Operations Manager

Last Updated: 11th January 2018 (over 5 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


Versatile and an energetic driver of operational excellence with over 3 years of experience in effectively leading operations of Axis Bank while focusing on meeting top- and bottom-line objectives as well as maximising overall profitability. Showcasing detailed understanding related to strategic financial planning, marketing/sales management, operational management, accounting/finance management, organisational growth, budget management, corporate governance and process improvement. Success in establishing and maintaining credible relations with the existing and new clients, thereby ensuring repeat business.

Extremely adept in developing and implementing effective systems and procedures to improve financial performance, internal controls and productivity. Proficient in implementing and executing successful strategies leading to effective operational excellence with improved work ethic and performance. Utilising excellent problem solving and technical skills to providing apposite client solutions and further maximise client satisfaction with low operational cost. Resourceful individual applies extensive interpersonal and analytical skills to collaborate with senior management to formulate and lead on organisational transformation


St Aloysius

   Feb 2012
— Mar 2014

Completed MBA in Finance & Marketing


Operations Manager

   Jul 2014
— Dec 2017

 Assisting operations head in ensuring smooth running of the department while delivering high-quality services in accordance with the bank policies and statutory requirements.
 Coordinating with the internal support team members to ensure smooth operations through effective implementation of policies, guidelines and standards.
 Identifying client requirements and providing customised solutions/products as well as promptly resolving escalated issues, thus maximising client satisfaction.
 Following-up with clients and taking feedback on delivered services and products; implementing improvement initiatives.
 Maintaining close communication with various other departments to reconcile and update client accounts as per the audit and operational requirements.
 Determining and mitigating risk related to branch/bank; resolving financial issues and steering QA/audit processes
 Escalating serious client issues to the senior management while regularly coordinating with the internal and external customers/departments as well as authorities as per business and operational requirements.
 Preparing and providing status reports to the senior management and stakeholders for effective decision-making.
 Monitoring competitor’s activities and undertaking necessary change management initiatives.
 Establishing strong rapport with key clients; suggesting apposite solutions as per their needs and ensuring customer retention.

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