Deputy Project Director - Civil/Infra/Roads/Highways/Rail/Metro

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Pozuelo de Alarcon, Spain


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45 to 54

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English, French, Spanish


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BSc + MSc in Civil Engineering

   Jan 1995
— Dec 2004


ASTALDI, S.P.A. (Italy)
Deputy Project Director and Member of the Executive Committee

   Apr 2018
— Current

State: Maharastra (India). Company: ASTALDI, S.P.A. (Italy).
Position: Deputy Project Director and Member of the Executive Committee. 2 projects assigned: VBSL Versova - Bandra Sea Link Project in Mumbai (875M Euros) and the Mumbai Metro Line 4 (200 M Euros). Both Projects are EPC, Reliance-Astaldi 50-50 JV. Reporting directly to Country’s Managing Director and Director for Asia, Africa and Middle East, Mr. Fabio Giannelli.

CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles).
Senior Project Manager.

   Dec 2017
— Mar 2018

State: New South Wales (NSW, AUSTRALIA).
Position: Senior Project Manager. 2 DBOMT Project bids simultaneously. Responsible for the Tender of the Civil Works and the Maintenance Facilities of the New South Wales Trains Regional Passenger Fleet Project and for the Parramatta Light Rail Project in Sydney. Total Budget over 1,000 M €, Reporting to Area Responsible Mr. Gaizka Belandia and General Manager Mr. Igor Garrido.

Roadis - PSP Investments Group. State: Indiana, USA.
Project Manager

   Dec 2016
— Oct 2017

State: Indiana (USA). Company: ROADIS (PSP Investments Group).
Position: Project Manager. Main representative for the Developer on the I-69 Highway Project. This is a P3 project. TIC: $400M. Reporting to Mr. Jose Maria Ojeda (Head of North America SBU).

Various positions

   May 1995
— May 2015

Company: Midasco LLC (USA), ACS Group.
2015 – Dec 2016: State: Maryland (USA). Position: Senior Project Manager. Reporting to Mr. Alberto Fernandez, (President/CEO).
Projects: Responsible for all awarded projects (currently 9 projects) in the State of Maryland with the exception of Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) Project. 37 - 40 employees under my direct supervision.
Clients: Public and Private entities: Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) and State Highways Authority (SHA), Concrete General, Baltimore City, American Infrastructure…
All 9 projects consist in rehabilitation of highways: Signing, Lighting, Signaling, CCTV cameras, etc. Budgets ranges from $0,5M to $25M totaling almost $100M.

2012 – 2015: Country: Gabon, West Africa. Company: Bechtel (USA).
Client: Ministère de Transport Gabonaise (Maître d’Ouvrage).
Client’s Entity: Agence National des Grands Travaux(ANGT) - National Public Works Department. (Maître d’Ouvrage Délégué,). Bechtel has provided all the staff to this National Agency.

2 Positions held:

• Feb 2014 – Present:

Role: Project Manager in charge of 2 Projects simultaneously:

o LV07 Libreville Ring Road Project. $ 360 Million USD. 44 Km.
Contractor: CRBC (China).

o CP12 Port Gentil – Omboué Road. $ 680 Million USD. 93 Km.
Contractor: CRBC (China). – Currently the biggest ANGT Project.
Third longest viaduct in Africa (7.477m) and fourth longest viaduct in Africa (5.077m)

• 2012 – Jan 2014:

Role: Assistant of the CFO of the ANGT for the creation and implementation of the National Infrastructure Master Plan which includes 188 projects of all kinds.
During this period, over 40 projects were being executed simultaneously in different sectors: education, roads, ports, airports, energy, water, sewerage, housing, hospitals and transportation.
Main task included leading team to provide overall high level technical and economical advice during all stages, i.e., inception/feasibility/start-up/execution/operation/handover.
This adding value advice was addressed to the different ministries as well as the CFO of the ANGT for shortlisting the New Key Priority Projects. At the same time, coordination, monitoring and follow-up of all Existing Projects with Project Managers andanalysis of performances and synergies of projects (contracts, scheduling, QA, HSE, F&A, costing, design, manpower, CAPEX/OPEX,cash flows, subcontracts, procurement…).

2008-2011: Country: India. Company: Isolux Corsan (Spain). EPC Projects in JV. (Highways).

2 Positions held:

• 20010 - 2011:
Role: Coordinator of 3 simultaneous Projects (Jefe de Grupo). Main task included supervision and support of 3 Project Managers (production, planning/costs/scheduling and estimates, contracts, procurement, financials/accounting, manpower, design, contracts, QA, ESH…) and reporting to the Director of Construction Division in India Mr. Alok Sapre and the Director of Construction for Asia Mr. Carlos Parras. Features of Projects under supervision:

National Highway NH-1 Project: Length: 291 Km, Earthworks: 18.000.000 m3, Flyovers: 71, Major Bridges: 10, Minor Bridges: 97, Rail Over Bridge: 9, Pedestrian Underpasses: 55, Viaducts: 5, Vehicular Underpasses: 44, Culverts: 117. Total Cost: 600 million euros (291 Km).
National Highway NH-6 Project: Length: 133 Km, Earthworks: 8.500.000 m3, Flyovers: 9, Major Bridges: 6, Minor Bridges: 29, Rail Over Bridge: 6, Pedestrian Underpasses: 11, Vehicular Underpasses: 23, Culverts: 171. Total Cost: 290 million euros (133 Km).
National Highway NH-8 Project: Length: 93.65 Km, Earthworks: 2.500.000 m3, Flyovers: 5, Major Bridges: 4, Minor Bridges: 19, Rail Over Bridge: 5, Pedestrian Underpasses: 10, Vehicular Underpasses: 13, Culverts: 131. Total Cost: 193 million euros (93.65 Km).

• 2008 - 2010:
Role: Head of Planning and Costs in Head Office in New Delhi, India within the Construction Division working on 3 Simultaneous Projects previously mentioned: Panipat -Jalandhar National Highway 1 (NH-1), Surat Hazira -Maharashtra Border Project on National Highway 6 (NH-6) and Kishangarh-Ajmer Beawar Project on National Highway 8 (NH-8). General Manager for the Construction Joint Venture of the 3 projects: Mr. Javier Navarro.

The main role was to coordinate and optimize the synergies among projects related with the scheduling, planning, estimating and costing once proposed by the PMs, and their follow ups and monitoring as well as progress reporting and analysis to Corporate HO in Madrid, Spain. All tasks successfully performed in coordination with the Head of Production Mr. Borja Carbonero and the Head of Design Mrs. Alicia Lopez.

2007-2008: Country: Algeria. Company: “Obrascon Huarte Lain, S.A.” (Spain). (A.K.A. OHL). EPC Project in JV (Railway).
Role: Costs and Tech. Office Chief, reporting to the General Manager in the Annaba - Skidda Railway Rehabilitation Project. Main Features:
Length: 95 Km
Earthworks: 5.500.000 m3
3 Tunnels : 4.709 m, 744 m y 764 m
Structures: 48. Drainages, train stations, pipes and bridges (overpasses, underpasses, channel crossings and river bridges).
Budget: € 275.000.000.

2004-2007: Country: Turkey. Company: “Obrascon Huarte Lain, S.A.” (Spain). (A.K.A. OHL). EPC Project in JV (High Speed Train).
Role: Technical Office Chief. Working and living as in a camp 150 Km West of Ankara, Turkey, building the 1st stage (230 Km) of the new fast train Ankara - Istanbul (450 Km). Main Features:
Length: 230 Km
Earthworks: 14.000.000 m3
1 Viaduct: 2.289 m
Structures: 107. Drainages, train stations, pipes and bridges (overpasses, underpasses, channel crossings and river bridges).
Budget: € 675.000.000.

1995-2004: Autonomous Community of Madrid, Spain. Collaboration in Various Small Projects:
Main projects: Underground parking, S. Fermin Street, Madrid. Water Treatment Plant. Location: La Gavia. Company: Hermanos Barrinos, SA. (Getafe).
Local Roads and Street Rehabilitations Local Governments of the “Comunidad de Madrid”).
Roles: Design, Planning and Costs, Procurement, Production.