000

• Provide independent security assistance and expertise on a consultancy basis

South African Defence Force

   Jan 1985
— Jun 1986

• Lead section in military operations and activities.

South African Transport Services
Senior Human Resources Officer

   Nov 1984
— Apr 1992

- Manage all associated functions of a National Human Resources department, inclusive of sourcing talent, conducting interviews
and appraisals, targeting vacancies and preparing contracts and duty rosters.
- Supporting the development and implementation of HR initiatives and systems
- Provide counseling on policies and procedures
- Assist in performance management processes
- Support the management of disciplinary and grievance issues
- Maintain employee records according to policy and legal requirements
- Review employment and working conditions to ensure legal compliance

South African Police
Detective Constable

   Jan 1981
— Oct 1984

• Conduct interviews, investigations and case preparation, draw up paperwork and report to courts.

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