Site Office / Administration Manager,

Last Updated: 21st December 2018 (over 3 years ago)

Milano, Italy


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55 to 64

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English, French, Italian


I completed on May 31, 2018 the task of Site Administration Manager, started in Sept. 2016, with a sub-contractor working at Mosul Dam Rehabilitation Project - Bottom Outlet Rehab. in Northern Iraq. Project completed after demobilization and closing of all pending issues. Tasks included management of contractual issues, logistics and procurement, office mangement, and support to PM and Home Office for the production of monthly work progress and IPA and the management of claims.
I worked four years (2012-2015) in Iraqi Kurdistan, first as Site PM Assistant and later (since spring 2014) as Site Office Manager for a Consultant Engineering firm in a hydropower project. Tasks included monitoring and approval of Contractors' Work Progress and related invoices and reports, Monthly Reports to Client and Financing Entity, Site Office and local personnel management including logistics and security, participation in Tender Evaluation committees with redaction of final reports, contribution to Planning and Scheduling, management of daily relations with all involved stakeholders.
Previously, from 1986 to 2011, I have been working in Sales&Marketing of chemical analysis instrumentation, covering along the years all roles from support specialist to national sales&marketing manager, and including sales engineer, product manager, service manager. In these roles I developed strong skills in management of external forces and relations with headquarters, key customers, different internal departments. 2008 to 2011 I etsablished and managed the Italian Branch office for an International instruments company


University of Southampton and IACCM
Certificate of Achievent - Contract Mangement: Building Relationships in Business

   Oct 2018
— Dec 2018

This online course explored commercial business relationships and the process of managing contractual agreements.

Universita degli Sudi di Milano

   Sep 1979
— Apr 1984

I followed the course of studies for MSc in Chemistry, with specialization in analytical chemistry. After passing over 20 examinations in a total of 30 with good votes (equivalent to a BSc), I decided to quit the University to start a professional career in industry.
It is worth mentioning that since then I continued self driven studies in chemistry and other scientifical and technological subjects out of academy, with much greater pleasure.
I believe in "continuous formation" and keep myself updated on the topics of interest end extend my knowledge on subjects of interest through reading and studying, mainly on science and technology, contract management, modern history and geo-politics.
I am presently pursuing the study of the FIDIC forms of contract on a self driven path


SELI Overseas SpA
Site Administration Manager - Mosul Dam, Iraq

   Sep 2016
— May 2018

Site Admistration for a team of 20 to 40 specialists (depending on project stages), including accounting and cash management, logistics, staff travel, local procurement, administrative interface between main contractor, company's home office and company's subcontractors, interface with project security management, extensive support to the preparation of monthly work progress documents. The latter being an especially demanding task in the frame of a cost plus fee contract.
As a subcontractor of Trevi, main contractor for "Mosul Dam Rehabilitation Project", SELI Overseas was charged of the "Bottom Outlet Rehabilitation" that involved civil, electro-mechanic and diving operations. Worth mentioning is the high degree of security measures in place at work and camp sites, given the Project location only a few miles away from a combat zone and terrorist threats explicitly targeted at Mosul Dam.

ELC-electroconsult S.p.A.
Cost and Quantities

   Mar 2012
— Dec 2015

Working as Client's consultants at a Hydropower Project in Iraqi Kurdistan, including design, tender documents and management, supervision over works. Contractors' and Engineer's contracts based on FIDIC forms. As Site Project Manager Assistant during the first phases of the project, I was especially involved with the tenders process. As an active member of the pre-qualifications and tenders committees, I attended all stages of the procedures and edited the final reports to the financing agency. With the start of actual works, I became de facto Office Manager at the work-site office . In this position, reporting to the deputy PM and the PM, I managed the daily operations of the site office. In addition I had the role of controller of contractor's work progress and related documents, and managed change orders and claims. My daily tasks included representation of the company at the different stakeholders including local authorities, document management, logistics for local staff and visiting personnel (including care for safety and security), issue of reports to both client and financing entity, support to planning and scheduling, and really anything that was not strictly engineering.

Perten Instruments
Sales & Marketing Manager - Italy

   Sep 2008
— Jan 2011

Start up of the Italian commercial branch office of a Swedish manufacturer of analytical instrumentation. Together with direct and indirect sales and customer support I worked extensively in marketing, with the aim of spreading knowledge of the brand name outside its historical niche market. I also took care of all relations with the head office in Sweden, including reporting and care for all technical and commercial issues.